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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 28 – Ryan Giggs – The Welsh Wizard – Part 1 – 04-15-17_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to pride of Tulsa soccer trainings podcast brought to you by pride Tulsa dot. We focus on soccer players developing and growing in both character and skill. We have Coach O’Neal bent in the studio with us today. How are you doing sir. Extremely well. That’s great. You’re always doing great. I love that. We had a great series of podcasts last time where we talked about your first World Cup in 1990 and you were able to elaborate on countries that were in the World Cup the stars of the World Cup your ideas your ideology your passion the things that stood out to you about the World Cup. But today for episode 28 We’re going to go in a different direction. What have you got for us today for episode 28.

Ryan Giggs the Welsh wizard. I like that title. Yes he sounds like he’s a really skillful and masterful.

Very much so. So he’s so skillful and masterful that he’s the most decorated player in football history with 34 trophies.

And when I say football I should say Sankari the most decorated player Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes the most interesting. And so he started his professional career with Manchester United at the age of 17 and he also ended his career there 23 years later at the age of 40 never played for any other data.

I mean you the whole time. Yes. OK. Now here’s a question I have because obviously we’ve talked about you know Diego married Donna we’ve talked about David Beckham. We’ve talked about you know Cristina Ronaldo and Messi. We’ve talked about a host of players so this writing is it gigs. That’s right. Gigs I’ve never heard of him before. A and B. How is he the most decorated football player. I mean I don’t hear you know me or Donna Pele.

Tulsa Soccer Training How can how can he be the most decorated player and I’ve never read or heard of him before. It’s because we’re talking about awards and trophies.

We’re not talking about World Cups and you know he played for Wales. Wales has never been a powerhouse traditionally speak traditionally speaking in international soccer so you wouldn’t see him in a World Cup and you might very rarely see him in a a European tournament.

So that’s the way he played for Welles and you. Yes. So well this is his country that he play for which they’re not debuting or making it through to the finals of the World Cup is what you’re saying. That’s right. But bear in mind you is English Premier League is that right. I am.

So here’s an interesting fact about him is that he he was born in Wales but he grew up in England. He also played for the the under 16 under twenty three national teams for England. But when he got to the full international he decided to be of Wales Welsh citizenship. So he decided to get his citizenship with Wales and play for their national team as opposed to getting away to England. He could have played for England and you know they may have done an even better you know way better in World Cups that he played for them but he chose to go with with Wales because our home is heritage. So we may have seen him if he had chosen to do differently. I don’t blame him either way one way or the other. But you know he chose to go with his heritage which is pretty cool. And one of the things that was interesting to him is that he had to overcome racism as a child. So he’s mixed his paternal grandfather from Sierra Leone. And you know looking at him you may not know that you may not see that but as a kid he used to get picked on. So he had to overcome you know a lot of negative things being said to him and he turned into such a wonderful player. Once again he’s left footed.

So I have an affinity for this left but we’ve talked about quite a few left footed a lot of successful soccer players seem to be left at Yeah.

Maradona actually commented on games. What did he say. You said you have a lot of horrible right for the players. So the potential to be great love a great love for the player is higher. OK so note that Mayor domus that that that was not either one of us he said and this was Ryan Ryan Giggs documentary Tulsa Soccer Training.

He said it too. They interviewed him which is kind of funny but it just made me think of that night when Ryan Giggs said the same thing or they interview him or.

They interviewed married Donna and married Donna again. And he was talking about how great a player Ryan Giggs was.

He said he was a beautiful dribbler and. And he also talked about the potential of greatness with being left footed. So it’s kind of funny and he’s just kind of like the ongoing joke for me.

But then you laugh at it in your player too but there’s no no no say no love.

No shade being thrown to the right for the players either. That’s right. You got to have right for the players Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yeah. So but you know some of the honors when we go over his honors here he had 13 English Premier League titles for fake cups for football league cups not a FAA community shields two Champions League titles one way for supercup one international cup one FIFA Club World Cup two PFA young player of the year awards. And he’s an English football Hall of Fame. He’s the only Manchester United player to have a winner winners medals from all 13 Premier League title wins.

What does that mean. So that was a lot when the other was the others I was tracking with the but I got lost on that one.

OK. So with with England they used to have just the football association league and then they end up coming in with the Barclays Premier League. And so the Premier League replaced the former league. And so when that new league started he was one of the few players from start to finish from all the titles that menue has won.

While they were in the Premier League he has all 13 titles and that goes back to his extensive career that he had there because so he’s been there for the longevity of all that is what you’re saying. Tulsa Soccer Training That’s correct. Which is going to be rare because nobody’s had that. Does he have a career. That’s right.

I mean you have you have a lot of players that played close to the length of time like David Beckham retired just a few years before him but he didn’t stay at Man U the whole time. So there’s no way he could have you know had 13 Premier League titles. So Ryan Giggs was there like you said the entire time. So he also has the most Premier League appearances with 632 appearances at 632 games.

He has the most Premier League assists with 116 and most UK Champions League assists with 30 tied with Cristiana Ronaldo sound pretty sure Cristiano will surpass him because he’s still playing and he’s got a lot of assists that he gets out there and he’s the only part I’ve played in 22 successive Premier League seasons. He has the most starts for a Manchester United player with seven hundred and ninety four matches and age of 37 years and 243 days old he became the oldest player to score in the Champions League Tulsa Soccer Training.

Wow. So he has so many notable awards and honors because of the length of his career. It’s like he’s a record setting here with the whole you know starting so many times 700 almost 800 matches he started and then how cool to be the oldest player to score in the Champions League. So something about the longevity of staying in one place for a significant amount of time.

Yeah yeah. It’s a wonderful thing. I know my dad told me this years ago a rolling stone gathers no moss. So he has a lot of awards and he developed as a player and he’s successful because he stayed with working in a winning situation for himself. And so when you have that stick it stick it through. Stay with that. So yeah he has several other awards too that I didn’t mention. So you know that’s enough to think about right there.

But there’s still more that you didn’t even cover. Yes. That’s pretty cool so he’s got a pretty sick trophy room at his house sort of like you know some six shelves with the Bellagio a bunch of awards.

Well I think too though he doesn’t really care about the awards he doesn’t look at them. I think if I remember correctly from the documentary like he doesn’t he doesn’t get all up in that. So he’s a very humble person and very private. He does not he doesn’t like that sort of stuff.

Well that’s all somebody still should have a sick. Those sharpies on display some way even if he’s humble which is very respectful you know respectable way to be. I know you like to share a quote. Did you have any that you wanted to share about the Welsh Wizard Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes. There’s two there’s one is talked about him. Del Piero is another superstar from Italy. He talks about him and he says this is embarrassing to say but I have cried twice in my life watching a footballer play the first one was marijuana and the second was Ryan Giggs. Wow. Yes.

So what happened is that you see someone playing so beautifully that it makes you cry. What’s that about.

When you see a beautiful skillful player it brings out a passion of emotion especially when you play the game that just it wraps you up it’s almost like whenever I watch Jackson play and he does something wonderful and because he’s my son and because I’m related to and I seen him grow and nurture it is so beautiful to me that it almost brings tears to my soul when you see a player that does something wonderful and beautiful. And you know how hard it is to do and you understand the passion behind it and how that play overcomes the obstacles were there jumping over the tackles or weaving through players. It just it brings that emotion in you.

So it’s that level of magnificence you know that you’re seeing that level of excellence. And we’re out of time for this episode but I want to encourage you if you are a soccer player if you have children or a child who plays and you want to bring out or develop that excellence in yourself or in your child please contact us today. And we are pride of Tulsa soccer training and we believe in developing soccer players and we can cultivate and create a one on one program for you or your child to help them develop and grow where they are magnificent on the pitch as well. I would encourage you to visit our Web site which is pride Tulsa dot com. Again that’s pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We are proud of Tulsa soccer training we teach character and skill. And if you’re willing to put in the hard work we can get your results guaranteed. We will see you next time