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Tulsa Soccer Training | Juggling the ball

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast, or we offered the best when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons. This podcast is brought to you by Pride We are only soccer training podcast and we are Tulsa’s number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training, Tulsa soccer lessons and overall soccer player development. In this podcast soccer coach and personal soccer, trainer O’Neal bent is going to share his insight and his wisdom when it comes to the game of soccer and Tulsa soccer. Lessons O’Neill is the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer training. He is my husband and Jackson’s father and for as long as I’ve known him he’s been very focused and wholeheartedly committed to really changing the game when it comes to personal soccer, training, soccer lessons and overall soccer player, development pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is very focused And very simple: our goal is to help soccer players just like you, systematically, grow and progressively develop in both character and soccer skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. If you want to learn more about us – and you want to get started on your first soccer training session – give us a call today at 918-701-0983, or you can visit our website, which is pride This is episode 104, juggling or Leo. What do you have for us with juggling today? Juggling is probably the single best way to improve your touch and what juggling is it same as being able to keep the ball in the air with your feet, your thigh, your head your shoulders, any part of your body? That’S not your hands and to keep it up in the air without the ball ever hitting the ground, and so it’s a skill that I watch. I love having kids every training session. We work on it and we spend time teaching kids how to first of all get the ball off the ground. That’S usually the hardest thing for them to learn once they master that once they get used to pull it back and popping up in the air that gets a two or three juggles, and then they work their way up to five and seven, I see that kind Of slowly creeping up and then they hit 10, then I hit like 15 and they jump up to 25 next, so there’s like a Aluma thought of a way that they move through. That typically see how many for someone who doesn’t know or hasn’t been around the game of soccer. Maybe they didn’t play because it’s not like you are typically going to be juggling in a soccer game. Until sometimes there may be a disconnect for someone who died no this board, or he doesn’t know the game, how working on something like juggling, which is basically hitting the ball over and over and over and over again. You know practicing that that touches. You say how does that translate into you know something that they actually use on the soccer field on the soccer field.

If you get a ball in the air, and you want to control that ball, you’re going to have to be able to touch it and bring it down right away and juggling teaches you how to consistently touch that ball. So you can control with whatever way you need to control with weather is the top of your foot or your thigh or your chest. You can be your shoulder, your head or any of those parts of your body that you can use other than your hands. You’Re learning how to control that ball and keep the ball in a you know that your control and keep it at your feet. So I alwaysI think I’m juggling, I think, of seeing Maradona at the age of 10 and he’s juggling this ball. Just it’s just a beautiful thing to see and hear predominant, left-footed he’s only using his juggling it, but at age 10 he’s generally like you would see me juggling in my video on my website on Pride If you look there you’ll see our video and you’ll see me juggling the ball and Maradona sh10 juggling it just like this, and in keeping the ball – and I remember seeing him every time you see him, try and he’s juggling he’s juggling he’s juggling, and he is Probably going to be that have the best touch in the history of the game and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. You know right now: you have kids that come in as a coach, I want a shirt like you own, a pride soccer shirt like you, and so I said you know what we’ll do is once you get 250 juggle you’ll be able to earn a white pride Soccer training, shirt and then there’s another level 400, which is blue another level for 500, which is orange, and then, when you hit gold, you’ve hit a thousand juggles. So once you get to these different stages, consecutively consecutively, even doable, I’ve done it that I grew up with that. I loved and he said, ask how many doubles did you get in? He said, oh, I got a thousand and I was like what so I was in college of the time and I remember I was hurt and I didn’t get to go on this road trip, and so I was like. Let me work on my training and when I was in the apartments at the college I was at, I went outside and I joke about 70,000 today and I hit a thousand 123. So it’s just being determined it’s having that mindset being committed to accomplish accomplishing that goal, and I want kids to hit a thousand. I want to see a child hit, a thousand juggles and I’m asking you can and. I will help you and encourage you and instruct you, and so what you’re saying about juggling?

Is she really just repeated exposure practice just touching that ball and thank you for sharing that correlation between, like a Maradona who, like you said, is known for having the best touch but is also known for dribbling and just practicing with that ball at his feet? It’S kind of like you’re, the ball becomes part of you or something. And yes, it’s like Jedi, okay, I feel like we’re talking Star Wars here too, because the ball is an extension of your body and I tell kids that all the time don’t try to do. The moves and just move their leg, or they just move. You know, try to move the ball reach, for it was like no, it’s an extension of your body means you have to go with the ball. You have to move with it. You have to flow with it. You can’t just look at it as all I’m just going to manipulate at lazily know your whole body moves with that ball and, as they start to realize that and learn how to do that. There are soccer lessons they start to master. It and it’s beautiful to see that’s correct, you have a talk to them like Yoda. Do you ever like him, but your words and say one with the ball. You are here. We love Star Wars and that fit in, but I love how you’re saying juggling is really helping. You become more skilled and if you’ve never played the game, you know and don’t need. No, maybe know those things. That’S what I love about working. You know with with clients and are our training sessions, is that you’re good at taking things and helping them make sense breaking things down in a simple way? That’S really easy to understand. You know that I thank you and I love doing it. Because it is it’s the most beautiful part of the game to me to see a kid to find what they’re good at and helping them Express that in a better way – and so you know juggling is something everybody can do. Juggling is a part of the game that teaches you skill. It teaches you how to control that ball, and it is important to every kid’s development. It’S a staple to grow and develop your soccer skills. If you, you know, want more playing time or you’re. Just you know wanting to actually make the team, maybe you have a tryout coming up, or maybe your goal is to get to soccer and you know maybe earn a scholarship and go on to play Beyond there at a professional level. The great thing about us at pride of Tulsa soccer training is that whatever your goal, maybe we can create a customized plan.

That’S going to help you achieve your goal and we can focus on your strengths and help you grow even stronger in those areas. But we also look at your weaknesses we, really take the things that are perceived as weaknesses and we show you how to use them and we work towards turning them into an asset or a strength as well. So if you need help with trapping the ball, shooting dribbling, if you need you no help with your touches juggling, maybe you need help with. How can I do a you know: efficient corner? Kick you know whatever the skill set that you need when it comes to the game of soccer, we can help you with that. We offer private sessions. We are for small group session. We see our clients improve with each session that they take. It very obvious. We hear that over and over how pleased our clients are and how much they are growing and developing. So if you want more information about who we are and what we can do for you when it comes to helping you grow and your soccer development visit our website, which is pride or give us a call today at 918-701-0983, Tulsa Soccer Training we want to thank you for Joining us and thank you for listening we are the only podcast about Tulsa soccer lessons and soccer training session and at pride of Tulsa soccer training. Our goal is to fully develop every soccer player because we give them the absolute best when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons and pride of Tulsa soccer training, our Tulsa soccer lessons help soccer players become technically sound, incredibly strong on the pitch. If you want more information visit our website, Pride or call us at 918-701-0983 at pride of Tulsa soccer training, we teach character, confidence and skill, and if you’re willing to work hard and follow our customized Tulsa soccer lessons, we can get you the results. On the soccer field guaranteed, thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you next time.