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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 32 – Frank Rijkaard 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride Tulsa dot com. We are the number one choice when it comes to soccer player growth and development. I’m at Pride of Tulsa soccer training we teach both character and skill. And if your chow is willing and able to do the work we can guarantee results. We are here today as always with O’Neill because he is a soccer player a soccer coach and a personal one on one trainer for soccer players. How are you doing today sir. Doing well and you. I’m doing great today and we are recording episode 32 and we are talking about a soccer player named Frank Reichardt. That’s correct yeah.

This this guy he’s a masterful player like you have people that are perfection this and he was a perfectionist at his craft. He was wonderful to watch and to see how his technique in his power his strength his finesse his intelligence. He was just a complete player and I loved him and he was a Dutch soccer star in the 1980s and 90s. So he played mostly as a defensive midfielder and was extremely versatile and he was a deep lying playmaker so he’d win the ball and he’d make things happen after he won it Tulsa Soccer Training.

What does that mean. A deep line playmaker I’ve never heard that before.

So if you think of the field and you divide it into thirds. There’s a defensive third middle third an attacking third instead of you know usually they have a playmaker that operates in the middle and attacking third mostly Will he would operate mostly start play plays and the defensive and the midfield more so coming out at the back.

Yeah. OK.

Defensive parts of the field. So yeah.

Is that pretty rare Tulsa Soccer Training.

I mean I hear that a lot or I don’t normally see it. Piccolo is another one that will hang back low and create from you know from a deeper position. So it’s not as common but it’s not totally rare either.

I have a question about that. Well if I were you know Frank Reichardt and I’m this deep lying playmaker do does the team know what I’m doing from back. They are like how do you practice that. Do they kind of now or is that individual kind of driving and you know how does that work.

It’s both. It’s a it’s the inclination of the natural inclinations and abilities of the player as well as the team like a good coach will develop their team based on the players they have. So if you have a player that naturally will do that you let them do that and you develop strategies around that. So I know Brazil has a similar strategy that they do as well. So yes. Nice. Thank you all. You’re welcome. So he had 73 caps for the Dutch national team and scored 10 goals. He was recognized as one of the greatest defensive midfielders in the history of the game. And he became a professional footballer at the age of 17 and so he was he was young and he was mature and he could handle the physical parts of the game. So and he’s a fairly tall player too so he can handle you know a lot of the physical parts of the game. Also the club that he played for the first club was I-X of Amsterdam where he won the irri. So it’s hard for me to say as a division. Five times. And so that’s their top division and he won the league title five times.

Tulsa Soccer Training I know you love A-x it looks like Ajax but it’s I x x x I actually say it either. But I know you have studied a lot of their methodology their training. What what is it that draws you to their style and their their method of training and teaching their technique. What is it that draws you to them.

Everything about it. So for instance they have a Tipps technique which is technique intelligence physical ability and speed. And they look at the various aspects of a player to the physiological and the psychology psychological part of the Aspect. So you know developmentally developmentally what does a player do at the age seven through 12.  Tulsa Soccer Training What does he do from 12 to 15. And what do they do with the latter part of their games. And then how do you know I learned something about from one of their videos and it talks about you know kids that develop early usually start to physically develop early. They usually stop growing at a certain age and the ones that grow later keep growing for a longer period. So sometimes you have a player that’s bigger than everybody else in the dominant. And then all of a sudden that shifts later on down the road. So they focus on all the technical the tactical pieces of the puzzle the way they develop the psychological aspect of the player. They also look at is the player playing more than one sport. Are we developing them completely as an athlete as opposed to just developing them for soccer. So they’ll go and put them into judo or they’ll put them into different sports so that they develop completely as a player and completely mentally as well.

And so everything it’s like they have that x has that soccer training philosophy but everything they’re doing compliments that’s when they put them in Judo. They’re not saying hey you’re never going to do soccer again. That’s like a complimentary thing kind of like comprehensive complete kind of developmental track that they have that airs on.

Exactly. And it’s a wonderful thing to see. And then he went on to Piper’s sporting C.P. and then Real Zaragoza and ended up finally at AC Milan.

What’s Real Zaragoza. It’s a Spanish club call and I like that word Tulsa Soccer Training.

So he was on loan to them for a little while and then while he was playing for them AC Milan came in swept him off his feet.

Now they came for great card.

Yes they did or he swept them off their feet. One of the two.

What was his time like there. Was it a fruitful.

Very. So he won two Syria are championships. That’s the you know top league title and he formed a dynamic trio with Ruud Khaled and Marco Van best route hell it is the whoremaster.

Yes. Yes. And then Boston is the smooth assassin Tulsa Soccer Training.

I like it. So what was that. What does that mean for them. They were a dynamic trio. What’s that like.

What did they do with them on the field that they would start counterattacks. They would be able to move the ball well with people. They were. So those three were very free flowing free thinking soccer players. They played total football they grew up under Rena’s Mikel’s which is one of the fathers of total football. And when they were under him they also won the European Championship of 1988. So they took what they learned there and they brought it with them to Milan and they were able to work with the players and move at one point you know just to golf on a side note with rude it just for a moment rude. That was the rival to Maradona. So it was pretty awesome that you have these three players that created such a strong structure and a strong connection this connection that they had between each other and they were able to spread that throughout their whole team.

Yeah cause it’s like that’s catalytic. So it’s like when those three have that synergy going and they’re vibing and making great passes and plays on each other that’s just going to spread and you know elevate the team you know bring them to the next level. OK what else about Frank Reichardt.

So. So there he also won two European Cup champs ships and then he ended up returning to I-X and I remember watching IMAX. I was at a national camp around this time and I was trying out for the under 18 national team. And so at that time I was about to play AC Milan for the European Championship which is the title that every club wants to have. And I called it. I said I X is going to beat AC Milan. How

did you know. I just knew I just knew it knew it. And

people laughed at me. They’re not going to be a similar And I remember a goalkeeper that was there he was about two years older than me maybe more. And he said they’re not going to be the No. They are. And sure enough they did. And so during one of the years their last two years of his career. Hacks. He had a season where they were. They didn’t lose a game. They didn’t lose a match and they won the whole title and they won the title twice his last two years before he retired. And they also won the UEFA Champions League season in 1994 and 1995. So it was a huge way of going out to have your final game on the international stage to be that you won an international championship.

So I still have a question for you about that. I x AC Milan right. That match up. What. What was that. Do you remember what the game was like or what made you feel like you knew that X was going to kind of have the upper hand there. Just elaborate on that for a bit I know we’re almost out of time but I just I’ve got to ask you about that.

Tulsa Soccer Training Well at the time I was growing to I was watching a lot of I-X. You know my buddy dated a PA who who’s about four years older than me. He’d give me tapes and I’d watch them and see how they were developing and then I would finally get caught up to what was going on now with I-X and I had a very strong confidence that they would play well and with Reichard there I felt like oh they will dominate them and they have had a free flowing atmosphere and they had strong players and it was amazing to see what they could do and it was like having a team with a few stars but a lot of hard working people who were connected and knew the rules and understood what they were supposed to do and did it well and it was just I just did not feel like someone had what it took to beat them.

It sounds like you’re saying they have like that total football concept down. That’s right. Nice. Well we are out of time for this podcast. And so I want to thank you for joining us and for listening. As always it’s a pleasure to hear from O’Neill. And just to get insight and wisdom about soccer historically speaking and even what works now for you know training players and developing them in present day. And we would encourage you to call us today if you have questions or want to know more information. You can reach us at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. You can also look us up on. Our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com. We would love to work with you or your child or your children to help them become masterful players complete players to help them grow in their versatility in their technical awareness and their tactical abilities. Again check us out online at Pride Tulsa dot com or call us today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time Tulsa Soccer Training