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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride soccer training. We are tells his number one program for personal soccer training and for the development of soccer players in this podcast soccer, coach and trainer O’Neal bench. He was also the founder and CEO of Pride. Soccer training will share his tips, his tools, his wisdom and his insight and proven strategies to help soccer players get success both on and off the pitch pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple and the goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop, And both their character for everyday life and their soccer skills, pride of Tulsa soccer training is here to help soccer players achieve their personal goals when it comes to the game of soccer so that they can win bothon the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode. 51 – and we are talking today about Germany – we’ve been talking about them for several episodes O’Neal. How are you doing today? I’M doing great. Thank you. So what are you got for us for Germany today? I want to continue on with the history of Germany in the World Cup and the thing I found interesting for them to be such a big Powerhouse nowadays in 1930 they could not afford to travel to the first World Cup, so their Beginnings were very humble and That was because of the Great Depression that affected the world at the time, and they just didn’t have the money to make it to the first World Cup and friends and the soccer players who may be listening or reading our transcript and to all who are working. You know with us receiving your training, it’s important, you know to know like it’s. Okay, to have humble beginnings like don’t. You know like feel, like that’s, not acceptable or that’s not going to work out well for you, because we all start small and we kind of Steward that small thing and like grow that and nourish and Stewart that and then it blossoms into something more. I mean, I know, we’re just starting out back in.

The Deep spiritual principle that applies to soccer in life, don’t you, and even when it gets tough, and you frustrated you work through it until finally, you have that break through and when you get that break through You end up enjoying it more because you work so hard for it and it’s just an amazing feeling and a wonderful feeling of completing and accomplishing a goal that you set out to do on. You know developing soccer players and training them, but we also believe in teaching them not just about soccer but also about life, and so that’s a really really good life lesson, because you work hard at things. You start out small you grow and then it pays off for you and dividends that are so rich, and I mean you’re talking about this great Powerhouse when it comes to the game of soccer Germany, but they started out very meager and you said they couldn’t make It to the first woke up or just like this must be a sign. You know, I don’t need to do it. We all go through those struggles, but no they didn’t let that stop them right. So they went on to Win 4 World Cups and they were originally a contender for the Jules rimet trophy, which is the first World Cup and who ever won the World Cup 3 times, got to keep that trophy which ended up being Brazil. So they the contender for it until Brazil took it away. In 1954, Switzerland was with who hosted the World Cup in Germany won in Switzerland. They also want to get a 1974 on their home turf in Germany against Holland and then in 1990. They want in Italy 2014, which is most recently. They won the World Cup again so they’re the current world cup holders – and they are just quality of they’ve, Tulsa Soccer training always been quality they’ve, always produced a skillful, talented, smart players, I’m just a joy to watch. You know when they couldn’t make it to the first on the way to you know create that opportunity for themselves whether that was you know, increase getting funds training whatever they had to do. I love that they didn’t give up cuz they’re, going out when you get punched in the gut like that man, I love soccer. I want to play.

I can’t even make it to the first World Cup, though I love that they, let that feel them to make them better and you’re saying they won. You know for World Cups and that they always have this team, it’s really well-trained, and but how do they continually? Like cultivate good talent like that, like, what’s the what’s the system like the, are they just able to recruit, talented people like are Germans, just naturally more talented when it comes to soccer like what’s the deal with being able, and I’m sure this applies to all teams In all people, what’s what’s the what’s the secret sauce, their culture? They work together well and they strive for Quality. They like to create things and beautiful things. I know it referenced their automobiles at one point and how they’re beautiful machines and let you know they’ve, always been a culture to want to create something beautiful and masterful, whether it’s music or for art or whatever. They want to create something beautiful and it shows in their their their soccer, and they also work very hard. They come from a working culture where they will work through things. Also, they have the ability to analyze and brake systems down and build them up so that they can see how something works, and then they design a plan to achieve their goal. And I see that in there soccer, like you, have to know where you want to go, then do the work that it takes to get there like consistently cuz. Even when you reference like the automobile, the high-quality, that is a system that is, you know, there’s work that produces that great result, you know, so I just I guess for me. It’S always important just to speak on that because it’s so easy to watch a superstar or superpower, and you know the sport of soccer and you eat a Wonder like how they get their oh, my gosh they’re so lucky, but he won’t think about behind-the-scenes. The type of work, the sweat, the training, the regimen, you know all those things. I think it’s easy to overlook those things, and that’s really the foundation of all their success is the word that comes to my mind.

Every time I sacrificed, they sacrificed certain things that they could have enjoyed because they wanted to be diligent, focused on their goal and they also worked extremely hard on this thing. All the superstars that I’ve studied – and we talked about so far all done that and they all had to give up things to get greatness and training and practice. How does that tie into what you see when you work with and develop? All the kids are training at pride of Tulsa soccer training. How does this like Thai – and I don’t see the kids – that that do the work diligently to come to the training they do work with me. They do the homework that I give them. They perform high at soccer practices and then soccer games. They they literally eat sleep and breathe it and they’re consistently working hard, and I see you whenever you so those see you can’t help but be great. It’S it’s a it’s a universal law. You telling me you thought somebody who improved like they had one session one day that week and they have the next session, and you noticed how much they had like improved right show me the result of your work quickly. Well, as always, we love being here with you being able to talk about soccer or talking about Germany and will probably continue to talk about them because they’re so much to say about who they are and, of course we love soccer. So we can talk about it. Continually O’Neal more so than me, but I’m here for the party. So I’m part of the conversation and if you were somebody who may be starting from humble beginnings and you want to grow my phone’s ringing, it’s been at the house if you want to grow and your soccer skills and increased irritability and your performance on the soccer Pitch well at pride of Tulsa soccer training. We can help you do that. Give us a call today at 918-701-0983 or you can visit our website, which is pride We are the pride of Tulsa soccer training. We are Tulsa the only soccer podcast and we would love a chance to work with you and I’m helped develop you or your special soccer player that they can reach their goals in their dream. Again. You can call us today at 918-701-0983 or visit us online at Pride,