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Tulsa Soccer Training : Gheorghe Hagi

PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 12 – Gheorghe Hagi Part 2 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast this podcast is brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development in this part of cast. Soccer trainer and soccer coach O’Neal bant the founder and CEO of pride soccer training is going to share his wisdom his insight and stories and historical biographies on players and also strategies that are going to help players to obtain success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is very simple. Their goal is to help soccer players develop and systematically grow in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so that they can win in everyday life and on the soccer pitch as well. This is Episode 12. It’s part two of a player profile. We are talking about the mirror Donna of the car Patriots Georgie Hodgy O’Neal. How are you doing today. Doing well and you. I’m doing great. So our last pod cast we were talking about your all time number one favorite player Georgie Hodgy. And we’re going to do that some more today. So where did you want to pick up where we left off last time.

I was to pick up on a thing about the videotapes one more time I had actually taken all the footage I had of him which was 1990 1994 1998 and some of Euro 2000. And I take every time he touched the ball and I put it on a six hour VHS cassette tape. Now I am just very passionate about how he played and I loved it so I tried to emulate it tried to watch it as much as I could.

So I remember that tape I seen you watching it you would just watch it. I mean every time he touched the ball whether it led to a goal whether it was a mistake. You are almost like analyzing like everything about him is what that was like.

Yes. Yes I did. I wanted to know even you know his personal life to degree like how what was his temperament. Who was he. I want to know about how he played. I wanted to know his thoughts. Like what does he think about the game and how does he perceive it. Because to me perception of playing the game is a very important thing. It leads to creativity and understanding. So yeah you’re right.

I love that you started out though just analyzing his moves because I think sometimes in our culture that’s really focused maybe on celebrity whether or not that person is famous for his significant contribution or reason or not. You know I love that you really really studied and like just dug deep like every time he touched the ball you just watch that you would watch that over and over again inspiration and encouragement for him. So if you’re listening if you’re a parent if you’re a soccer player definitely find someone. I know you said this last podcast. Find someone who can can show you more innovative ways to perform and can challenge you Tulsa Soccer Training.

That’s right. You know it’s a big deal. You know in every aspect of your life you need someone to challenge you in your in your concepts.

Everybody needs a coach. That’s what Bill Gates says everybody needs a coach. It’s true. OK what else about Hodgy.

So he started off his first World Cup was in 1990 and he helped get his team to the second round where they lost to the Republic of Ireland in penalty kicks. So you know that was it was tough for them you know. And that that was the first time they had gotten that far in the World Cup for many years. And then he went to 1994 the United States of America. He came here and he lit up the show. He played against the Colombians. They beat them. I can’t remember the score at the moment but I do remember that he hit this ball from about 30 25 yards out I’ll say. And I was off to the left side of the field and it basically just beat the goalkeeper. It went upper 90 far opposed from about 25 yards out.

OK well what was going on in 94 in the U.S. I’m not sure I’m not I’m not a soccer aficionado like you know what was going on at that time. So

U.S. hosted the first World Cup. Oh no. It was great. I mean USA. There’s no place on earth to me that can host events like the U.S. And I think it was just a wonderful World Cup Tulsa Soccer Training.

And it was here at home. And we talked about a little bit last time 1990 was my first World Cup to watch. So in 1994 I actually got to go to a few games and it was just a very exciting experience. And so hardy you know he came to the United States and he just lit up the show know when showed up and showed out.

He just came and did it. Well what were some of his whether it’s from that World Cup in 94 or from your highlight reel that you made of him. What were some moves that he was known for things that you saw him do that were magnificent or beautiful or just repetitive moves that he made that were just brilliant.

So some of the moves I saw him do is like he would do step overs and cut back on people very quickly. He would also dribble and keep the ball close to him. And then when someone come he would cut the opposite direction or cut it into the path that they were coming from. So there was no way they could get the ball from him and he would just weave through players. And the biggest thing I would notice from him though is he score a lot of his goals from you know 20 to 25 yards out so he could shoot from a far distance. And the technique he used a lot of his you would strike he would lean back and strike the ball the top portion of the ball so the ball would rise but he’d have topspin so it would dip at the end so it would rise up high and then come down low and a lot of times just come underneath the crossbar and it was just beautiful to see him do that Tulsa Soccer Training.

OK so I have a question I know obviously you are a soccer coach and you do private soccer training here in Tulsa and when you see a player like Hodgy who is able to use that he could dribble and keep the ball really close to him and then the way you just described the ball how he could put topspin on it. You know all of these moves all of this ability. How does someone attain that are you born with that. Do you have to work and perfect that what level of skill or practice is required for someone to be able to perform at that level.

Tulsa Soccer Training It’s an everyday affair. To be honest with you to be able to get to that level you must train daily you must take the things that you learn at every experience whether it’s games or training or or playing in the backyard with your friends. You must take all of that and work on it all the time. So that’s what these players did.

And what does that mean exactly like when you’re just saying like work on something all the time. Can I do I just go out in the backyard and kick a ball what do I need to do if I play on a team do I just need to like practice the drills they teach me or my soccer practice. What does that look like if I want to be able to attain their skills what do I need to do. If someone’s listening and they have a child who maybe is playing on a soccer team in May or may not be getting as much playing time as they’d like or maybe has a Goal to you know play it or do you one school. What’s the path for that person to be able to perform on that level.

The best path would would be to contact us pride and we would be able to help you guide you but you are on the right path so that you can achieve those goals. And we would set you up on technical drills and we’d also work with you on tactically be able to read the game and you know work on your character too so that when tough times come you know how to respond to it properly. So honestly the best way is to get guidance from people who’ve already done it before.

I see. And I love that you can kind of customize things and really you can speak to whatever layer level that a player comes to you at. Is that correct. Like you can work with someone if they’re a beginner if they’re you know in high school and they’ve been playing forever can you customize something for everyone Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes definitely I can. And it’s something that comes from experience and training and working with the ball and watching the game as well. So it’s it’s all all encompassing.

OK that is great. So of course this is part two of the mayor Donna of the at the Georgie Hodgy O’Neil’s all time favorite player. What else do you want to tell us about him today.

Well he he’s just a remarkable player. Like he could lead under pressure and when I go talking of our last podcast if he got upset he would play even better. And so I just saw him do some moves.

At one point I’ve never seen him do this move and I kid you know I studied him all the time and I saw him do this move against Roberto. Roberto Carlos when he was playing for Galut Tessera and they were playing against Real Madrid and he steps over this ball and hits it with his heel and flies pass for Berto. Now Roberto is probably one of the fastest soccer players ever and he tracked him down and tackles them. You know about 20 yards down the field. But Hodgy was just happy that he beat him that way. And it was an amazing display of just creativity and passion.

I have a real quick question for you what do you think it is about sometimes that anger or that frustration that comes up and then somehow fuels someone to play better. What is that about is that about channeling that energy. Like what is what is that about. Do you think.

I think it’s taking the frustration of whatever you experience and channeling it in a proper way and not using it to hurt someone but using it to intensify your skill and your technique and your abilities. So I think it’s kind of like the Hulk even though he’s smashing and bashing people right. He is able to gain strength and use it more. But instead of using it to harm people you’re using it to be more creative and use it to intensify your skill and using it to to show your technique.

So you don’t want to be like the hulk. You don’t just want to smash and bash everything but you want to take that strength and harnessed it in an appropriate and focused way. And again to our listeners we’re told it is only soccer training podcast and pride of Tull’s to soccer training can help your soccer player develop and grow and they work with them one on one to help them just grow in their technical and tactical awareness. And whatever your soccer players goal is pride of Tulsa soccer training can help them achieve it. They can take their strength and help them focus it. They can take their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. They can take their strengths and just magnify the ability that they already have there. If you would like to learn more about pride of Tulsans soccer training please check us out online our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com. Again that Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We would love to hear from you. Again you can call us at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8:3 pride of Tulsa soccer training teaches both character and skill. And we guarantee the results. If you are willing to put in the hard work. Thank you guys for joining us. We’ll see you next time