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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 24 – My First World Cup –  Part 1

All right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride Tulsa soccer training. The place to bring your child to learn grow and develop in their soccer skills. We are joined with Coach O’Neill Bente he is a soccer coach soccer trainer and really just a passionate player and developer of strong technique in children. He loves teaching soccer skills to kids and I’m pride of Tulsa soccer training we would love to work with you. Our podcast covers a variety of episodes and today this is episode 24. O’Neill is going to be talking about some of his favorite World Cups. I think that’s a series that he’s going to do over time but today he wants to talk about his first World Cup which is in 1990 O’Neill bent. How are you doing today sir. Doing well and you know I’m doing great. Thank you. What made you think of doing your favorite World Cups. How did that come up into your mind.

I guess for many years even even into my adult life I would write my life and what was going on based on when the next World Cup was going on. So to give you a little background of why I picked 1990 as the first one to talk about well was my first World Cup. But before that my dad said to me at one point hey if you don’t start watching the game I’m not going to pay for you to play competitive soccer anymore. Really. He’s like Yeah. So that kind of hit me and I was like you know I’m gonna start watching. So we would Tulsa Soccer Training.

Why do you think he said that. I think that’s really great. Well why do you think he said that to you.

I think he said that because he values saw the importance of learning from people before you like being on to watch the superstars see what they do and learn from them and it gives you the idea of what’s supposed to happen in a game. What is a player in you know as a left back. What are they supposed to do at the center mid What are they supposed to do. And so because of that mean because you’re watching the game you start to understand the game better. I’m so grateful to him for that because it gave me the coaching mindset and I was starting to come up with my own ideas of how the game should be played at a very young age.

So it’s it’s a wonderful thing that anybody can do for their kid is to have them watch soccer games and this is different from like playing soccer videogame like if you want to do that totally fine I don’t have anything against playing a video game. But you know this isn’t not watching and playing a video game this is actually watching soccer footage that just wanted to distinguish there Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yeah. That’s correct. And it is watching the games watching a whole life game because I think what happens is a lot of times kids see highlights of players and they think that’s what the game is as a bunch of highlight flicks and tricks and so they misunderstand seeing a player do something amazing in one moment in a three second period. And I think that that’s the whole career of that player. And it’s not that it’s just a one time one special event that they did and it’s imprinted in the minds of people but it’s a highlight. It’s not the full game.

I remember when I first started watching soccer with you because I really didn’t know very much about soccer. I mean I remember I had like some friends who played in high school and I remember our football kicker was a soccer player and he was phenomenal. Ben Rogers was the same and he had a foot. I mean he would just punt that ball but that was really my only experience and then when I met you and started hanging around you and got more you know watch Jerry games watched you play and got more exposed to it.

Man watching a soccer game it was like an act in patience because like you said you’re used to like fast paced sports or basketball or football or even you know. But yeah those highlights happened in the 29th minute and then it might be 15 minutes of just two teams holding each other at bay. And so I love what you’re explaining here why why would that be important for kids to see that and and understand. Like does that help you know you understand the pace of the game. What are some more technical aspects there that it can help you just on a mental level. I

Tulsa Soccer Training think it teaches them how to read the game like you said the vision behind what these players are doing and being able to say OK should I take this player on now or should I pass the ball off what do I do if a player approaches me from my right side I’m on the left side of the field where do I go with it. How do I play out of this how do I attack the space so it explains so many things at one time in a matter of seconds or even less than that. And so you get to learn and see how the game is supposed to be played at the highest level under pressure with the you know the most skillful players out there on the field. And that is so important to see because it gives them guidance it gives them direction it helps them to understand the game better. The game my dad explained to me it ebbs and flows and you know going back to the 1986 World Cup we had cassette tapes I don’t know if all of you know what VHS cassette tapes but we used to them for that. So we used to put them in and watch them and I used to watch Brazil in 86 which they were a wonderful team got knocked out by Platini and the French team in the quarter semifinals of the World Cup. And so they were wonderful to watch. They moved together they played a brand of total football but it just flowed and they had overlapping backs.

And so I learned to see a free flowing game at an early age and it just made me fall in love with the game of soccer. And so you know go into that it taught me a lot more about the game what I’m supposed to do what position amongst How do I play my position how do I understand the game how to relate to other players on the field what do I think they need to do after they get the ball for me and where do I go so I can be of support to them.

And so you see that when you watch the game you see where players move all as a unit and it’s so important and impressive at the same time. So when the 1990 World Cup came by I was so excited I was 13 at the time and I was ready to watch and I watched just about every game we could watch. And so I mean I remember Brazil they were the team my number one favorite at that time and my dad as well we are loving watching him and I remember when they lost to Argentina Tulsa Soccer Training.

I wish they could see your face because you were so like bright eyed and excited and talking. And then when you came to the loss I could just see you kind of reliving that a little bit all over again.

Yeah. They lost to the hands of Diego Maradona and Kenny G. The number one striker so American to play this beautiful one time chip over the wall can easier right onto it. I believe we finished in a first time shot and Brazil hit their crossbar hit the bar hit. It’s like oh my gosh my dad was saying you know what I don’t like what I’m seeing. Any time I see a team that hits the bar the crossbar and misses this many times they usually end up losing. And I was like. I hope you’re wrong. And of course he wasn’t. And I was like man.

So I remember when that happened my world cup fell apart and I didn’t like marijuana that much more so because he beat your team.


Tulsa Soccer Training And it was tough but you know to go on to other people in the tournament too like there’s a guy named Paul Gascoigne for England and England was playing its best soccer since 1966 when they won the World Cup. So it was a huge deal that you know England was getting as far as they could in the tournament in Italy and they were playing and they lost I think at the hands of the Germans the eventual champions in Gaza. They call them Gaza for short but Paul Gascoigne. So Gaza got his second yellow in this match and he was crying in the middle of the field because he knew that if they lost he would not get to play in the World Cup final which was what he was all about. So again the passion that desire and seeing him you know been crying and I was thinking then suck it up go play. But now I’ll probably be crying too. I understand why he was so upset.

So what happens now. I mean I heard but I don’t remember watching this World Cup. What happened is it Gaza. Yeah. Gaza what happened. What happened.

So in soccer if you get your car in one game and you’re caught in another game in the World Cup you have to sit out the next game next game.

OK. So it’s so two yellow cards just like you got a red card. Yes. And then they are out for a game. And this is just in the World Cup Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes. I like the work of being in league play it’s a little different. But in the World Cup it’s like that. And so you have like first round that could happen to you and then second round they get cleared. But then he had a yellow card in the quarterfinals game and got another yellow in the semi.

And so it wasn’t clear yet.

So he just sat down and cried because he knew he was standing and crying and crying and it was just like he was holding his shirt in his hand and onto his face and his wife and his tears and trying to because he didn’t get kicked out of the game.

He’s still playing but he just knows. If we make it through right now Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yeah. That would be out. Did they make it there. No.

They lost and that had to be hard because that energy probably was like you know contagious.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So it was great to see that type of passion though I didn’t understand it that way all the time but now I get it.

Yeah. Well this is a great learning about your first World Cup the 1990 World Cup I’m sure you have more do you have more that you know you’ll be sharing with us. Most definitely. OK. So from such assurance on this base. So we’re going to wrap for this episode but we’ll be back to talk more about this. And I want to say thank you guys for joining us and for listening to our Tulsa soccer training podcast. If you want to learn more information please look at our Web site which is pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Check us out online or give us a call to schedule your first lesson today. Thank you so much for listening