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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 47 – The Triumphant Trio – Part 3 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training. We are told his number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development and this podcast soccer coach and soccer trainer O’Neil bent who is also the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. We’ll be sharing his wisdom his insight tools resources and Proven Strategies for soccer player success both on and off the pitch. The pride of Tulsa soccer training. They have a mission and it’s really simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop and build character in soccer skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 47. We have been talking about the background of the World Cup kind of in a buildup if you will to discuss the triumphant trio as O’Neal calls them. I love that alliteration there. And Brazil Germany. You’re welcome. Brazil Germany and Italy. So in episode 47 O’Neil Where are we picking up where did we stop last time and where are we picking up today.

Well we just left off where the trophy was stolen twice and melted down. And the only thing that was left over was the base poor trophyless.

And this is the original trophy that was right.

Tulsa Soccer Training Yes that’s correct. So basically what happens is a replica was recreated several times and it’s in a museum now. So but where we left off was in 1966 England won the World Cup. And so they won it on their home soil. And you know those were legendary people like Bobby Charlton Bobby Moore so many you know great players that were that exist in that time in English history. So then in 1970 the World Cup was held in Mexico. And this is arguably one of the best World Cups ever to have been played. And the reason why I say that is because Brazil was considered this 1970 team was considered to be the best team to ever have played the World Cup. And this was Pele’s you know final tournament. And he went out on top I think that’s also why you know Pele is considered to be one of the greatest He won three World Cups out of four and he was considered to be the king of football.

So in a way it’s 1970 the World Cup is being held in Mexico. And you’re saying this is one of the best one based off of just Brazil’s performance Brazil’s performance.

How England played how many different teams. Italy even had a wonderful tournament. They only lost at the hands of Brazil. So it’s it’s a pretty remarkable tournament and all we’ll talk more about you know each team as we go on because I want to keep the history going with Brazil and with Germany and build up to what each one is doing Tulsa Soccer Training.

So but obviously at this point Pele is kind of like a fan not a phenom right. So is that adding to the heightened experience his star status and who he is. Yes that’s correct right. OK so let’s get through this history because I still have been waiting now for several episodes to find out who actually took the first trophy how even though the trophies been melted now or whatever.

All right. So here’s the deal. In 1970 Brazil took the hope the trophy was trying to rush you. I’m just trying to be patient.

No worries no worries. So Brazil won the World Cup in 1970. That was the the team that won the World Cup three times and they got to keep the jewels remit trophy.

So 1970 Brazil finally won for their third time Tulsa Soccer Training.


And if you look at this if you go back and look at the history Brazil is almost like an underdog at some point because they I mean you know if you look at 1938 it was only Uruguay and Italy that had won. And there was no idea about Brazil. So that’s pretty amazing to me to see them come from behind.

And then when you have a case like Italy who won right off the bat twice it was something like that or it was Uruguay and Italy Italy and then Uruguay.

OK. So those two teams at one end looked like they would be the favorite to win.

But then slowly over time Brazil jumps in and if you think about especially with Italy getting to the 1970 final you know they if they had won they would have taken the trophy home.

So it was pretty remarkable. Oh so there was a lot of suspense and tension in that that World Cup because you had these contenders coming down. If one of them one winner take all. Yes. And it was beautiful. Do you remember who Brazil faced in the finals at that World Cup. Yeah it was Italy. You stop it. Yeah.

Oh see. You know all these things but I don’t know any of this so these two teens can be on to the final. Yes. Wow. I came down to the final. Oh my gosh I need to go watch some footage of that I bet that was intense. I hope there’s footage around and that they’re both playing for the trophy.

Yes. Correct. And then when they won it they carried Pele around the field and put a crown on them. I mean it was just oh my god wonderful. He was crying. It was just it was a wonderful situation to see that happen. How did Italy respond. Do you remember the devastation that they’re all around their blue and Tulsa Soccer Training.

And but it’s it’s I I highly recommend watching the boys from Brazil. It’s a video that I watched growing up many many times I probably wore out the cassette.

I vaguely remember seeing you watch that. OK so that’s 1970. Brazil wins the first trophy.

What happens in 74 74 West Germany host the World Cup. West Germany and East Germany actually hosted together and West Germany ends up winning it against my wonderful Holland.

So. But West Germany ones it 1978 Argentina in 82 Italy and Spain 86 Argentina wins it.

So these are all the winners of the World Cup. Each time you’re listing off who’s winning this is the winner a champion of the World Cup. They get to take the trophy home for a year or four years for four years back at the next competition.

And the new trophy is created at this time too which is what we see today. And so in 86 Argentina wins it with marijuana. We talked about the hand of God goal.

Yes. Argentina wins the World Cup. The hand of God helps them out.

So it’s been a total of 20 World Cup tournaments. And so we go further into 1990 when they bring it to the United States. Oh sorry sorry. 1990s Italy.

My fault and because I think it was 94 right when they ran into us so World Cup held in Italy in 1919.

Yes. So in 1990 West Germany wins it for the third time. So at this point you have Italy that Brazil has won it three times.

Italy that’s one in three times and Germany that’s World Cup winners they’re all tied.

Yes exactly. So they’re all tied now. The next one. 1994. United States of America is where we host the World Cup for the very first time. And Brazil wins it again. So they get four titles now in West Germany yesterday and Argentina. Italy has three and West Germany has three.

Tulsa Soccer Training How exciting was it when the World Cup came to the U.S.. Like I I remember that time. But obviously you know soccer is not my sport or my love I love it vicariously through you and because of you. But what was the climate like during that time when the World Cup came to us Do you remember that or.

It was kind of like a new thing to the United States. Many people hadn’t really seen the World Cup in the light that you know the rest of the world sees it in and it start to grow. And it was beautiful. It was a beautiful experience.

I mean were people excited. Like what I think they were like What is this. They weren’t really like totally excited only the soccer geeks like me and the people who played soccer were really ecstatic.

A lot of people who love soccer. I mean do you think. I mean obviously it’s grown since then but I don’t know I think that be cool. I don’t remember you know celebrating in the streets per se.

No no no.

I mean I’ve seen it grow over the years and seeing the last World Cup how we respond and how the U.S. did it and people were actually going to Tulsa we went that people want to drill a stadium and they actually set out on the lawn and had a big TV set up and it was crowded.

Yeah it was crowded there so I didn’t. I didn’t actually know but there’s excitement here several years down the road so this was the beginning of it.

I think for what happened in 94 Now that didn’t happen. That did not happen in 94.

When did that happen that happened in 2014 when the last World Cup was taking place. So people were now on board with the World Cup watching the U.S. play in it Tulsa Soccer Training.

We did talk to some people who were excited at that time I’m sure there were people who were pumped. I mean I couldn’t imagine loving soccer and not being like pumped up about it. I know I was excited about this for sure. So Brazil won the World Cup in the USA in 1994 was there anything significant or stand out about that time.

To me it’s significant because Brazil has won the World Cup on I think three to four different continents and Italy and Germany have only. Well so I shouldn’t say that Italy has only one in Europe and Germany until 2014. They had not won on any other continent except for Europe same. So it was it’s a big deal. Wow. So in 98. France won it in France. That’s where Zizou you know makes his starts his legendary journey from 2000 to South Korea and Japan host the World Cup and Brazil wins it again in Asia. So Brazil is on fire.

Brazil is on fire I remember commercials with them in the airport kicking the ball to the airport it was just fun to watch. I really loved.

I remember that. And it’s good like talking about it in this way because you hear like the historical significance of who they are in soccer right now. That’s right. OK. Who else with the World Cup wins in 2006.

It’s held in Germany and Italy wins again. They defeat France and so they win it again for the fifth time. So now you have Italy sorry they went for the fourth time. You have Italy with four and you have Germany with three and you have Brazil with five.

Nice. OK so have we. We have what two more World Cups.

Tulsa Soccer Training Say so in 2010 South in South Africa Spain wins it for the first time and then for 2014. Germany wins it in Brazil. So now we have Brazil with five wins. Germany with four in Italy with four.

Nice. So this whole analysis of this history of the World Cup. You know there have been 20 World Cups and you walking through this has kind of helped you know set up this whole connection and realization of why you call Brazil Germany and Italy the triumphant trio. Yes. Because it is you know sort of plays out through the historical appearances in the World Cup. So we have made it through and now we are ready to start breaking down each one of these super powers. We’re out of time for this pod cast. We’re going to wrap it in our next on we will actually start talking about Brazil Italy and Germany this triumphant trio as O’Neill calls them and I’m so glad I finally found out what happened to that melted statue. I was I was really patient but it paid off. As always we want to thank you guys for joining us and thank you for listening. We’re also the only soccer training podcast. Pride of Tulsa soccer training. Our goal is to help every single player develop in their character and in their soccer skills so that they can be a technically sound yet creatively strong force for their team on the pitch. If you want more information about pride soccer training visit our Web site today pride Tulsa dot com or you can call us right now at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We would love to speak with you and help you at Pride of Tulsa soccer training we teach soccer players both character and skill. And if you are willing to do the hard work we can guarantee results.

Thank you for joining us and we will see you next time