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Hello, I would like to welcome you and thank you for joining us. This is the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast. It’S brought to you by Pride soccer training. We are pride and our goal is to provide excellent service when it comes to personal soccer training sessions at Elite, art else’s number, one program for personal soccer training and I’m personal soccer player development in this podcast we’re going to be talking with Coach Amel bent. He is a well-seasoned soccer, coach and personal soccer. Trainer O’Neill is also the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer training he’s also my husband, so I think he’s pretty neat, but he have a lot of wisdom when it comes to soccer. He can talk about it. Incessantly – and he is obsessed with providing the best service when it comes to personal soccer, training he’s been coaching for many years. Nowyou really am devoted his time, his energy and his intellect and his ability to helping develop Tulsa soccer players. So when it comes to personal soccer training sessions, you want to connect with us. You can visit us online at Pride or you can call us at 918-701-0983 at pride of Tulsa soccer training. Tulsa Soccer training The mission is it really focused and simple? The goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop and both their character and their soccer playing ski pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players just like you to achieve their personal soccer goals, so they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 55 and O’Neal. What do you want to talk about today? We’Re talking about Germany, we’re wrapping up? Jeremy is a part of the Triumph of Trio and we’ve talked about house you know the machine how they have studied analyze the game. They are very successful by the most successful team in World Cup history when it comes to the level and the part of the tournament that they get to every time they show up, and also the fact that both men and women’s teams have won the World Cup, Which is a huge feet in and of itself, so I’d like to talk about the stars of Germany and some of the names that come up by no means are these people, the only stars of Germany that are played but they’re, the ones that stand out the Most to me that I remember the most we keep going to talk for ever tell you know if we want to come back to it and share more, we can write. So my favorite German player of all time is Franz. Beckenbauerand he’s just old school refinement.

I just think of him as classiness and skillfulness and elegance all in the same, and he could read the game very well. He was actually at the fender and he played Libro, and this position has been saved. People said that he’s the one that created it. You know that argument could go on and on for years, but he definitely great it was.. He created the position libero, and so you can see it in the United States. We call this week off sweeper, I believe in you know your update. Sometimes we use it in front of the line, the defensive line, as opposed to the last Defender. So there was a free player that would run home and clean up and start counter attacks, and he would get the ball when it and sometimes he would run the ball up and Trust for himself. I remember one footgirl game in the World Cup, where I believe they’re playing Italy in the World Cup final and E tour or separated his shoulder. What happened? He had a tackle from behind and he fell awkwardly, and so the guy was so tough that he either took socks or shirt a ripped, his shirt and made like a little sling for him and he kept playing through the game and back then, if I remember Correctly, either couldn’t have subs or think you had to play with whatever you had on the field, so he couldn’t come out and he played like a champ even with his arm in a sling. So it’s just to me. I just love that old-school toughness that determination. He had that even came played in the US, with Pele for the New York Cosmos and so he’s one of the most famous players, people who observe the game back in the 80s. They would know of of his name and he’s alsobesides being in the founder of Libra or being attributed to that, and also being extremely tactical and Technical player. He’S also the only player only person to have played and won the World Cup and coached and won the World Cup Germany, World Cup, the first World Cup 1986 – and he got them to the finals – were they lost to Diego Maradona, Argentina 1995.

For the first time that was my first woke up, I saw it on his team won the World Cup, so Germany won the World Cup against Argentina and it just said volume for who you are as a player and in what he’s doing – and I see right Now I think zidane could follow in his footsteps after waiting to Champions League’s with the Real Madrid, if he decides he wants to coach the French national teamI. Don’T think anybody will getting his way and so it’ll be interesting to see if he he steps up and becomes the next player to win our next person to win as a player and as a coach so hard. I think that’s so cool like to be able to play, represent your country and then come back and like coach them. That was really cool and so the next person I want to bring it was your game Klinsmann. Yes, I loved him as a coach. So I’m sad that we let him go, but he was also a very gifted player. Can score goal was very elegant. He ran like a sprinter when you saw him run, he had Heidi lives, he was fast, he was just said. He would score goals. He was just he would to me. I didn’t like him back in the day cuz I was a Dutch fan and still am, but I respected his ability to school something I like about him. You know it is and if you look at what he’s done, the progress you see Germany doing now, he was the foundation for it and then some the progress you’re, seeing now with the the youth in the US. Tulsa Soccer training He also help to start up. So I think what was happened with him. He’S been come like the the Builder in the in the foundation for a lot of teams and countries, and he may not always see the result that he may want in the end, just because he has to go in revolutionize and change things, for instance in Germany, When they were in the World Cup in their home, so in 2006 he was the coach, but he also brought in like United States football trainers to come, train their players and make them physically stronger. So he has the right mentality. Another player that I I do look as a nemesis but respect highly was lothar matthaus.

He was their team captain in 1990 when they won the World Cup. He is 150kso easy. All time like he’s here for the party like he’s going to do it, like, I think of Lex Luthor lothar, he’s another player back from the 1974 World Cup who won. He was also coach for Germany Garden Mueller. He score 13 goals in only two World Cups. A 2 World Cup score 13 goals in his his his achievement was not surpassed until I think it was 2002 or 2006 somewhere around there. That’S when it was first surpassed right now. Miroslav Klose has 16 World Cup goalsand. If you’re not wanting Germany to win he’s like the player who annoys you cuz, he just shows up, and it’s like changing the game. You know you can finish. Tulsa Soccer training Thank you for listening is always are we done with Germany or not? We might be done, but we’ll see. I could be wrong and I’m we want to thank you as always for listening, and we are tells his only soccer training, podcast and at pride of Tulsa soccer training. Our goal is to help every soccer player develop that old-school toughness, that sound technical awareness and that technical skill. We want to help your soccer player grow and achieve their goals when it comes to playing soccer and we want to help them on the soccer field. But we want to give them character and great lessons to help sustain them in life. We all know we play our Sports, we have our activities, but we need to be you knowboth, on the soccer field and in everyday life. So that’s what we’re about here at Pride soccer training. I would encourage you to visit our website. It’S Pride or you can call us today at 918-701-0983.