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Tulsa Soccer Training : Mia Hamm

PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 14 – Mia Hamm Part 1 

Hello welcome. Thank you for joining us. We are the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast Tulsa’s. Only soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training Tulsa’s number one program for a personal soccer training and soccer player development. At pride of Tulsa soccer training. We help players grow and develop in their technical and tactical skills. We help them grow in character strength mental fortitude and we help them achieve their goals. Coach O’Neill Bente he is a soccer coach soccer trainer extraordinaire. He’s the founder and CEO of pride soccer training and he is here today to share his insight and strategies information and wisdom about soccer playing and success for soccer players both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training has a wonderful mission and it’s really simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is Episode 14. We are doing a player profile on Mia Hamm O’Neill How are you doing today and what have you got for us with Miss Hamm.

I’m doing very well with Miss Mia miss Mia Hamm. She is a special player to me because earlier I talked about the wonderful thing about soccer is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re fast or slow big or small. It doesn’t matter what gender you are or what race you are. Everybody can play and she is the female player that puts soccer on the map for United States for women in general. She reminds me so much of Pele in that regard where she was just an ambassador for the game and just to give you a little statistics on her is some information she played in two Olympic. She got two Olympic gold medals I was playing to FIFA World Cups actually. She won two World Cups. Excuse me. She had to third place medals for FIFA World Cups and she won four NCAA national championships Tulsa Soccer Training.

You see I love North Carolina. I remember when Mia Hamm was really making a big splash if you will on the scene. And I’m sure like even though it seemed like she just showed up out of nowhere and was suddenly everywhere. I think what people forget about is she had probably been working at her craft in her game for years like more than a decade. And so I just want to point that out. You know when you’re talking about training Mia Hamm explodes on the scene she on the scene she’s having so much success. She’s doing really well. It might seem like it was an overnight success but I’m sure she worked and trained for years on end.

Oh yeah. She was done she had scored 158 goals and she was the all time leading goal scorer out of men and women for her country. And I mean all all countries I’m just saying that she did that for the United States of America and she beat out Pele She beat out all these other star athletes that you know had not scored as many goals that she had. Now just to give you a little information on that she also played in more games but she also had a ton of goals.

It was recently broken by I think it was the Abby Wambach. And then it was broken by a Chinese player at the moment I cannot remember a name but.

But she’s the all time leading goal scorer. She was she was all really cool really cool. And I just love North Carolina now and the Tar Heels. They always just to me and sports have this high standard you know and it’s really impressive to watch. And I think a lot of their success goes back to the work that they put in and the training and development would you would you say that’s true.

Tulsa Soccer Training Oh yes completely true she was known for her her work ethic and how hard she worked. She was technically gifted but that came from her working with the ball constantly. She is very athletic and agile so those were blessings from God above. She was she had exceptional elegance and when she quit when she was dribbling the ball just a beautiful player to watch and she could strike the ball with either foot. And you know the tenacity and the hard working part of her. That’s just who she was. And when we talk about the quotes later on that you’ll hear about her. She talks about hard work and teamwork. So those are those are great things. Some other things that she had to you know to add to her abilities was she was a great passer of the ball and she was versatile. She could play different positions but she was mostly a striker as you can see from 158 goals. She definitely could score a lot of goals and she was consistent and resilient so she could bounce back from anything and played the same way every time she was on the field.

I like. You know they say the eyes are like the windows to the soul. And I feel like anytime I saw her whether it was in print you know a picture in print a poster in print or it was on live TV playing. Maybe they zoomed it girlfriend had the eye of the tiger. She had this intensity I can see it in my mind’s eye right now. She was so focused and it was very clear like she’s like I am here to play. I’m here to dominate. I’m here to bring my best effort and I’m here to win. And you could. When you say you could kind of read that like on her eyes to me you were like I’m a champion and I’ve worked hard and I mean it when this you know Tulsa Soccer Training.

Oh yeah she had it all on you and you said her eyes I was just thinking the same thing. The tiger. I mean she looked like she wanted it and she was going to prove how badly she wanted it. And I loved that about her. She’s just a very wonderful person and she also was humble. I like how she had that ferocity that passion that desire. But she was also humble and in those two things sometimes are hard to find Tulsa Soccer Training.

I have a question about that because obviously she was a hard worker and she trained you know really intensely and worked hard to develop her her craft and her skill and to obtain success. And when you’re talking about being focused and being determined like that seriousness in her eyes I didn’t feel like she was me. It felt like she was mad. I just thought she was focused on her goal. Kitty you speak to how important that is for players today to have that. I mean how much like what significance is that. Is it just enough to train and then just show up and just rely on your skill. Speak speak for a minute about that. Why is it important to have that determination and focus for yourself and your own you know your own makeup and personality.

Tulsa Soccer Training It comes down to like that focus has to have a reason a purpose and it is essential to an athlete to person to have goals and then to be focused on those goals. So for instance when you’re playing in a match and the team of the team is playing that you’re playing against is marking you and it’s very difficult to get by them. But your goal for that season was to score 20 goals and you need to get one more goal today to get that much closer to it. You have to stay focused on what your objective is. And if you don’t you can easily say you know what I don’t want it that badly today is going to go through the motions. I don’t really need to do this. But you have to hold yourself true to your goals and being focused on that is what gets you there.

So your mindset if you will because really it’s an attitude and an ideology that you bring with you everywhere you go and to the game whenever you play is just as important. Would you say is just as important as the training that you’re doing because if I’m training and working hard but I have a crummy mindset I mean that’s not going to serve me well. Would you say it’s your mindset is going to play a major role as well Tulsa Soccer Training.

They work together. You cannot do anything just thinking about it and being ready but and not working on your technique and you can’t just do it with technique alone.

You must have both of them together they work you know.

Connected and connected. You’re welcome. Well obviously at Pride of Tulsa soccer training we helped develop players we develop their mindset we develop their physical ability we can help them with their stamina their tactical awareness their technical abilities and so if you want more information for your soccer player maybe you’re listening and you play you want more information for yourself. Please look us up online. You can look at Pride of Tulsa dot com. I’m sorry that’s pride Tulsa dot com and you can call us at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Our Web site again. I messed that up a little bit. It’s pride Tulsa dot com pride Tulsa dot com or 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Thank you for listening to us and we will see you next time