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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride soccer training, Tulsa number one program for personal soccer, training and soccer player development in this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Neill bent the founder and CEO of Pride soccer training is here To share wisdom, tips, tools inside resources and proven strategies for both success on and off the pitch pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow in progressively develop in both character and soccer. Skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday. Life this is episode. 51. We’Ve been talking about the. What is the toenail the Triumph and we haven’t talked about Italy. It we’re going in order. I should have known you for your order, so we talked about Brazil now we’re talking about Germany. This is part 2. So where did we leave off and what are we going to? We left off that Germany Will Will, just whatever they become whatever they need to become to win the counter attack, or they will have. You know, dominance in the game. They don’t care, they just want to win and they’re characterized by being a hard-working and they’re. Very tenacious, several cups that come from behind to win several games that they played in the come from behind, win there, also known for having overlapping outside backs and even Defenders. Franz beckenbauerhe revolutionize, the game of soccer. By being a liberal, which was a defensive player that came out the back and attacked from defense movement free, a drive-in in America, we called it a sweeper, they would be the last person to fence cover up all the mistakes. Different different cultures have different names for it, but Germany became a member of FIFA in the 1920s and they participated in several World Cups. Before World War 2 took place. They were banned from the 1950 World Cup because of World War II . So they had a everybody kept them out of it because of what happened to there. But I know that they’re, one of the most successful teams in World Cup history they.

They want a lot of games and they usually get to the second round of World Cups. At the very least, so traditionally I like to talk about their their uniforms in traditional is there were important. I remember that you love when it looks sharp and clean and really like certain color combinations. Do you like their uniform setup? My favorite color is a traditional uniform for them and it’s based off of a nineteenth-century flag from Prussia and Germany State back in the day, and their way is a green white, green normally traditionally, but recently they have worn a red black black and I think they’ve Also been seen in like a green black black recently that are in there., But you have some odd balls like Italy. They don’t have blue at all in their flag, Tulsa Soccer Training but yet they were blue. Her nose is Zuri and usually when that happens, another team like that is, is Hall and they were orange, even though their flag colors are red, white and blue. Usually, when you see those odd colors like that, it means that it’s coming from royalty, those the colors of their representing so they’re all. So this is what I found very interesting about. Germany is that both the men’s team and the women’s team have won World Cups. Why do you find that interesting like that rare or like? What do you mean? I think it’s very rare, because usually you have one, that’s really good in the other one’s kind of bad, like US men’s in the US, Women’s women’s US national team, they win stuff. They win the World Cup all the time it seems like, but men can’t even I can’t get to the semis. So it’s it’s usually a tougher situation for the u.s. men and I think Germany is able to repeat their success because they have a solid style of play in the system and techniques that they use to teach player. How to play the game about that, because when you look at a Powerhouse, we talked in our previous podcast. How Germany has that machine that mechanistic, like the style of play, that’s just very well oiled and works. You know almost without fail every single time.

How do you cultivate that sort of teamwork in that sort of ability is this, just through training is at their practice? How how do they, how did they get there and how is that possible for anyone else to achieve if they want to believe it is a pot as possible for everyone to achieve, but I think they have something else going for them: wear their culture, their strong Culture and there’s a strong connection there that they all they all want to come together and win, and they are there very big on understanding technical aspects of the game, so they break it down. They build it back up and then break it down and they figure out what is it that we need to do to win and they do a very good job of that. So I think when you come by in a culture of people that want to succeed together and then you add in the ability to analyze and create systems and techniques, you know, I think that that helps and then also there’s a strong work ethic and and practice And I think that’s a part of their culture to they pass that on from generation to generation, and I think that those three things together, the most important parts of a year thing like that success that ability to be able to flow and move and get those Results, it goes back to your training, your practice, your discipline, your work ethic, those are the things that are really does virtues and what was really encouraging to me about that is that, if, if you’re willing to put in the work than anybody can get the result Is that is that correct? I really do believe that. So that is correct. You know I see where kids, who trained and work hard everyday, they succeed, they do well and all of a sudden there’s. Is there no longer these excuses? Tulsa Soccer Training You know where the referee got in the way or the other team was doing this. Now, all the sudden, it doesn’t matter they are able to get through the difficult situations and put those in the back of the net or stop that Star Striker or do whatever they need to do to win the game. And it’s because they have practice, and they have listened, that they’ve been humble and they listen to good advice and good Technical Training. And they were not to say that, like there are going to be times that you feel like. Maybe a ref is kind of like calling something incorrectly I mean they’re human is subjective, but there’s something to be said when you put in your best effort and you’ve trained so diligently that, like the things are non-issue and whenever I want to watch Germany play when We watch games. I just felt like they were at the mass like this in masterful level of just there.

Above it all, they’re, not concerned about calls going for them or against them, they’re just playing at their highest and best level, and they almost have an air of like we know. We are here to dominate you know, but that goes back to their training. I guess their practice their work that they put in the last World Cup, Germany of the 1990 World Cup that had the same type of air to them and they’re strong Nation. They are a Powerhouse and they’re, always a threat to win the World Cup. You know it up to me, historically speaking to they were one of the teams that was trying to win the Jules rimet trophy they they almost wanted. So it’s amazing to me that are strong history and culture that they had the first and trophy right and when he had to win the three world cup thing that we talked about, that you know earlier all the time. But this is a great discussion of Germany. Part of that triumphant Rio in Brazil was the first one. We covered an hour diving into Germany, just barely scratching the surface here. So I’m sure we’ll talk more about that in our next podcast. We want to thank you guys for listening and for joining us on our organization, which is pride of Tulsa soccer training is topaz number one choice when it comes to one-on-one, coaching, personal soccer, training and soccer player. Development are focuses on developing players with exceptional skill and character, Tulsa Soccer Training so they can achieve their goals, whether it’s to play on their school team or start on their club team. Maybe the goal is to play at a D1 college program to play professionally. I’M just are just to grow in character and skill, whatever the goal. Maybe we can help you and just like we’re talking about Germany today with their skills and abilities at pride of Tulsa soccer train. We have found that we can help players grow and really develop that muscle memory in that ability to be able to perform at a high level consistently and if they’re willing to do the work, we can give them the training and together we can create something very Beautiful and successful, and if you want more information about who we are, we would encourage you to visit us online. Our website is pride. Tulsa.Com again, that’s Pride or you can call us 918-701-0983. We have to get. You started on a customized soccer training regimen. That’S just for you thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time.