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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 25 – My First World Cup – Part 2 

Hello and thank you for joining us for the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast it’s brought to you by pride Tulsa dot com. We are pride of Tulsa. We offer soccer training and one on one development for soccer players. Today I am joined with Coach O’Neal bent. He is a passionate soccer coach and a private and personal trainer for soccer players. O’Neal How are you doing today. Reverend I’m doing well you. I’m doing great. Thank you. We have been talking about doing a little podcast series on your favorite World Cup favorite World Cups. I know you want you have more than one. He told me off air. So I wanted to make sure I said that right is more than one. But this particular one is his first World Cup that we’re talking about. This is the World Cup from 1990 an episode 24 we started talking about it we’re back in episode 25 to talk about O’Neill’s first World Cup in 1990. We ended last time you were talking about Gaza. Am I saying that right. That’s right. I’d gotten his second whirl is his second yellow card. It’s a second World Cup his second yellow card. Where did you want to pick up. Today we’re talking about 1990 World Cup correct.

Yes. So I want to pick up with Holland Oh one of my all time favorite so I started to learn about them too.

Around this time.  Tulsa Soccer Training And just to give a little history. Holland had just won 19 88 European Championships. So they were Europe’s number one team at that moment and they were in the World Cup but they were they weren’t doing that well. They had some injuries their best player root hole it was struggling with injury. He had a hamstring issue and I think the best in their star striker was recovering from an ankle injury that has the cool hair yes dreadlocks did anyway.

I think he’s got him off now.

But he did so he was the most of all soccer players out there ever to play the game he’s the most recognizable soccer player you could ever see because you just saw his his dreads flowing it was like a lie and you don’t fall. And I loved it the way he wore it. If I could do dreads I mean I could but if I would have the patience to do it I would have it just like him. So

we play for Holland and he said they were all they had a lot of struggles that they were facing at that time.

Yes. So they come up they make it into the second round in a play in Germany and it is a battle and there’s two red cards that happened in the game. Both teams are playing with 10 men and I believe Germany wins two to one. So it’s just a very fantastic game. And Germany got the better of Holland in that game. So. But just getting to see them plug it in to see how they move the ball. It was great for me to get to see so and then there was Italy. Italy had passion. They were playing on their home soil. So they were playing some of the best soccer that you could possibly see. And to give you a little history at this time in the world Italy had three World Cup trophies. Yes they had three World Cups. And Germany had to Brazil had three so those were the top three teams in the world at that time when it comes to the historical part of who has won. How many World Cups.

Italy Germany and Brazil. OK. Is that still the case now Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes they’re all up there still. So historically speaking those are your three strongest teams in the history of the game. So you have one team that’s very flashy and flamboyant and skillful colorful beautiful to watch.

Who is that Brazil. And then you have another one which is German which is like a machine like they get down to a science perfected the art.

Just wow. Yes engineer. It’s like engineering.

That’s right. That’s right. They understand how they’re going to do things. And they’re currently they’re currently the world champs. So and they they’re just a phenomenal team and country and culture to watch just like Brazil is. And then you have Italy and Italy all the way to me. They come in like no matter what is going to happen. They’re going to fight you to the end.

Tulsa Soccer Training And with the love and passion and tenacity and intensity they they’re coming in with the heart they’re bringing.

And so they have that and they’re also very defensive minded normally speaking so they do a lot of counterattacking and they’re just just kind of like the opposite of Brazil when it comes to how they play the game. But they’re just as effective and efficient and skillful.

So it’s fun to see that you know those three that bit like Italy too they can almost like kind of deconstruct or like interrupt or just like disrupt you know what someone is doing because they have this strong technical skill but then they have all this passion in this heart too and that may be a future podcast talking about those three superpowers of soccer and just kind of analyzing you know their the teams the coaches the historical aspect and the countries. I think you’re on to something there. I think you are on to something. But for now back to your first World Cup in 1990 say you talked about some of the struggles Hollande was going through. What else did you want to share with us today Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes Italy they had some stars like Roberto Baggio and and total Schillaci which I’ll get to hear in a second is I’m going to talk about the stars but they end up making it to the semifinals as well and they lose to Argentina if I’m not mistaken. So they end up playing for third place trophy against England and they beat England to get third place in their home country. Wow. So yes. So they are a very fun team to watch. I like them. I remember liking them a lot. And then there was Cameroon and they’re the the top African team at that time and they made it to the second round. They actually beat Argentina in the first game in Argentina was the defending champs.

They beat Maracana in Argentina and wound upset in the same island. So they call them the Cinderella team.

I remember and they had this one player Roger Miller who he was one of the oldest players to play and he would score goals like boom he go in for 10 minutes and score. You go on for 15 minutes the score. Tulsa Soccer Training And so he was a wonderful player.

Roger Me Roger Me. Ok I have a question about that. People who come in and do that. That’s always been so intriguing and dynamic to me like how you can just come on the field for 10 minutes and score what is what is that how does that happen.

Well I think it’s that they have a vision or understanding of the tactical parts around them. They also have a strong technical ability and an eye for the goal. I mean there are these things that you have to develop and train and you have to work on all the time and that’s what these players are. They had someone to mentor them and to do that and you know pride soccer training we are able to help players achieve those same things and to find the talent that’s within them and to steer them in the right direction. So you had you had players like that who have that technical ability that they learned over the years and then they’re able to read the game as well Tulsa Soccer Training.

And so like with Roger Me all of that coaches saying hey I’m putting you in for 10 minutes I need to go. Yeah that’s that’s the whole talk there. And he was coming in late and the team was everyone knows what we’re doing.

Yeah to me like strikers are like great salesmen. They don’t care how many times they missed. They don’t care how many they’re going to put it away eventually and they’re going to they’re going to celebrate. And I love that about strikers because to me you get the ball the least amount of time on the field and you’re expected to do the most with it. And it is to me a type of pressure that is a wonderful thing to see someone overcome. And I think they’re exceptional people.

Right. OK so we’re talking still with pride of Tulsa soccer trainings the number one player trainer and coach O’Neal bent about his first World Cup in 1990. So did you have anything more about any specific teams you want to talk about stars. I know you mention that earlier where do you want to go next.

Yeah I want to talk about two other teams that will hit the stars here in just a second but Argentina dismantled Brazil by beating them.

I should say the sadness in his eyes. Now I did talk about this earlier so I want to talk about the game so simmer down. You know it was just me. I

know I don’t want to like the your pain but was it just me or Donna. Was it the team itself. Like what. What would you say happened then.

I feel like Argentina held on and they they disrupted the game. You know they’re able to dodge some good karma good attacks from Brazil but when it mattered most Maradona delivered and he chipped this beautiful ball over the top to can he’s you can use your runs on and hits it either half volley or a full volley and just burns past that goalkeeper and then I’m just like him. And at that moment you knew it was over because Argentina already weathered the storm the whole match and it was hard for Brazil to get a goal so at that moment you knew the game was over. And I think it’s one of those things just don’t have that mindset that will overcome and his players around him they have to be given credit to because they worked hard and they defended and they did all the dirty work. And you know it’s just one of those things. Every team has their own strategy and way of playing. They had theirs that day and won the next team was West Germany. They were a powerhouse at this time right. Led by Lothar Mateus. And I will get to him in a few minutes but he Germany sorry they defeated Argentina in the finals by one penalty kick. And so Juergen Klinsmann who was the former U.S. national team was on the team at that time she was playing. Yes he was when he won his World Cup now. So it’s pretty it’s pretty interesting to know what was going on.

Well we are almost out of time. I know you still have stars that you want to talk about. So we’ll have to come back for episode 26 and discuss those stars. I want to thank you all for listening and joining us for that. Pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast. If you want more information about pride of Tulsa soccer training who we are what we do we would encourage you to visit us online today and look us up at Pride Tulsa dot com if you’d like to talk with someone or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We will see you next time.