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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 40 – Zinedine Zidane – Part 4 – 04-22-17_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer training and player development. In this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Neal bent who is also the founder and CEO of pride soccer training will be sharing player profiles wisdom insight tools and proven strategies that will give soccer players success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is very simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and soccer skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win on the pitch and in everyday life¬†Tulsa Soccer Training .

This is episode 40 and we are continuing a player profile on Xina diems Don who is also known as Zuzu O’Neill. How are you doing today. Doing well and you are doing great. We have been talking about one of your top five players of all time zone hitting the dawn and we talked in the last episode. You know we talked about his temper his temperament and just some of the World Cup appearances. I know you talked about the meeting Brazil you know and kind of how they have a history of beating Brazil. You mentioned that great movie. How do you say it oh played Ledley liberally. He say it’s all in the belly. So what have you got for us today.

So they won the 1998 World Cup and Don did it with two headers. He put two goals against Brazil so they won and he was the man of the match. And in 2000 they also won the European Championship France. France won. Now this is with the Don Lilium Tom barters Thierry Henri la petite. There’s so many great players that were on at that time and they won the World Cup together they won the Euro 2000 euro together and Barthez is that goalie that I love right.

Yes he is amazing. I know that we are doing a player profile on xfinity Didon but we have got to just give like just a quick minute to Bartlet’s like please speak on it. He’s so amazing.

Barthez to me he was like maybe six foot which is not that tall for a goalkeeper. Maybe he was 5 10. He might be my height. And he the way he played the play was such passion and such good technique that if he dove. It wasn’t just his upper body that was going for the ball but his feet would go for the ball to you reminds me of one of the goalkeepers growing up named Randy Klinger My dad is a goalkeeper trainer now. I highly recommend him. But he he would dive in such a way to where he would catch the ball in the air and then the ball would come down with his hands on top of it and his feet would be up above his body. So it was just like a beautiful technique. It was flashy and effective and just beautiful.

At the same time I feel like it was just finesse like this cat like the ocean that was so and you don’t see technique like kids very often I mean you might somebody might be a good goalie but his whole body like you said would just be into it it would almost look wild but it was so effective like.

Yes. So he just I mean barters had a lot of flair. He was just so beautiful to watch and he was always entertaining.

So yeah I’m so glad that you mentioned his name because I really. Any time I ever saw him play I was like Who is that. I have to like I love him I love his feel. OK. But I know we’re on Zadan today. So you’re talking about their win right. Yes.

Yes so they won the Euro championship in 2002 they did very poorly and Saddam was hurt. And then get knocked out in the first round. A lot of their players retire like Desiree several other players retire. And you know they’re hanging up their boots. So Don later retires as well. And then the 2006 qualification comes around for the World Cup and France is doing poorly and the French coach at the time he is down and done and agrees to come back out of retirement and play for his national team so he comes out and he helps them to qualify for the World Cup. And when he he comes in some of the other players come out of retirement to like lately I’m Tom and I think a few others but they come back and they become a stronger team and these players are looked at as like no other country when they see those players show up they just fall in line with them.

It means something. Yeah. Messi I don’t remember the whole he retired that he came out of retirement but. So when you’re describing it I’m like oh my gosh hashtags squad goals because the coach goes and gets him he gets all you know the friends the oh geez come out. That’s what it sounds like. You know and I didn’t really know about all that but that’s just cool like that connection and that bond in that love. Yeah.

And there’s no way to really express that unless you’ve done something like that like I know people here in town that if I play soccer with and they’re on my team we fall right into line like Mike Jones is like that or Joe or Josh Gutman he’s another person like you know if I cross a ball I know he’s going to be on the end of it you know and there’s just players you played with for so long that just fall in line Tulsa Soccer Training.

You know you all have like. And we we’ve talked about this before like when you train at first just trying to get your skills down and you’re trying to master the skill and keep practicing and developing it until you can’t get it wrong. You know you just get it right now at times but when you look at somebody who’s at the top of their game and you see in players for Mother’s Day Everyday it out Steph Curry how he’s just intuitive now with basketball he doesn’t have to think about you know and I know we’re a soccer podcast but we were talking about it. But you know when he’s using that ball it’s intuitive he’s not having to think about dribbling or where the ball is even and really that’s what you’re describing when you talk about playing with Josh Gutman or Mike Jones or Xenophanes or Don and his crew you know the French crew they have this intuitive knowledge and deep muscle memory that just forms this like a symbiotic connection on the field right.

It’s so true. And there’s other players too that sometimes have it and you don’t even know each other like you just join in. You know and I think it’s pretty cool I have that with Derek Sharp and you’re Janja I mean the people that you just bonded with and can play with and it works right away because you’re on the same page. So like when you have devote enough time to your technique and your tactical awareness and you don’t have to concentrate so hard to trap a ball. And now you can start lifting your head up and you know dribbling and looking at the same time and you’re thinking about where am I going to play this ball. So it’s just a wonderful wonderful feel.

And I also like the fact that it speaks volumes to me that a coach could ask Don to come out of retirement. He decides to come out of retirement and then that’s like this chain reaction. Oh I’m going to come back oh I’m going to come back it’s like you don’t want to miss out on that level of play that chance to play with that dream team when we talked about George away way you called him like What. What is it the invincible 11. Oh the team. Yeah. It’s kind of makes me think of that spirit. Oh I’m not going to miss out I’m going to be on that team. Yeah exactly.

Exactly. You know it’s also tell you a little bit how old he was he was 34 years old. So this is definitely retirement age you know for someone at that international level they usually hang up their boots around 30 or so and he’s 34 so it’s pretty huge that he’s coming out of retirement and doing this he’s still playing club at the time but he’s not he’s not playing for his country Tulsa Soccer Training.

So his age like significantly different.

Tulsa Soccer Training You know he’s old I mean like in comparison to people who are playing oh yeah there’s there’s some people there might be one player or two players like 17 16 years old you know someone’s going to fall in that rank and then you get to have the majority of people being about twenty three to 25 26. OK. So yeah you know what eight 10 years different you could be a lot older than someone. But if you’re highly gifted and your technical ability is strong then you will be able to dominate the show.

You just come in and start bowling.

As long as you’re physically able to answer. So in 2000 six feet for World Cup they qualify. And I remember watching this tournament you know and uncle Boswell’s house. I

remember that. I love that. Yes. It was so fine.

And I remember watching the Brazil France game. Yes. And we were both watching and we were going for Brazil. If I remember correctly and then maybe you aren’t I don’t remember but I just remember watching as I’m rooting for Brazil. I’m watching that Don just dismantle them singlehandedly almost. And I remember seeing his gold shoes he had gold Adidas predators at that time and they were just gold shoes were everywhere on the field. He was just everywhere doing whatever he wanted and nobody could stop him. I remember Brazilian players said shaking his head in the game and wanting his shirt and stuff like that. And he was just it was like falling in love with him on the field. Everybody was players that were playing against him players that were with him the crowd the commentators. I just remember everybody was like talking about it was on fire.

He was on fire and like for me I like Brazil I respect them but I felt like everybody was like cheering for them and wanting them to win.

Tulsa Soccer Training And I was intrigued by that quiet Delf like this quiet but amazingly gifted like stealth. It was just watching like this machine are like a cat start running like a big cat like a lion or something just start going and keep accelerating. So he definitely caught all of our attention and it was just beautiful to behold.

You know yeah he’s just beautiful. And I recommend look it up on YouTube because they have a highlight of that whole game of just him touching the ball and what he did and it was beautiful.

Tulsa Soccer Training OK well we’re out of time. I thought we were going to wrap up our profile but no we still got a lot more to go. I told you guys this was one of O’Neal’s top five players of all time. So we’ll be back to talk more about Don. And if you want more information about who we are and what we do. Please look us up online at Pride Tulsa dot com. Again that’s pride Tulsa dot com. We can help your child grow in their soccer abilities where they can progress in their skills and get to that level of mastery where they have that intuitive you know muscle memory that’s this deep intuitive richness that they bring to their team. And just like we’ve been talking about today in this podcast give us a call today 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Call us if you want to learn more information. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3 Oregon. You can look us up online at Pride Tulsa dot com. Thank you so much for joining us and we will see you next time