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Tulsa Soccer Training : George Weah

PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 35 – George Weah – Part 1

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training Tulsa’s number one program for Premier personal soccer training and player development. In this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Niel been to is the founder and CEO of pride soccer training is going to share some tools and tips wisdom and stories strategies and insight that can help players in everyday life. And on the pitch and pride of Tulsa soccer training has a wonderful mission. It’s really simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically develop and progressively grow in both their character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training loves helping players achieve their personal goals and they want to help their players win in everyday life. On the soccer pitch and off the soccer pitch as well. So today we are joined with Coach O’Neal. He is a soccer coach and a personal soccer trainer. How are you doing today sir. Doing well and you doing great. So glad to have you back. It’s always fun on these podcast of the talking about soccer. We are ON EPISODE 35 and this is a guy named George Weya. Whenever I see his name it makes want to go boom boom boom make a the same way. Well. Exactly. So tell us about George away. Who is he. I’ve never heard of him before. Who is he.

All right. So he was a Liberian superstar. He played for a small African country for his national team so they never made it to a World Cup. They play a lot of African Nations Cups but never in a World Cup so he may not have heard of them unless you really kept up with AC Milan in the 90s and Chelsea in 2000. I call him Lionheart because you know growing up I had this poster of him and he wore Theodorus. And I remember seeing him run and he had this elegant run about him. Tulsa Soccer Training He was just a beautiful player to watch very smart play a very very beautiful and creative. And I saw this they had a picture of him in an AC Milan uniform which is basically a red and black striped jersey and they had black shorts and black socks on. He had red shoes. And I remember him having white tape around his ankles around his shin guards and any of the shin guards and he was just looking like he was flying like running so fast and it said next to him said George way lionheart. And I just remember him having this type of heart that he just wouldn’t stop until he scored a goal. So it was wonderful wonderful to see in at this time in my life to ER in the mid 90s to late 90s ESPN started broadcasting a lot more European soccer. So he was one of the first memories I have of getting to watch more soccer on TV in the United States so it was really a really fun time.

That’s really cool. When you saw it said Lionheart I was trying to envision everything you were describing there was that like just on the TV screen was it on his shoe. Like where where did you see it was in our Jersey where did you see it Tulsa Soccer Training.

It was on a poster that was hanging up in my room. I had this poster and I wish I don’t know what I did with it. I wish I still had it. You know because I would put up a jacket for now probably disintegrate. You probably kept it up there for so long. He just spontaneously combust.

But I remember at that point in my life I liked Cheetos a lot and then when I saw that post I started like Aline’s more. So it was just you know one of those things.

So you said during this time they started to ESPN started to air more soccer before this time. How did you see soccer games or did you just not see them very often or was it just to the World Cup like how did that work.

Tulsa Soccer Training Very good question. It was usually around World Cup time I taped the games and I get to watch them. And so I would have to watch the same games over and over again many times through and I would love it.

You know it wasn’t a bad thing for me I know you did you love repetition like I do too for the things that I love. But Ive seen you study so you didn’t watch. It just wasn’t accessible at that time because I know like if you know anyone is listening right now who’s like you know playing soccer and maybe you know a team is probably hard to like conceptualize not being able to see the sport because now you can watch it. Generally any time but I was just trying to set that tone in that climate for them. Know you may not have been able to catch a game you know prior to this time.

That’s right. That’s right. And at this time I was even taping some of these games so I loved it. But he was a Liberian international striker who is known for his ability to finish. He was graceful. He had a great change of pace so he could. He was quick and fast. At the same time and had the endurance to keep that speed and that energy for a long space of time Tulsa Soccer Training.

I have a question. Is there anybody that you would say now that he like puts you in the mind of the of like george way because because I don’t know him at all. And there may not be anybody sometimes you know players are just one of a kind but I just thought Is there anybody that’s kind of like that.

Now that would make you think of George way and I would say right now maybe Chris gentleman although with the power and the physique only George way I think was more more graceful more beautiful to watch run than. Cristiano is a striker too. Yes he was a striker as well and very prolific goal score and he could butyl he could dribble beautifully. So just a wonderful player all the way around. He’s known for being one of the one of the best players to never have played the World Cup. So he you know it’s sad to see a player so good not be able to play in the World Cup.

And how does that happen. I mean obviously like your team doesn’t win. Right. Is that what it is like maybe you just don’t have the best team or is it just that simple all the time.

Yeah like he was really by far the best player in his team. So it weighed heavily on him. But you have to have other teammates that can do you know some of what you can do and maybe they were good in the nations Cup in Africa when it came to qualifying for the World Cup is a lot harder.

OK. I have a question about the Nations Cup. Does every nation do that. Or was that just the thing that you know happens in Africa like does the U.S. does everybody do that everywhere now.

Yeah they’re different cups all across you know the world like Africa is a pretty huge continent so each continent has its own tournament and you know so you have different different ones around the world like you have a Copa America. You know that’s one type of you have European Championship. So this is another one that is very similar to that which is the African Nations Cup goal.

So every every country every country or continent every continent every continent has its own OK.

Tulsa Soccer Training That’s right. Oh yeah because for the what does it Copa call America. Yeah that’s that’s ours. No Copa America. We got we get invited to it. Yeah. So we played in that boat here. OK. But it’s not so much to learn about soccer. OK what else about Boom-Boom. Say George way. Well. I can’t sing that well. What goes around.

So the next thing is he played for several different teams some of the teams that he played for was the mighty Barolo invincible 11. Yes. Monaco Paris St. Germain where he spent many years. He played for AC Milan and also Chelsea. So he won awards on several of those teams like personal awards or like team award.

Both our personal awards so I love this invincible 11. Yeah that’s sad.

That’s the name of one of the clubs in Liberia. Yeah. So it’s it’s really a cool name. And some of the honors team honors that he had he had a two Liberian Premier League Championships when the Liberian Cup three coup de France titles they are Tulsa Soccer Training.

So I think the cup is on today for a cool day for I’m trying to say it would like the accent. Coo coo coo for I guess as I could say France. So does the French Cup. I’m studying French on duolingo. I’m I’m I’m still a beginner but I know you’re trying. I need to get there with you.

And then I had won La Liga championship in the French division one coup de la League and two Syria championships with AC Milan and also wanted half a cup to last them. So

a very decorated player. You know there’s George way out Lionheart here. I know we are almost out of time and I’m sure there’s more you want to tell us about Mr. way. So we’ll have to come back and do part two. We’re you can share more maybe about his honors you might have a go quote for us. I don’t know what else you’ve got in store for us but I know it will be good. So we’re going to go ahead and wrap this one up and I want to thank you O’Neal for your time and for just introducing such a great player.Tulsa Soccer Training Have you seen footage of your money to have it out there like that or is it.

Yes he is out there. Some of it looks a little grainy because older older.

But so you can look him up if you’ve never heard of him before. And we’ll be back next time to talk more about George Weya. We want to thank you for joining us and listening to this episode. Episode 35. George Weah the Lionheart and we are a Tulsa soccer training and this is Tulsa soccer training podcast. We would encourage you to visit our Web site today bright Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We are pride of Tulsa. Soccer training where we teach character and skill. And if you’re willing to do the work we can guarantee the results we will see you next time. Thank you.