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Tulsa Soccer Training : Great Goal

PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 23 – Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Messi -Part 3 

Hello and thank you for joining us this is the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training. And Tulsa is the number one option when it comes to training and developing your child’s soccer skills. And we are joined with Coach and personal soccer trainer O’Neal bent. How are you doing today sir.

Doing well and you. Are doing great.

Today we are still continuing our conversation Cristiana Rinaldo versus Messi. And this is episode 2013 and we left off last time you shared a quote from Cristiana Ronaldo talking about dreams and how dreams are not you know what you see when you’re sleeping. But he said the dreams are the things that you see that don’t let you sleep the things that kind of motivate you to train to get better or to develop to set your goals to increase. And you know grow and develop as a player and an individual so that was a really great goal quote that you broke down for us last time. Did you have a quote that you wanted to share from Misty. Yes Tulsa Soccer Training.

I certainly do. And so messy messy says this. You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work sorry or have to repeat this. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it. So once again you have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.

OK so he’s saying you have to fight to reach your dream like I feel like you know a lot of times we think oh I have this dream. It’s just going to happen because I have it or someone is going to do it for me I give it to anybody. He said you have to fight to fight for it.

Yeah. Tulsa Soccer Training To me when I see the word sacrifice that means a huge thing to me I mean you’re giving up something to gain something. And that is huge you have to. You have to. And you might have to give up some things with women s not just one you might have to give up time with your friends you might have to give up time playing video games you might have to give up time doing a lot of things that you really enjoy. But because you enjoy this one thing way more you give up other things to do that. And that is a battle that is a fight every single time to go in and say you know I’m going to I’m going to work on my skills. No I’m going to go juggle. No I’m to go work on my shooting. You know you’re saying no so you can say yes to being a star player yes to being a starter on your team. Yes to having strong technical ability. Yes to having vision. Yes to having good character. Yes to all these things that a lot of people say no to.

Well it’s really interesting how saying No allows you to say yes and I know maybe you as a parent or even as a soccer player if you’re listening and wanting to invest in personal training for yourself you may have to look at your budget. You know as well and say no to things I found out that just financially speaking you know you may have to say OK for this season we’re going to give up cable or we’re going to find something else that we can kind of do without so that we can make this investment. And for me I have like mad respect for both of these quotes you shared in episode 22. And then today in Episode 2013 they’re both really talking about Hustle and work ethic and how that plays a part and I am wondering right now like maybe even plays a part more than more than your abilities that you’re just born with they’re given like if you work hard you can develop what do you say to that do you feel like. To me it sounds like that’s what they’re both saying and for players at this caliber to both be saying hey you’re going to have to fight you’re going to have to sacrifice. You’re going to have to work hard. It sounds like that’s really the crux. Can you like speak on that. Is that right is that wrong. Can you elaborate on that Tulsa Soccer Training.

That is exactly right. It resonates strongly with me because I was the player that had physical abilities but technically I was terrible. You know I could dribble the ball I could take people out but could I shoot could I trap could dribble you know dribble but could I hit the ball well you know those things I had to work on my technique daily. I remember for about four to five years straight as a youth player I worked on my skill and after doing that I received the National try on it. You know when I was 17 so I saw that the difference you can make when you start to become dedicated and intentional and that you really are wanting to become a better player with your technique with your tactical awareness. It’s something that only comes from hard work. Anything you do that you want to be great at is only going to come from hard work. And it resonates so much with me. Yeah you can be I can be physically faster than someone or quicker I can be bigger and stronger but that only does so much. Tulsa Soccer Training  The rest has to be hard work and training and training in the right way getting the right people in your life. Also being a nurturing environment where you have people there cheering you on and correcting you in a loving way but in a stern way to get you on course to keep you on track. And it’s good to have people around you who have done what you want and wanting to do.

They’ve already done it before you so you can learn from them and being humble and learning from someone is probably one of the best things you could ever do and all these players have humility in them they may show certain things but they have the humility to learn and to work hard. And those are huge factors in becoming a strong player.

That’s really good. All that you were saying made me think of this quote I’m not sure who said it but I’ve heard it so many times you may have heard it before too. It says that hard work will beat talent when talent fails to work hard. You know that quote about love that quote is that so good again it says Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. And so I really respect even though you know everything it’s called Cristiano Ronaldo versus Messi we both of us here have respect for them because they’re both you know a force and indomitable in their own right but they don’t just rely on Mike talent. It seems like they more so rely on. I’m going to train. I’m going to work hard.

Yes that’s exactly it. They constantly work and when you want to hear these two guys like I really want to stress this though when we say someone is better than the other in this category we’re talking about a very small amount of betterness Tulsa Soccer Training.

So yeah because they’re both they’re both like steller.

Yeah. I mean you can have next world cup. Messi wins it and all of a sudden boom. In my estimation that point he would be a better player than Ronaldo. So we have to really look at these things and not just say oh he’s way better or you know there’s no way as far as I’m going to catch him no these players are very close together and they drive each other even so don’t be surprised if you know Messi comes back with a World Cup title or a Copa America or something like that.

Well and also they are at the peak of the game. And so you’re evaluating the greatest of the greatest of the great. I mean it’s like. And so you’re saying you know you have these two players A-plus plus players and trying to like. I remember us talking about who has better you know who can play this position better or who has more tactical awareness or who’s more you know whatever way you want to analyze someone. Really we’re looking at the Crimm Della Kram.

So it’s like they’re both you know no disrespect or anything to Messi I guess that’s what I’m trying to say because they’re both so good and and even their style of play like for me. Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s so fast. That is just what I think like he is just the lightning quick His feet are moving and you know he’s just like a blaze of lightning. And Messi to me doesn’t play in the same way he’s not super super quick like what the footwork I guess is what I’m trying to say. Cristiano has like all these little fancy moves. But Messi I feel like can take off like a bolt of lightning.

Yeah I do see what you’re saying here like to me yeah Christian has the foot fakes the flashiness and can move quickly. So can Messi but Messi doesn’t do as many flashy things. His is more like I’m going to dribble as fast as I can run with the ball keep it close to me and you’re going to have to get off my foot.

And the only way to do that is to follow him. Tulsa Soccer Training So what they both do is beautiful. Yeah they both are.

They’re both very beautiful players to watch. You know the thing that I do want to stress too is that I don’t hold them in the same regard as I do Pele or marijuana. Or is it on. So to me these guys have finished their career yet but they still don’t have to me the factors get to be number one ever of all time best because I hear people say Omas he’s the greatest of all time. Yes I did. I strongly disagree. Yeah you might do well with Barcelona where you have star players that are almost on the same level as you. But what happens when you go and you take your national team to the World Cup. Do you win do you get them to the final one when players are struggling or when you match up a team that is just as good as you do you overcome that to win the title. And neither one has done that yet in the World Cup. So I’m still waiting for that to happen. I still have high hopes for them. I like to see history being made. I’d love to see these players do well but I don’t rate them at the same level as future superstars are past superstars.

Gotcha. Tulsa Soccer Training  I agree with you on that because yeah they’re still like so much more to their career. There’s still so much more to see. And then also like I think it speaks to if you have a team that is really a solid team and it’s built around maybe you have this dynamic personality but the team can still perform. I think sometimes I notice with sports now there’s like a couple of stars. And then when the team gets pressured the team can’t perform like maybe they rely on that star.

Yes. You know. Yeah. And I strongly I strongly strongly disagree with the star concept like you may have been an exceptional player right. And I’ve seen that maybe maybe at the senior level yeah you can you can tweak things and put things around that player but I always go back to my philosophy that the team must operate as a team no matter who the players are. So you know the truth behind it I saw Portugal play well without Cristiano Ronaldo and I felt like they were a strong team in the Euro 2016. I think there will be very dangerous in the next World Cup. Tulsa Soccer Training So I look at that I’m like wow that’s pretty cool to see that the team didn’t drop its standards just because they’re superstars down. And that speaks volumes to the community and that team and what the coach is doing and what the players are doing and how they respond. So it’s a wonderful thing to see.

Yeah I love how you were sharing about him being on the sidelines when he was injured but still being you know dynamic and encouraging and such a leader that was really really impressive.

You know I agree with you and you know the thing to see him cry when he wanted it meant something to him. And you know I always see those tears when you lose or when you win. And it was wonderful to see that it still means that much to him even though he has done so much with his career also and he’s got passion to see Messi cry when he lost Copa. I mean I remember I was sad for him people making fun of him and you know but I did feel like hey don’t don’t quit your you’re you know you don’t leave your country come back come play and go get that title if that’s what you really want Tulsa Soccer Training.

You know they’re super passionate just like we are here at Tulsa you know private soccer Tulsa training. Lots of love and lots of passion for soccer. When you put your time your energy your money your resources into it you know there’s going to be that love. And then there’s that time that’s hard. That’s painful. But like they said you keep fighting you keep sacrificing you keep working hard. Well and Elvis has been another great session. It was great I’m hearing all of your insight on Cristiana Rinaldo versus Messi. So we are done for now talking about these guys and we will see you all next time Tulsa Soccer Training.