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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 46 – The Triumphant Trio – Part 2- 5.7.2017_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride. Soccer training we are Tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development. In this podcast soccer coach and soccer trainer O’Neal beento is also the founder and CEO of pride of Tulsa soccer training. He’s going to be sharing insight proven strategies wisdom tools and resources to give soccer player success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is really simple. Our goal is to help soccer players train so that they can systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win on the pitch with their team and they can win in everyday life. This is episode 46. We are kind of setting a background for talking about the triumphant trio which O’Neill calls Brazil Germany and Italy the triumphant trio and we picked up were picking up I guess where we left off last time kind of giving some background on the World Cup just the actual you know process itself. Ive been learning a lot I hope that you will learn a lot too. How are you doing today. Doing well and you. I’m doing great thank you. Say you’ve been schooling us with all this background information on the World Cup. Where did we leave off.

Last time we left off talking about if you won the World Cup three times you got to keep the trophy.

Yeah that was a sticking point for me because I really wanted to know who won. But you wanted to go back and lay it all out. So catch us up on that process. I’m working on my patience here Simon. I’m in a roll with you and be calm. So catch us up on that prospect.

All right. So Jules remits said that whoever won the World Cup three times got to keep the trophy. And so over the span of about I would say 30 or 40 years actually 40 years it took for the trophy to actually go home with one country. How long. Forty years.

Four zero. Yes.  Tulsa Soccer Training  Oh my gosh that Jules is really smart because it’s like that. Talk about Delayed gratification and having to really work at something. It took 40 years.

Yes. Wow. So it’s kind of cool to see what happened.

Can you walk us through that process like. I know you started in the last podcast kind of talking about who won what ears we stopped what that World War Two.

Yes there was kind of like a break of course obviously because the world was at war war. But what happened after World War changed after world world.

Tulsa Soccer Training  World War 2 another talk to. Germany was not allowed to play in that World Cup because of you know after the World War II they just they didn’t allow it. They were just they were kept out yes they were banned from. So in 1950 Brazil held the World Cup and Uruguay ended up beating Brazil in Brazil at the Maracana Stadium. And this is why to this day Brazil wore white that day and they will no longer wear all white when they play because they lost at home.

Oh interesting. So they were playing in their stadium. Who did they lose to Uruguay rivals. And they did they lose to them again summer like in a World Cup or now the first time they met. That was the first time they met. I don’t believe so. They were like This is our nemesis.

They won the war. Brazil wore all white. They lost at home.

So they’re like we’re done with that outfit. I love it. I love it. I’d be the same way. And Pele was like. Burn it. Burn all the white outfits were done with those outfits were not wearing them again.

Yeah I was a little kid at this time so his dad was crying that they had lost me. He promises that he would win the World Cup for his father Pele did that. Yes. So there’s a real good movie on him called Pele and it should be you should watch it really. I’ve watched it once. It’s really a good movie.

Well and that’s really cool because he actually went on to win it. Yes. Wow. And he was a child. Yes. Interesting Tulsa Soccer Training .

So Uruguay had already won it once before so this is their second time to win. Italy had already won it twice before the war. So right now it’s looking like Uruguay or Italy is going to run away with it. So in 1954 Switzerland actually our side Germany actually won it in Switzerland. So West Germany took it home and that was their first or the first tour.

OK I have a question about this because how do you go from being like. You know it’s Brazil and Uruguay. Now all of a sudden it just West Germany out of nowhere. How how does this happen. How does that work in soccer or is that just the game like is that what it is.

Well I think you know like most sports like everybody there’s always a group that rises above the rest. And you know has dominance right now it’s New England Patriots and football American football you know.

So it’s like a play is very excited about that. Shout out Clay Clark he loves the Patriots. None of us really care about that here. But he has been a diehard to be in Brazil long and you know I’ve learned we’ve learned a lot from him about like their philosophy and we respect that. But he’s diehard.

So you know for sure it’s hard to give a little shout out there and people come up with philosophies and systems that work and they stick to those systems and philosophies and whoever comes up with it first you know they stick those ideas and ideals and they end up winning. And so you know Germany has a strong culture. Italy has a strong bone. And so now I have I’m still stuck on that one.

Germany coming out of nowhere. Did they like or people looking at them knowing that they could be you know this domino will force this indomitable force or is it just where you kind of don’t know. I mean you have your ideas about who could win that I would expect Brazil or Uruguay to come back but that is just west Germany Germany Tulsa Soccer Training .

If you are looked at the history of you know how they did in World Cups and at this time Germany was starting to become a power they were starting to do well to get to like you know the second round or the third round semifinals or you know but they just never won it. So there’s different teams that end up getting close to winning but they never quite get there at this time. Germany actually won gold. So in 1958 Brazil Pele is 17 years old and he ends up playing in the World Cup for the first time and Brazil wins in Sweden. Wow so that is in 62. He’s older he’s a man now. And they end up winning in 1962 as well. And Pele was actually injured for some of it but he did have a big role in that in the first few rounds. So now Brazil has 2 1. Germany has won. Uruguay have two and Italy has two. So the race is on. In 1966 England ends up winning in England and England could have probably won the first three World Cups easily but they refused to participate for some reason. I need to go and research that. But I did see this and do my research. They didn’t want to participate. So in 1966 they win at home and they get to hold the trophy so whoever whoever won got to keep the trophy for that those four years. But they had to bring it back for the World Cup for them for the next winter.

So wait I don’t understand. Was there a trophy that you were just going to get to keep for ever if you won the first three years if you’re keeping the trophy for a year by bringing it back that’s normal. So somebody was trying to win this one of a kind. Treasure of a trophy. That’s right. Now I understand. OK.

So to give you some more information about how this trophy is so important to people. It was basically during World War Two. The trophy was smuggled from a bank in Rome and kept hidden in a shoe box so that Hitler couldn’t get it. And the person who actually kept his name was Doctor or ox or Torino BARASSI And he was the Italian vice president of FIFA. Since then Hitler wanted the trophy. People wanted this thing they wanted to have it. So he kept it tucked away because he felt like you know what. This is more than anything. Yeah Hitler didn’t eat anything either. They did that. So it was after that was stolen two times. It was first stolen in England before the 1966 World Cup tournament. And it was found in a garden by a dog named pickle. Are Tulsa Soccer Training

you kidding me. No I was in a garden. Someone tried to have it wrapped up and was trying to steal it. Oh my God. Thanks pickles. Yes pickles. And you said it was stolen again. Yes don’t get in Brazil. And it was finally never fully recovered. What do you mean. Yeah they basically took the trophy and melted it down and sold different parts somebody’s phone is ringing. I feel like that’s rich game be out there. He’s doing as CEO. Shout out rich.

It’s got to laddering. So wait they stole it again.

Yes. So let’s start again in Brazil and they basically melted it down and sold it for parts. The criminals are actually found and they were tried and found guilty.

They melted the whole trophy down the entire thing just gone. No no traces of it.

The only thing there was one trace that was left which was the base and that was it.

Oh my goodness. So guys listen we’re talking about the background of the World Cup kind of leading up to talk about the triumphant trio in soccer which is Brazil Germany and Italy. But here we are with people stealing the trophy and melting it down. Goodness gracious. And I still don’t know who finally won. Did I find out who won this time. We talk about that now. Oh we haven’t gotten to who finally won it three times. OK so I’m still my patience is growing. It’s good for me this has worked for me so you gotta come back for the next episode where hopefully we will wrap up you know this history of these initial World Cups you know the first 20 tournaments I guess. And what happened. As always we thank you so much for joining us and for listening to TELL US is only soccer training podcast. And we are proud of Tulsa soccer training. And our goal is to help individual soccer players train and develop so that they can grow in their abilities both on and off the pitch. If you would like to learn more about pride of Tulsa soccer training we would encourage you to visit our Web site. It’s pride Tulsa com pride. Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training where we teach both character and soccer skill.

And as always if you are willing to put in the effort and work hard we can give you the results guaranteed. We have training systems that are no match when it comes to one on one personal soccer training. As always thank you so much for listening. Thank you for joining us and we will see you next time.