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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 30 – Thierry Henry – Part 1 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast it is brought to you by pride of Tulsa soccer training. We are the number one choice in Tulsa for developing as a soccer player. We give you the tools that you need to succeed both on and off the pitch. We are joined as always with O’Neal bit. He is a soccer player a soccer coach and a one on one personal trainer and developer of soccer players. How’re you doing today. O’Neill doing well and you. I’m doing great. And today we are covering episode 30 Terry honoree. And I know you love this guy. You should see his eyes they’re like lighting up. You really really respect him as a player. And we’ve seen him play and we get to see him playing. Yes it was his. Yes. Yeah. So what do you want to talk about Mr. Terry. I always laugh because his last name even though it’s pronounced Henri it looks like Henry and we are. All right. He’s like really is has he fancies. Terry N-rays you call him Henry.

So what do you want to share today about Terry honoring Harry Reid read this guy he just mixes intelligence with class with skill with understanding and passion.

He to me he is a total player and I love that about him very versatile Tulsa Soccer Training .

But I mean he has an understanding about things that is uncanny. I think his intelligence is his gifting. And you know he does have amazing pace. That’s a good thing as well. But the way he has worked on his intelligence and his gifting his technical ability and his physical ability I think it’s phenomenal. And he is inspiring is a very inspirational person. So does that start off with when he was born his father said that he was going to be a great football player. That’s what you said.

His dad said that’s when he was born.

Yes. Tulsa Soccer Training  When he was born. Wow. That about him. And so you grew up with that in his mind that he’s going to do to live up to what his dad said.

I think there’s something really crucial there because if you look up self-fulfilling prophecy the words you are saying about yourself the things you think about yourself. Words and thoughts have power and they are developing and shaping your reality and some people might hear that and think oh that sounds woo woo. And it is a little woo woo. But it’s true. And so I just want to say that because you know if parents are listening what you’re saying like your child is listening they’re hearing that they’re taking that and those words are going out into the atmosphere they’re creating the reality. And I know we both seen it just with our background with you coaching. I’ve worked with kids before and I just want to make sure parents know hey you are your words really matter because you know sometimes you can say something and it might be a little negative. And that shapes their reality and how powerful is it that his father spoke something very positive over him and that it came true Tulsa Soccer Training .

Yeah it’s very true. You know when you when you look at his background he he grew up in a rough part of town but he had strong people around him. And so he would play in the streets and he’d play soccer and develop his skills and at a young age he was always in the top of his class at different things and he went to this organization where they take maybe one out of 60 players will get this top spot and he was the one player out of that 60 that got you know the top spot and to actually play with the youth national team and then to play with the full national team. He he actually started for the men’s national team in 1998 at the age of 20. Wow. So this is a huge deal.

And why is that a huge deal Tulsa Soccer Training .

Because usually a player just to get to play for a national team. You know of all ages and everything a player usually is getting more mature when they’re like 23 24. To bring in a 20 year old who’s you know one year out of being a teenager and to have them play at the world stage for the World Cup title against seasoned veterans who are out there some of them are 30 years 35 Some of them and 28 in their prime and he’s 20 playing at that level. That says a lot about his maturity his versatility his technical ability his tactical awareness all these things that he had to go and develop at a club somewhere and had trainers that worked with him over and over and over again. So for him to do that at such a young age is remarkable.

Tulsa Soccer Training  And it’s not just you you saying it’s not just him training it’s that he’s starting he’s playing he’s holding his own on the field in a real game like he’s doing it.

Yes he was France leading goal at the age of 20 in the World Cup with three goals. When they wanted when he won the World Cup at 20 years of age. Wow.

And that was the Don and all these other great French players around him. So Lilium to all these players that they’re just magical in my opinion. But so he played in three World Cups for the French national team. He was the top scorer for his country of all time with 51 goals. So he beat Michel Platini which is one of the greats in the past. Tulsa Soccer Training  Before the dawn he was the greatest French player of all time and he also has.

So what Platini was the first. Is that what you’re saying like he was this well known French player. Yes in the 70s and 80s held that title then the Don came along and became the best French player of all time.

So and TR And he also has 123 caps so he has 51 goals and 123 caps is a strong statement that he’s saying there. And like I said before he won the World Cup at the age of 20 and he was the leading goal scorer with three goals so very impressive statistics on him and he also won the European champs unship two years later. So at 22 he also had not only a World Cup medal but a European Championship medal. He grew up playing a plate at Monaco that was his first club and he there he played for arsène Wenger Tulsa Soccer Training .

Wow. Source of anger was the coach of that time at Monaco Monaco and so he of development at that time he was a winger more so.

And so after the World Cup he had some success and he went to yentas and played there but he was struggling. He was having a rough time and just really didn’t fit in. And Arsene Wenger was saying to him hey you should come play for me at Arsenal. At that time he moved to Arsenal and he’s like yeah I’d love to do that. And so I said I wanted to play striker for me and Henri is like I don’t score goals. How can I be your striker.

He said I will train you do what I tell you to do and you will go and score goals. And he’s like OK.

And he became Arsenal’s all time leading goal score with 174 goals. He also was their captain and he was a part of the Invincibles which is the team that never the Arsenal team never lost a game and only the Invincibles Tulsa Soccer Training .

I love that. And how neat is that. And we talked about you know coaches and some of our previous podcasts and we talked about our saying what a nurturing philosophy there and what a champion for a like player encouragement and development and to be able to see that vision for Terri Annmarie and know you can be a striker. And I’m going to teach you and show you what to do. If you do what I say this all work out that really like touches my heart because as a parent you know you want that for your child you want that for yourself. And I just I don’t know what do you think about I just think that’s really beautiful.

I think having a nurturing environment is so important because as a child when you are trying new things and you’re learning you want someone to say hey it’s OK you failed. Get up. Let’s do it again. And you need that more and more times. And I I try to do that for my players that I coach and for the kids I train. I do that I encourage them. I say hey you’re going to trust me on this. You’re going to do this you’re going to master it we’re going to work on it. And once you get it it’s going to lift your game. And they do it and it lifts their game and they say Wow. That’s amazing. You know like I’ll give an example my son I trained him you know and I said hey you’re going to go in the back yard you’re going to hit 100 shots and you’re not going to stop do you.

So what did he say did he say 100 shots. What was his hundred shots Tulsa Soccer Training .

Yeah 100 shots so go do it. And so he went on back yard he hit 100. And I could see by the time he was half way down his shots were improving drastically and this is in just one hour of work right. So he goes out there and he hits these shots and he’s working on his technique. And then we have a game and he says Daddy I want to take the free kick is a free kick that we had is they can take it. And I saw at this point because I told him until you work on your technical ability you’re not taking any free kicks. Don’t ask me to do it because I have other kids that are working on it and they’re hitting them. And so finally he came up and he said you know what I want to hit this one.

And I said OK go do it. And he put it away.

And he told me about that later because he said I could tell a difference after I trained and worked on those balls like strike. He told me that he said I could tell a difference in my game you know he told me that later I didn’t know the whole story till now but he told me that. Yeah.

Tulsa Soccer Training  So to me that right there was a testament to hard work and working on your technique and doing the right things. And you know pride also soccer training. That’s what we do. We teach kids how to do the things we give them the faith and the encouragement and we told them hey you may not believe this at this moment but I’m going to believe it for you. And you’re going to do it and when you’re successful at it you can come back and say hey you right coach and I don’t really care about being right.

I just want them to get that accomplishment for themselves so that’s really what the what is the most important thing.

Well that is a wonderful time. I want to thank you guys for joining us and for listening to the Tulsa soccer training podcast. Just like O’Neill said at Pride of Tulsa soccer training we can help your player mature and become versatile and technically sound and tactically aware we can help them grow and develop and hit their soccer goals and have just like Terry on that class that intelligence that poise and that impressive display on the pitch where they can perform as a total player. And we still got more for you with Terry on race so we hope you will join us for episode 31. We will see you soon.