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Tulsa Soccer Training : Exceptionally Well

PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 31 – Thierry Henry – Part 2 –  04-15-17_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride Tulsa dot com. We are the number one choice when it comes to soccer player training soccer player development. We teach both character and skill. We are joined as always with O’Daniel been to is a phenomenal soccer player a passionate coach and dedicated personal trainer for soccer players and he is really just a lover of the game of soccer and he really enjoys seeing players grow and their ability both on the pitch and in everyday life. O’Neill How are you doing today. Exceptionally well. Exceptionally well thats great. Well we are back with episode 31 and we are talking about one of your favorite players Terry Henri and we talked about him last time you kind of talked about some of his background where he played. What do you have to share with us today Tulsa Soccer Training.

Well we left off with him at Arsenal and how he was the leading goal scorer of all time with seventy four goals for us until he even has a statue there really. I didn’t know that they didn’t have all their grades. So I definitely want to go there and visit. So hopefully one day I’ll get to do that. But he went on to play at Barcelona. So that’s one of the top clubs you could ever play for. And then New York Red Bulls you know that was basically his retirement plan and my opinion was when he came to the states and we got to see him play. So over at Casey sporting or Sporting KC that is a great facility by the way.

Oh like it’s beautiful down there if you have not been. I encourage you I mean it was very enjoyable. The stadium is beautiful. Oh yeah. Because that it was open was open. I don’t know if it’s covered sometimes or not but it was just beautiful the grass on the field whatever that is if it’s turf I don’t know but it was just a great environment. There were so many activities and restaurants and shops all around. I really enjoyed being up there it was fun.

Yeah I loved it too. Tulsa Soccer Training You know what was impressive about it was that that field it actually has a heating and cooling system and the grass really.

So I was like like firstrate like top a top top state of the art. I guess what I’m trying to say top of the line state of the art and it was it was great to watch him play. I mean he definitely seemed more mature. You know like to watch but there’s something beautiful in that even of just like knowing you know your limitations and knowing how to play to your advantage and take everything and make it work for you. It’s kind of like a more cerebral higher level game. You know if you will.

Yeah. Oh yeah definitely. I could see that he was just you know watching what was going on and waiting for his moment. And I liked I liked what I saw in him. You know even though it’s the twilight of his career I still was happy I got to see him so I got to see David Beckham A.R.T. and we were hoping for Andre appear low but we’ll get on to him another time Tulsa Soccer Training.

OK. So what do you got for us.

So what I have here is some of the awards that tier-II honoree received personally. He was the runner up Pfieffer World Player of the year. He was a two time PFOA players so players player of the year.

What does that mean. Like the PFA players players like that players vote for him. What does that mean Tulsa Soccer Training.

That is that players voted for him and they vote for the players that they want. Or they think are the best players out there. So it’s pretty awesome that your peers. Yeah for you. Wow. And then he’s the three time to be a footballer of the year. So that to me is pretty awesome.

So the quote that I have for him is this I eat soccer I sleep soccer I breathe soccer. I’m not mad. I’m just passionate. Wow. Mike drop.

Yes. So I think he’s not saying like mad like angry he’s like I’m not like a lunatic I’m not crazy. Right. Yeah like he doesn’t you know I’m not upset.

Tulsa Soccer Training I’m just madly in love with the sport. That’s just what he means and to me you must have drive in order to become what you need to be. So people drive through difficulties and persevere. You must have that passion without it you can’t a tree achieve greatness you can’t overcome obstacles because it’s the passion that helps to drive you through the problems. It’s the passion that helps you to rise to greatness. It’s the passion that helps you to stay focused so you have to make sure that you’re always in check all the time and your passion helps to drive that out of you.

I think one of the things that I like about Terry Henri is he. He’s almost like you could almost sleep on him like you could almost like forget he’s just like quiet and calm and humble. But he brings it 100 percent but you could almost like like I feel like you could be playing on the pitch with him and you hopefully it will make sense or you can like help me because I’m not a soccer player but I feel like he’s not flashy that’s what I’m trying to say he’s not flashy like a Cristiana Ronaldo you know so you could almost like forget he’s over there like you you could almost forget about him out on the pitch. And then he just boom out of nowhere just comes in and Hambly like tucks it away and just goes on like I just felt like he’s somebody that if you’re not careful you could you can sleep on him because he’s so good that he’s so quiet he’s so like low key. He’s going to bring good but he’s not demonstrative BNL do you know what I’m saying. Does that make sense. I don’t know. Yeah.


I like to classify it as smooth as smooth operator.

He’s smooth. So watching him play is just very elegant. And every touch was beautiful to watch and few players you know Ryan Giggs is one of them that’s just smooth and flowing just like that. And so when you watch them they just move with ease and you think that they’re not trying because they’re so smooth and then that smoothness also kind of puts you at ease and you like her. But then you know the players defending him he’s beating him one at a time and he’s going to go and putting it in the back of the net. You know I highly encourage you to go look him up on YouTube and go watch some video of him scoring goals and the things that he did because you will see a level of class of smoothness intelligence you’ll see composure. You know he had incredible vision. Tulsa Soccer Training  Even so I think he is a completely well-rounded player and those are the things that I loved about him that made him so special and so unique to me.

Yeah. Thank you for elaborating on that because you’re right he’s just so smooth and I don’t know he is it’s like butter or something just like there’s a smoothness to what he does that it’s just unforced he has like this great rhythm. I don’t know I just feel like what I’m trying to say is like you don’t even see it coming with him. You know what I’m saying. Like you don’t see him getting up. You don’t see like Oh the pressure is building somebody passes him a ball and he just scores. You know what I mean and you’re like how did that happen. So you’re right he was definitely a smooth operator and he did some shots for him. The operator there. What else did you want to talk about with Terry on retiring Tulsa Soccer Training.

I think his significance it shows the world that a young player with strong technical ability and nurturing environment and strong tactical training can become a world winner and one of the best players in the world. I think those things when you combine them those are the things that can make someone great. And it takes a village to raise a child right so it takes a lot of people to raise up players that are good. You need to have strong coaches you need to have strong trainers you have good parents around around the child. So there are all these different factors. And he had them and he had a father that spoke life into him and spoke you know out into you know into the world and the atmosphere as to what was going to happen with his son.

Tulsa Soccer Training I love that. I absolutely love that. And I think two people my thing this person like oh he just possesses this he just already has this strong technical ability like you’re talking about. Oh he just has this strong tactical training. But he didn’t show up in the world what those things do you know what I mean. It’s like he had to work and develop and really train. And so when we talk about his smoothness you know his ability and even his father speaking out over him. It’s not like the words alone are going to make that happen. It’s like Terry Amerie is a worker. He’s a trainer. He’s he was dedicated to do the hard work you know to achieve those goals. Would you say that’s true.

Oh yeah definitely. You know you said he possesses strong technical ability that came through training and through hard work and the tactical awareness. And he also had maturity and he got these things that were combined from a nurturing environment and he became a superstar. You know for every team that he played for so you know at pride you know that’s what we provide. We provide that tactical and technical training and a nurturing environment so players feel free to explore and try new skills and to develop new techniques and to find success. You know with their goals and that’s what we are here to do for them.

Thank you. O’NEILL As always it’s a pleasure to be with you and hear about your passion and your wisdom and your insight about the game of soccer. If you’re listening today and you would like to know more about who we are and what we do I would encourage you to check us out online. You can visit our Web site at Pride Tulsa dot com again that’s pride. Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again our organization is pride of Tulsa soccer training. We are the choice when it comes to one on one coaching development and personal training of soccer players. Thank you so much for joining us and we will see you next time