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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 29 – Ryan Giggs – The Welsh Wizard – Part 2 

Hello and thank you for joining us we are pride of Tulsa soccer training and this is our podcast where we love to discuss soccer tips soccer stories we give you tools and information to help you or your child become the best that they can be in soccer. We are joined with Coach O’Neil vente. He is a soccer player a soccer coach and a personal trainer for soccer players. O’Neal How are you doing today. I’m doing well. I’m doing great. So in our previous episode you were talking to us about Ryan Giggs. You called him the Welsh wizard and this is episode 29 and we are going to pick up where we left off. I know we started with what a goat quote from was it Del Piero. That’s right. And you kind of broke that down for us. I believe Del Piero was saying that he cried twice two times and he cried. And you were kind of like explaining that passion and that joy. I always appreciate that about soccer players because I feel like you guys have all found your thing. You’re into soccer that your obsession your magnificent obsession and just that something can move you to tears you know. Have you ever been moved to tears and you talked about you know Jackson playing or have there been any other times where you’ve been moved to tears like seeing something so beautiful or so magnificent in the game of soccer that just touches you so deeply.

Wow. That’s a very good question. Tulsa Soccer Training I can’t think of anything that moved me to tears in the beautiful sense of the word like that like a player you know making me want to cry other than watching my own son move just because of the emotional ties there and the relational ties. But I do remember crying when I lost our stake our chance at winning state cup for school and I really loved that team and it brought me to tears. But thinking of watching a player like you know this for Del Piero to say that he cried when he saw Maradona and Ryan Giggs dribble are just forhow. And I’ve watched I watched the footage of Ryan Giggs playing and he and if anybody wants to see how dribbler should move that’s one of the guys to watch he is phenomenal Ryan Giggs right now I have to watch him I’ve never seen him.

I have a question about you crying at State. Was it like the ugly cry. Was it like a solemn just tears streaming down your face like I need to get a visual for like what kind of soundtrack will be playing like. Was it like Saab’s did you break down what was that like. Because you know some cries are different for different things. What was your cry like Tulsa Soccer Training.

I think this was a solemn cry just tears streaming down. But I could be wrong. I mean so many years ago I don’t remember.

Yeah I was just curious. I was trying to think of a soundtrack for the movie if we had to like shoot that you know. Yes.

I just remember my my buddy to make theirs from the other team who actually beat us he came over and consoled me. He’s a good guy.

He he even said you know like you guys should’ve won but you know I’m sorry. That’s what he was.

I was like wow he’s a good guy. Tulsa Soccer Training Really. OK so did you have another go quote.

I do and it’s from Ryan Giggs himself is talking about his past and you know dealing with racism and different things. But he says you know I don’t wish to hide my origins nor do I seek to make it a subject of conversation. I am what I am and to me that speaks volumes because I can relate to him in a lot of ways you know with that statement and you know I can remember. Culturally speaking you know I was born in Jamaica but grew up here in the United States of America.

So you came here when you were a baby right.

Yes I was a baby so I learned to speak here or learn the culture here. I mean this this was home to me.

Tulsa Soccer Training And so but I didn’t know my heritage and I didn’t know you know how we eat things how we cook the food that we the culture the music everything was there. I mean you know my parents would have parties and different things like that Caribbean parties so it was it was just cool you know. And so I remember going to school and there’d be a lot of other Jamaicans around me and stuff. And then they would say well you’re not Jamaican because your accent not you know the same as ours or whatever and so I had to deal with different things growing up and you know different people saying different things to me and finally I just decided you know what I’m just don’t you know that’s who I am take merely of me that is who I am and so when he says that that to me is very like it’s very calming and peaceful and it’s a very strong thought has few words to it but it means so much and it is true. I am what I am and I think the more players you know think about that even you know not just you know in their life but in relation to soccer you realize who you are as a player and develop that and work on it you still work on your weaknesses but you realize this is why I am I’m a winger or I’m a striker or I’m a goalkeeper or whatever it is you accept who you are and you work on that.

Tulsa Soccer Training I love that because I have I have to doubt. We’ve all dealt with struggles and having to overcome sometimes just people’s comments or our opinions or you know whatever whatever it is that you’re facing that’s difficult. Some people have you know personal issues or emotional or mental issues or some sickness or disease. Everyone struggling and trying to overcome something. But I’ve always been really motivated to let my work speak for itself. Do you know what I mean. Like I’m just going to show up and put my best effort in. And that’s that’s what’s going to speak for me and I. From what I’ve heard you talk about with him and you know episode 28 and as we talk about him today he seems like a player who was put in the work and was just going to let his his work speak for itself if you will. Oh yeah.

You know there are players like Beckham talking about him even when Giggs got older like in his late 30s. And you know he turned 40. He talked about what he did to be ready for a game like he would go and do you know what is that stretching called again.

Not platies but yoga.

Oh yes. I couldn’t think of any that was like oh Tulsa Soccer Training.

So you would do yoga and he would get massages and he would go you know get you know different types of treatments done a chiropractor care or whatever. But he would take care of his body. He would rest properly and he would eat properly and he was even more dedicated than you and he was at the beginning. So to do something for 23 years and that the last few years of the twilight of your career you are more focused than you were in the beginning. That to me says a lot about his integrity and his character and his determination his drive as perseverance respect for the game and that caused him to operate at an excellent level. So he was just up there. And that’s what Prod. stands for us what we stand for. It was to me an example of everything that I want every player to be about.

That’s really good because it’s like he was just getting better with age. And I think you know self-care development for your ability your skills on and off the pitch. I think it’s really important to know that you know we’ve said this in other podcasts you may have to say no to some things in order to say yes to some things. We were talking to some parents the other day and you had coached one of their children who coached both of their children but they were talking about one in particular and how you took on this player to work with them and train them one on one who they were smaller they weren’t maybe as skilled in the beginning. And now fast forward so many years later. This individual is able to go to college and play at a collegiate level has developed has just blossomed and ground. And she said something that I remember when you were talking just now she said you know paying for soccer is expensive you know being on a team is pricey it’s expensive. Getting Personal Training is pricey it’s expensive but you know if you want to get better with age if you want to develop if you want to have that strong ability and that Vanessa that link to your career that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. You know it’s it’s possible that that’s what it made me think of Tulsa Soccer Training.

So true. You know it’s it takes that it takes that determination that focus and the understanding of what are you wanting in the future and where are you now in holding true to that belief in the faith. And a lot of times is it takes work to believe when you don’t see. Sure you know and that’s something that we all have to work on constantly.

And you have to actually do the work to like to get there because I think it’s very easy to hold a dream or an idea but you have to do the work. OK. So we’ve just got a few more minutes. Let’s wrap up with Mr. Ryan Giggs the Welsh Wizard. What else do you have for us coach.

Of my favorite things about him is that he has a silky smooth dribbler. He had just perfect technique when it came to that he had the perfect timing speed and change of pace. He was very deceptive and baited players to dive in so he could swiftly move by them at the last second with no quick turns of his hips. So he was just he was just like a worm moving through dirt. It was just amazing to see how he could do that.

He was at home Tulsa Soccer Training.

It does seem that way like when he was playing he was at home just at home. That’s good.

And he was hardworking and humble is something to me that goes hand in hand being great. You must be hardworking and you must be humble. And I love that he was completely left footed. You know I think when you can be two footed but if you’re if your inclination is to be one footed be the best one footed player you can possibly be work on that technique work on all the variations of it. And he was he was that type of player. Maradona was that too. And you know he understood his gifting and he used it well. So I think that is those things are important.

Well this has been a great hearing you share you know listening to your stories about the Welsh wizard Ryan Giggs. We want to thank you guys for joining us and for listening to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast. If you play soccer or you have a child who is playing or wants to play and wants to grow and develop we can help them with their soccer skills we can help them with character skills and we can teach them the tools that they need both on and off the pitch. You heard O’Neill talking about Ryan Giggs this hardworking humble player. We can do that for your child or for you if you’re listening and you play soccer and if you have a strong foot that you want to develop maybe you want to work on your dominant but maybe you want to develop both feet whatever your goals are at Pride of Tulsa soccer training we can help you achieve those goals. And look us up on line please at Pride Tulsa dot com. You can get more information about who we are and what we do. You can also call us at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Call us today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We would love to work with you or your child and help them develop and give you those results to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you next time