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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 42 – Zinedine Zidane – Part 6 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training Tulsa’s number one program for soccer and training development and soccer player development and this podcast we are talking as always with soccer coach and personal soccer trainer O’Neill bet he is the founder and the CEO of pride soccer training and he is going to share insight wisdom tools tips strategies and we will discuss player profiles as well. All in the effort to help you grow in your skill and your character and to obtain success both on and off the soccer pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training has a very effective yet simple mission. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players to achieve their personal goals so that they can win in everyday life and on the soccer pitch. This is Episode 42. It’s part six of our play your profile on Xenophanes. Don also known as Zazu and I told you guys when we started this is one of O’Neals all time favorite players one of his top five. He’s really passionate about this guy. So O’Neal How are you doing and where are we starting today. And that he did on.

Doing well thank you. So we covered that there in the World Cup final 19 or in 2006 and Zidane steps up takes his beautiful Piquet were chips it hits the bone crossbar goes on. So they’re playing Italy in Italy there’s incident I can’t remember if Italy actually scored twice before this happens or after but they do end up tying the game right. But at some point there’s a Italian player by the name of Marco Matarazzo.

And he basically says something to Don and nobody knows what it is to know day right.

Yeah. People say certain things and you know I’ve heard so many different things. No one knows. No one really knows for sure only Marco and Zaun really know Tulsa Soccer Training.

So you know I heard this one thing I kind of mentioned where the dog is playing and he says to Matarazzo he says to him like he’s pulling a shirt or something he says hey don’t worry about it after the game I’ll give you my shirt. And so you know it’s just kind of like it’s it’s funny but it’s also arrogant and I think it kind of stirs up some problems between the two of them.

And was that before or after this for the head. So they just maybe even talking trash back and forth and see this is the thing is like you have to know who you’re dealing with because some people like our habitual line steppers they just keep upping it and upping it. So it’s like maybe the Don said something that Mark said something and then it just like culminates in the I guess Marco either says something about his mom or sister or something.

We don’t know. We don’t know. That’s what I’ve heard so.

Tulsa Soccer Training So Don steps away you see him walk away a few yards and he’s like nah. And I see him turn and he goes back and he head butts Marco in the chest and Michael flops and falls like a you know like a rag doll in a field.

But he had but had him like this. Yes. It was a hard hit though. I’m sure all of you soccer players you included my husband included. You guys have the dramatic falls you know that’s part of it. I would always say they lay on the ground and roll around and thrash around in like you know. But but yeah he got straight up head. By that I mean it was not like a nudge on the head but full on.

It’s full on. So that was marred that marred that World Cup for France and so France done it. It’s caught by the fourth official of the you know there’s a line minutes or one out there just in case someone gets hurt. You can go in and be the next ref in line.

So he actually sees the incident and they give Zidane a red card and leaves the field he’s crying. You know the country in France feels it and they end up losing in penalty kicks to Italy and Italy once more the World Cup.

I remember that too because all the momentum all the energy in the wind was like going it was all in France’s favor you know. And I mean Italy was like very formidable. But you know it seemed like France was winning. And that just it’s like taking all the air out of a balloon quickly. Yeah it just deflated everything. And I remember at this time we were at 18 and uncle Bowes watching right. That’s right. That’s right. And we were having a great time and we got into it because we were all discussing like what happened didn’t why did he do that and what did you know this player Marko’s say to him Matarazzo. Is that right. Yes my brother Matarazzo What do you say to him. And you and I because you were like defending him you like listen sometimes you’ve got to do what you got to do Tulsa Soccer Training.

That’s not what you say. Really basically is.

And I was like no like his Dean is going to lose. Now what are your thoughts. I mean now to then what do you have to say about all that because we all discussed it like at Nadi and probably I was biased.

I loved Zadan and I wanted to make a way to make it right. Yes that’s the answer to that question you know. Yes.

I wanted to find a way to make him right and he was wrong for what he did because it just wrecked his team. And yeah you know you can like the honor you know of him you know wanted to protect his mom and sister in that thing.

But but they weren’t in danger they weren’t exactly danger. So we got to get what he said. We’re not on the field being like hurt him any way. Yeah that player just had no way to like games. He was the one way.

Tulsa Soccer Training And when you realized as a player that’s the one way someone can get to you. I feel like you have to have the maturity to come to training and yeah you have to like let it go for that moment because there’s so much greater things you could do if he had finished or he’d be gone down as winning two World Cups being one of the best players to play the World Cup. He would definitely be above Kroy at this point. And in my opinion and then his country would have won another one. You had players like Lilium Thuram who are crying. I remember seeing them cry after the game. Like how could he do this.

He was trying too. I mean it was very obvious like to me watching He was crying like he immediately knew I just lost this. You know what I’m saying. Like I lost this you know. So you said other players were crying.

I just remember I remember seeing that Don with his bald head he’s walking down the steps he’s undoing his the captain’s armband and he’s just it’s just like this terrible feeling a sinking feeling I remember and like I was about to watch you make history and you made history in the wrong way.

And I think that’s the thing for me that is sad about it because that’s what everybody will talk about. Did any I mean it’s almost like the head butt overshadows almost your career. Yeah.

You know for people who don’t watch a sport I would say for sure. Yeah. You know for everybody who does like you know I think they forget they forgave him the country as a whole forgave him because he went on an interview in France and I really if you like Zidane I feel like France. I suggest you watch the movie the documentary called The Blue because it explains a lot of the stuff in the of the culture and what happened at that time.

What did he do in his press conference.

Well he just talked about like what happened. And you know I you know his feelings his emotion behind it and he hadn’t he admitted that it wasn’t right but he said some things you just can’t let let them go by Tulsa Soccer Training.

And so it’s an all he’s sorry not sorry sorry but not sorry.

And you know I just keep seeing greatness in a thin line between greatness and craziness. I just keep seeing and it can happen to anybody any time they have shown me those emotions in check and I really think the only way you can do that is through your faith and through understanding of how to read direct that emotion into something positive and not get sucked up in negativity.

And I think too like when you do make a mistake like to learn from it and grow from I didn’t let it make you better. Honestly Exactly. Now this had. But there were some things you told me that happened after. Right. Like. So there’s lots to the head.

Tulsa Soccer Training But yeah there’s like parodies of it everywhere and you know there’s that’s you. So. So for instance Family Guy made a parody of it and one of the episodes where I guess Private Ryan needs to be saved. And it comes in the headbutts the the person in pop culture. So then there’s a statue of him headbutting Materazzi in Algeria. And so this is there’s a magazine called The Lead they keep which I believe means the team in French but this is what the what was quoted and says you know by the by the paper what what should we tell our children for whom you have become an example forever. How could that happen to a man like you.

That was what was in the paper or in the paper magazine the next day.

What about the head. How could that happen.

How could that happen to our children. You know cause you’ve been like a role model to everybody and now you’ve done something like this and it’s crazy. So we saw a little bit of craziness. So you know we started in 1998 when he steps on someone there was also time when he’s playing for you as he steps on another person then he comes here and he does his head but there’s there’s this part that is out of control and there’s a part that you know you can be allowed to take over his life in that second those few seconds which is not like the sum of your life.

No. It’s a moment. Right. Exactly. It’s not like he’s out here getting back and headbutting people and living his life in a reckless way. We’re all human. We all have those moments. On any given day you lose your temper. You acted appropriately. You know sometimes too I think we expect perfection from people and it’s just not possible and it’s sad that it happened at such a pivotal moment. I mean obviously that’s not when you want it to happen you know. But it did. And you know it is what it is Tulsa Soccer Training.

So and you’re exactly right. You know I think not making people a hero is what you need to do.

And this is like respecting them but just knowing that they are human. You know what I mean like they’re human so.

Exactly exactly. This is a quote that he had that he said Sometimes words are harder than blows that to me it just reminds me of that in some instance with him and moderates.

Yeah. Well we are out of time. And I think you used to have more that we’re going to talk about. Yes sure do. I told you guys you love does it on so we’ll be back in our next episode. We will continue talking about him. And we’re we’re on though the wind down part so we’re going to start winding up with the dawn. And if you want more information about pride of Tulsa soccer training and please look us up online. Our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com. Again our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com or you can call us to get more information. Our phone number is 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Thank you so much for listening and we’ll see you in the next episode.