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Tulsa Soccer Training : Diego Maradona

PRIDE Soccer Training -Episode 5 РDiego Maradona 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training. Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer training and the development of soccer players. In this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Neal Bennett and the founder and CEO of pride soccer training is going to share his proven strategies his insight his passion his wisdom regarding soccer and so that will show how players can obtain success both on and off the pitch. He is a pretty passionate guy with a lot of great things to share it’s always fun hearing from him and pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is really simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so that they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode number five. The hand of God Diego married Donna O’Neill How are you doing today. Fantastically well. How about you. I’m doing great. So Diego mayor Donna is the hand of God. First of all that sounds a little sacrilegious so why don’t you just explain what that means. And they were doing a player profile of Diego Mayor Don about what’s the name of God business about.

OK. So basically he was playing England in the World Cup and this was a second round match so if you lost you got knocked out. Well the first goal he scored in it. He cheated by using his hands and or his hand. And he was acting as if he was going to hit it with his head and then used his hand and pushed it up right beside his head knocked the ball over the goalie and into the net and the ref missed the handball.

So but why is it the hand of God.

Because they were screaming about it and the English team was upset and they were saying he touched his hand and he said yes the hand of God.

That’s what they got married on the set. Yes. OK so he’s quite a character. I guess he said it was his hand as the hand of God you’re being facetious I help you.

I don’t know if you really meant his hand was the hand of God or the hand of God was helping you know that outcome.

So I’m really not sure on that part of it just right now.

God. OK. So that gives you a little bit of background on the hand of God Diego Mary Donna. If somebody wanted to see that clip what should they search for online if they want to see this going.

Oh I would search the 1986 World Cup. England versus Argentina. And you said this was was it the finals. It was I believe it was either quarterfinals or a round of 16. OK. So he wanted to win and he used his hand. And yes the hand of God. Think about.

See here’s the thing about. He was a very creative player and he’s can be an example too of how creativity can go bad when you use it to cheat and get by the system because in previous podcast we’ve talked about how creativity can be like a really great asset Tulsa Soccer Training.

That’s right.

I’m sure that with everything I guess there’s a duality That’s right there’s always a duality so I don’t want to get too far into that. That side of things but I definitely want to talk about more of his career. Sure. So he played for Argentina. He had 91 caps and 34 goals. So you scored quite a bit for an attacking midfielder. The other thing I talked about in one of my other podcasts about how a player of any size any shape any speed can play well he is an example of this. He is five foot five so he’s a really short player Tulsa Soccer Training.

What’s wrong with being 5 foot 5. Nothing is wrong with being 5 foot that’s the person who’s five foot two and three quarters. Right because they have at their ease.

I know you don’t shout out to all the shorties But in soccer usually the little people are the best players normally speaking. Really. Yes. What do you think that’s about. I think it’s about lower center center of gravity gravity and being able to turn and change direction quickly. So if you have pace and you have strength in your little you can usually get by the big guys pretty quickly. Messi is another example Pele Gheorghiu Hodgy. The list goes on. That’s what I’m talking about short people represents right. Yes. So I think it’s to the younger Maira Donna. He had four World Cup appearances. So just to get to one is a pretty amazing feat. But he was in four World Cups. Wow. And he also played in one youth World Cup which he actually won Tulsa Soccer Training.

So he won the youth World Cup I’ve never heard of that before I know about the World Cup. I know we get like very fanatical at my house about that you know. Yes the game is coming on at 3:30 in the morning or 6:00 a.m. or whatever time I know about that but I don’t know that I’ve ever heard about the World Cup. What is that Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yeah it’s usually for players that are under the age of 21 so he was under the age of 21 they have their own World Cup for those players. And it’s also for you know the national team to develop players and see you know where their youth lie isn’t based on country yeah country and age.

So it’s just like a World Cup. Interesting for the youth. I’m going to have to see. Like is it televised. I don’t know about with it. Who knew.

OK so more about this player profile Diego mayor Donna what else do you have to tell us about him.

OK. So he played in four World Cups. He had two World Cup final appearances one in 1986 where he won one in 1990 that he got a runner up medal.

Wait a minute. So the hand of God goal they won. Yes they won that tournament. So that was a lot of controversy then.

Very much so. And at that time to winning was playing Argentina there were some political issues. I think Argentina and England were at war.

Having said so many layers that there were a lot of layers. So what did you think about that. What’s your feeling or thought or opinion on that. Because they won. And obviously he cheated.

So what’s your thought on that. My thought is I think the referee should have done a better job of officiating that part of it. But I think he should not have cheated. You know that’s really where I go with it yeah.

Well I mean did they have soccer still you don’t go back and replay or look at it. I mean I think to be so hard on the ref I mean that would be an easy thing to miss depending on where you’re standing. Do you know what I mean.

Well however he was this was his field of vision blocked or like you know I’m not sure the linesman they interviewed him but I before he died because he passed away not too long ago and you said it was a gamble when he should have flagged as though he knew it. So yes. So I think there is I think there’s more to say. So I really think that he should just call it. But you know because a player I think players push the boundaries of the game and you know in some regards That’s good.

In other regards it can become very bad for them it’s about the balance of knowing like when you need a push. Do you think Diego me or Donna feels or felt as though he’s still living. Do you think that bothers him or what. What do you think of his personality. Purely opinion and speculation here. Do you think that’s troublesome to him or do you think he carry care.

You know I don’t think he cares. I think he won and he is happy that he got away with a sly trick. And you know he was called old or old which was golden boy. They’ll P-Bass means like you’re a young rebel. Yes. So he was always he always had that. And he.

I have to talk about how passionate this man is and was I mean there is no player.

I think as polarizing as Diego Maradona like you either love him or hate him either. You’re going to see the passion or are you going to hate it as one or the other. Sure. So.

Well this is when he was coaching I think I remember you telling me he said something like if they win he was going to like streak or something like that or run around naked. Didn’t you tell me about this he’s going to run around the stadium naked or something like that or has but I really don’t remember that.

I don’t doubt it. I don’t doubt that he was out of my mind. I read it somewhere I thought you told me that you didn’t. OK what else what about your homeboy Diego Maradona. Do you like his passion. Do you respect that about him because that’s kind of what you were going into. Yes.

I love his passion. I want to see more players with that type of passion and the amount of passion he brings is a rare thing. I mean this guy he’s completely left footed by the way. That’s why I love him even more. I’m left footed so I love love for the players and he he was bold and brash enough to say I’m going to just use my left foot and beat everybody. And so he would do all sorts of tricks even on the right side of the field to use his left foot and his left foot was better than most people’s left and right foot combined. So just the mentality and the drive and the passion he had in him he could carry any team that he played with.

So do you know about his life training regimen or his practicing. You know obviously some component of his success and ability was like he was maybe naturally gifted to some extent. You know maybe with that passion or that love of the game but what do you know about his training regimen.

OK. I know just a little bit about it because of that time they didn’t really you know dig dive into people’s training habits and things. But he knew at a young age at the age of 10 he could juggle the ball extremely well like he was proficient at it. It wasn’t just oh he can juggle 10 or he could juggle 15 and this kid could juggle like a 100 200 and he was amazing to watch do it. He would actually do halftime shows up at soccer games and juggling so he could do tricks with the ball as he got older. I remember hearing about him not going to practice but actually going staying home in his whatever it was a condo or whatever his yard was fenced off but he would just train on his own there juggling and doing his own workouts.

So he did his own kind of like development and you know he was focused on his own growth so naturally talented but also very hard working. Yes. Had both components which is very admirable. Yes very. OK well I know like we are probably just only scratched the surface of things that you want to talk about regarding Diego mayor Donna so that is our time for now. But do you want to come back for the next podcast and maybe talk about this guy some more Mr. Hand of God Diego. Most definitely. Most definitely would. Thank you for your time. It’s always great talking with you and hearing your insight and your passion about soccer. Thank you. And to our listeners and thank you for tuning in to Tulsa’s only soccer training podcast. Again this is affiliated with the pride of Tulsa soccer training where that whole program is set up to develop your soccer player in every area so that they can be technically sound and they can be creatively strong force on the pitch and maybe your child is naturally talented. Maybe your child is not naturally talented but they really have a passion and love the game of soccer at Pride of Tulsa soccer training. They can help your child if they are willing to listen and learn and put in the hard work pride of Tulsa soccer training can guarantee success. So if you want to learn more about pride soccer training you can visit us online at Pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3.

Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3 at Pride of Tulsa soccer training your player will be taught character and skill. And again if they’re willing to work hard they will get results guaranteed. Thank you again so much for joining us. Until next time