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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 27 – My First World Cup – Part 4 –  04-15-17_mixdown.mp3

Hello and thank you for joining us we are the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast and we are brought to you by pride. Soccer training and Tulsa is number one choice when it comes to one on one personal training and coaching and for soccer player development. At pride of Tulsa soccer training. Our goal was to develop players in both character and skill. We loved doing this podcast. We how Coach O’Neill Here he is a coach a soccer player and a soccer trainer and he has been talking to us about his first World Cup 1990 his first World Cup. This is episode 27 and O’Neill you are here with us today again in the studio. How are you doing sir and what have you got for us today.

I’m doing well and I know you’re doing well because I’m watching you here. So I have for us the go quote for the 1990 World Cup and it comes from none other than low thar tell you the captain of the World Cup winning team West Germany. And you know he like I said he’s a formidable opponent and I think he was just a wonderful captain for Germany West Germany and he led them to victory. And this is what he’s talking about his childhood here with this quote and him playing in the streets growing up. So he says we kicked the ball around with anybody wherever and whenever we could together with ambition inclination and sheer will. Tulsa Soccer Training  I took the things I learned there all the way to the top. So that to me is huge. You know because he’s talking about what he learned just by playing on the street with his friends and you know just his determination and the things that he was inclined to do things he was good at you know dribbling and shooting and he just took things that he learned there and brought it with him all the way to the top and that just comes from having a strong work ethic and a strong culture around him and that he’s also you know technically he he was strong but that takes years upon years of perfecting. And he also had vision and tactical awareness so he was very good and that’s something that a lot of people may not know about. He’s very versatile. And so one World Cup he’s playing defensive center mid the next World Cup he’s attacking the Third World Cup.

He’s playing sweeper in the defense playing as a center back. So you know and he played he actually played in four World Cups which is very actually sorry. Tulsa Soccer Training I think it’s five World Cups which is remarkable. Wow. So he had done something that very few players had done.

So OK I have so many great questions for you about everything that you said when I was thinking about this goat quote and how he’s saying you know he had the ambition and he had the sheer will he had the inclination. That sounds to me. And couple that with just kicking the ball around. That sounds to me like training and developing and just really focusing on growing in your craft. Can you speak to that. Like what is the important job and maybe you know people don’t maybe in our culture today just jump in the street and start playing you know soccer. But what does that look like for someone today. How do you develop in your skills how do you kick a ball around any where. What does that look like for us today right Neal.

For right now in our culture and what we have going on it looks like getting a private trainer to train your child into to supplement their time when they’re practicing with their team because they need someone to give them individual training and give them a tailored made program for themselves and that pride of tells us soccer training we do that for players we teach them we first look at what they’re able to do and how they’re able to play the game and what their strengths are and then we tailor you know our program to what they need to develop as a player. So if you have a player that comes in they can shoot they do that well but they don’t dribble so well. We focus still on the shooting but we also cover a lot more dribbling so that they master that as well and we work on all the technical areas of the field. Tulsa Soccer Training Then we also start to add on to that tactical awareness. So what do they do in a certain situation and what how did they how do they handle that. And then the third thing that we really focus on is their character like what are they going to be like when there’s pressure. When someone says something to them that they don’t like how are they going to handle that. How are they going to handle it when their team is losing. How do they handle it when the team is winning all these different things that come on when you’re playing at a high level and there’s passion and there’s adrenaline and there’s drive. How do you keep your temperament.

Whenever you’re out there on the field in the heat of the moment.

So that’s really good. And you know if you’re listening in the parent and you’re raising children you know these character skills these lessons where your child can develop. Those are things that will serve you throughout life. And what I love about when you’re explaining kind of that the drive and the ambition and what you offer at Pride of Tulsa soccer training. What I like about that O’Neal is that every time this lot Mateus is talking about hey we got together we kicked the ball around. I’m sure those kids were improving every time. That’s that. That was like their own kind of training session for that time and that generation where every time you’re touching the ball and you tell me if this is true or not you should be improving. Maybe you last time you couldn’t do a move and so this time you’re going to try to perfect that move. I mean is there truth to that that every time you get out there and practice and touch a ball you are going to grow exponentially over someone who’s not touching the ball at that time. Is that true.

That’s very true. You know it’s it’s one of the things you’re out there playing and you can even see a player better than you and they do something like Wow I have to learn how to do that. You know I can remember going to ODP camp and this player showed me this he’ll to move and I was like how what how did you do that. And so I remember practicing the move in in the dorm rooms when we had free time. I would just be working on that move over and over again and start off very awkward and then eventually I could do it with my left foot and then I tried it with my right and I could do it. All right. So it’s the same sort of thing. You you get information from those around you and then you start working on that ball over and over and over again you Master certain things and you find things that are your natural inclination to do. Some people love dribbling some people are shooting some people love heading some people you know love defending So there’s so many different things that there are and there’s so many variations. Some people like a variety of things. Being versatile. So it’s it’s just a wonderful thing to see and to pick up. And yes touching that ball as much as you possibly can will make you better exponentially. Tulsa Soccer Training I can speak to that. Another way is where I grew up. I didn’t have a lot of people to play in the streets with where I grew up.

But my uncle came and we were trained together and I worked hard with him for several years and I found that I started to get better and better and better than players that were stronger than me initially. So it was just one of those things that I can definitely relate to. I’ve seen it in my life. I have seen it in other people’s lives and I know how to make that happen. For children who want it that’s great.

When you were talking about Domitius you said he was a really versatile player. I love how you discussed all the different positions that he could play like you see him. One game he’s you know disposition next game is in a different position. How does that why does that matter. And how does that tie into training and developing as a soccer player like how does someone how does he get like that. Why is that important to be able to be versatile and just speak to that like how would that affect someone playing soccer today or a parent you know someone who has a child playing Tulsa Soccer Training.

Well it’s very important because being versatile happens because you have technical ability and technical awareness or mental fortitude to do certain things. So you can have the discipline to defend and mark someone out of a game for 90 minutes or you can go and play on the wing and take people on or you could play the center midfielder and you know distribute the ball we can push forward and score goals. So you can even go as far as a field goal to play goalie if they had to go he got hurt in the field player has to go play go. So being versatile can virtually ensure your position on a team and give you playing minutes when you wouldn’t normally. And so I can remember in college I went from playing left wing to left back back to the left wing again. Then two defensive center moved and I could play all of those positions and I got a lot of playing time in college because of that because I was versatile because sometimes you have a player that could be just as good as you but they can’t play anywhere else. And so they move you to a place where you can help the team because they don’t have anybody else to play there. Or you could be better than a player and do everybody and you get to stay there or you have this just straight up better than you are. So you had to find a new new role.

So there’s so many variations to it but it all comes from being able to to read the game well to also have the tactical awareness of what to do and to and when to do it. And then the technical ability to have sharp skills and be able to use them in the right way at the right time.

And I think you know from all of that being versatile probably is only going to be an asset to you you know that’s right. Right. Well I know this is our last installment of your first World Cup in 1990. What else do you want to share. I know we’re kind of just a little bit more time left.

What else did you have to share with us today about your first role in 1990 this first World Cup the things I loved about it is it just room. I just remember the excitement I felt the anticipation of the tournament and the newness of soccer to me at that time. It’s like I’ve got a new toy and now I get to play with it for a whole month and a half wild eyed with wonder and amazement. You know it’s just wonderful to see that in front of me. Nice What else. And the significance of it to me was West Germany winning their third World Cup which made them tie with Brazil and Italy for you know the top team in the world who has won most world cups of all time. And so that to me was the significance of that World Cup.

Tulsa Soccer Training So in 1998 it was a three way tie with Germany winning that kind of put them on the map as far as World Cups won and so they tied with Brazil Italy and Germany. That’s great. Nice. Did you have anything else before we wrap up that you wanted to share today.

Yeah just in order to become a great soccer player not only do you have to practice technique but you must also learn to be a student of the game to actually watch the game. Study it you know breathe it it’s got to be a part of you.

And that’s one thing I can say about you I can vouch for you with that that you as long as I know Neal and I’m sure from before I know you you are someone who studies the guy and you’re very passionate about being a student of the game. So I can vouch for that.

Thank you. Here we go. And the pride of total soccer chant we teach students teach players how to be students of the game and to make them better technically and tactically with proven methods that help them to achieve their goals so that’s it.

Yeah. Thank you for joining us today and please look us up online if you want more information. You can check us out at Pride Tulsa dot com. You can also give us a phone call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training teaching both character and soccer skill. We can develop your player and guarantee results if you are willing to put in the work. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to being with you next time