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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast. This podcast is brought to you by Pride soccer training. You can visit us online at Pride or you can call us today at 918-701-0983. We are tells his number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training and soccer player development in this podcast coach O’Neill, who is the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer training, is here to share from his experience as a coach and a soccer trainer. He will give tips about you know: soccer training, he’ll, give you some inside and we’ll discuss some of the most prolific and Powerhouse players and teams when it comes to soccer. So when you tune into the pride of Tulsa soccer training, podcast you’re, going to learn great things that are going to help you grow pride of Tulsa soccer trainings mission is simpletheir. Goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop when it comes to their character. In their skill, pride of Tulsa soccer training is here to help soccer players achieve their personal soccer goals, so they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 54 O’Neal. What are we talking about today? The trauma Trio and we’re talking about Germany, Germany, but we’re almost done so many good things to say about them. I’M sure we’ll be the same way with Italy and Brazil. We were we were that way with Brazil. Tulsa Soccer Training One point you know it helps you to appreciate Beauty from other places have been about learning from other people. I mean it ever since I’ve known you, I’ve always known you to like diligently study the game, and I just think man if we applied those same principles in that same sort of a philosophy, you know learning from the best applying it to your life and that’s, What’S so great about what we do at Pride soccer training is that we take all of this information and distill it for you and help you go. You know how long your past is accept, so so Germany, what do you want to tell us first about these guys, possibly the most successful team in World Cup history, and what I mean by this is, if you look outside of them, just winning the tournament.

Looking at where they placed in the tournament over time, but you’re looking at both you’re looking at, when are you and play phone placement you’re, making it true that final round of semis or whatever yeah you always see them there a contender, but I will call them and Also, they have the most semi final appearances with 13. So no other team has had that many semifinal Up Appearances and that when it’s like they’ve gotten it down for like two games and then whoever wins game a and game b day going to the finals. For the 3rd place game about Germany to for every World Cup tournament that they entered in, they have actually made it to the tournament. So I remember what we talked about 19pretty when they weren’t able to make the first woke up with that. I didn’t actually enter it because I couldn’t afford it, so she entered saying: hey we’re going to actually try to make the World Cup Tournament they’ve actually made it so it 1930 when I said when they couldn’t afford it. 20 * there’s plenty times when countries don’t make it when I try to to make it to the World Cup, and I’m talking about the final Tournament of 32 teams. How do you not make it? I mean? I don’t understand welders qualification games that you have to play like in your region like us has concacaf, so they have to play in that the way it started yet I always hit the World Cup is not just like everybody in the world show up not like That, no, I meant you don’t mean the final game in the World Cup. You just need to get to the World Cup entered into they’ve, also the one of European Championship three times and have been runners-up three times as well, and I qualified for all. But one European championship tournament, which northern European team has achieved, so they are a solid team, solid foundation.

They they have it down and some of the players I like to talk about the Stars cuz. I would love to analyze it at the individual level. That’S why that’s really important, because the I think, when you’re training to be a part of the soccer team, you you are any team really. You are part of this Collective, but what makes you strong and makes the team the collective strong is your ability of an individual to be bananas and controlled and skilled and highly trained right. I couldn’t say it better myself. You know they talk about chains and links in the chain and if you are the weak link the chain breaks. But if your Technique is strong and sound and you understand the Tactical side of game you can you bring another level to your team and you strengthen your team. So that’s that’s really the problem with teams when they’re trying to in the World Cup there are only as strong as the weakest link. Let’S say, their star player gets hurt. What happens when they put the next player in? Are they just as good or do they drop down? So that is the hardest part to have a team that so deep with so many players are technically gifted and skillful and that have that work ethic that is hard to come by that World Cup level and whether you know maybe you’re not in the World Cup. Yet if you’re listening, maybe one day you will be here, maybe it’s your state, you know championships or your college. Tulsa Soccer Training You know final really when you are at that high level of playing – and you tell me if you agree with this or not, but I think at that moment you are fully vulnerable and exposed, so your weaknesses are going to be exploited. You don’t mean you, you want to capitalize on your strengths, but it’s also like any of your weaknesses, are going to be just fully like taking advantage of by your. You know. This is so true, emotionally even there’s so many strengths and weaknesses. I did what you said right. There reminds me of this. Conversation actually had last night about players that are older, older players, and that you were talking to somebody I used to try to Jackson was giving me a hard time too. But so we talked about players that are older and past their Prime physically, and how many times there are better players because they have that that they don’t have as much physical ability and so that’s actually because they think more and they’re smarter. And I have the technical ability to do the things that they want to do, even though physically they may not be as fast or as strong as they were before that practice time.

All the training that you put in all the work. You have that muscle memory that you can still pull from in Reliance Oktoberfest My World Cup every year, but I was like living buddy. We got to do this, you can fall back on that technique and it’s never going to fail. You, if you put the time in to developing house, play to get some kids, maybe 8 to 10 years younger than me, and they didn’t know it because you know I had the technique. I can hold my own and physically. I was fast still, but not as fast as I was, and not as strong as I was and didn’t have as much stamina, but I did have the technical ability in an awareness and tactical intelligence to be able to play the game at a high level. Even though I was older and make that for that help you do at pride of Tulsa soccer training. We want to help you grow in your skill and develop in your technical ability, so you can play at a high caliber air quality level and be a contender on the pitch. So as always, we want to thank you for joining us word. Tulsa is only soccer training podcast and if you want to develop in your soccer skill, you need to sign up for your free training session today. You can call us at 918-701-0983 to get scheduled or you can sign up online at Pride We would love a chance to work with you to help you develop tactical awareness and I’m develop that muscle memory. That’S going to starve you for years to come. Thank you for joining us. We’Ll see you next time.