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Tulsa Soccer Training : Phenomenal Player

PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 34 – Frank Rijkaard – Part 3 

Hello and thank you for joining us we’d like to welcome you to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast. This podcast is brought to you by pride Tulsa dot com. We are Tulsa’s number one option when it comes to soccer player training and soccer player development and we teach character in skill and we give soccer players the tools that they need to develop in their tactical awareness and their technical ability. If your player is willing to put in the work at Pride of Tulsa soccer training we can guarantee the results. As always we are joined with O’Neill bent who is a phenomenal soccer player. He is an incredible soccer coach and he is a passionate and prolific soccer trainer who is really focused on helping soccer players achieve personal success on the soccer field and to achieve success in reaching their goals in Everyday Life. How’re you doing today. Well thank you for asking. Oh good. I’m so glad to have you here we’ve been talking about. Frank are-I card and this is episode 34 we’re continuing with his player profile. The last time we recorded you we’re talking a little bit about some of the players that he brought in to Barcelona and deko and Etto. Where did you want to start off with today.

Well after he left Barcelona he went on to coach at Sparta Rotterdam and then go to Sri and finally Saudi Arabia.

And currently he is over at an academy called Monteverde Academy in Florida where he is the advisor of player development. So it’s pretty cool that he’s here in the States and maybe I can go meet him sometime.

Yeah would be very cool. Oh wow Tulsa Soccer Training.

And then you know his coaching philosophy was about developing a tough minded free flowing football and that he wanted to be one cohesive unit.

Ok I’m gonna say that one more time you said he wanted to develop his philosophy he wanted to develop a Takamine did free flowing football. Break that down a little bit and help because I’m not you know like a soccer aficionado like you. What does that mean in layman’s terms Tulsa Soccer Training.

So attack minded means their basis for playing is to go score goals. And the way in free flowing He wants players to move and change positions and not be robotic but just be just kind of like water flowing and everyone’s goal on the field.

Everyone’s objective is to score goals right. So what is different about being attack minded.

Well you can score goals in two ways you can attack or you can be defensive minded and counter attack. So there’s different philosophies about how you go about scoring goals like for instance if a team is dominant. Yeah they’ll keep possession and they’ll go forward and they try to win the ball. The other team’s half and they try to put goals in the back of the net. But if your team is not as strong or your philosophy is different you might sit back and weather the storm and then find angles to play into so that you can play and get behind the defense and score goals. So one is playing a fun beautiful game to watch.

Tulsa Soccer Training One is playing to win in a matter that to me is kind of you know not as pretty to watch.

So this has to do with like the energy and kind of like the force with which your team like operates and performs like attack minded is going to be like it sounds to me like it’s more like a ribbon and just like relentless and just like coming at you. And that is that is that it. Yes.

And it’s also like in a beautiful way. So he wants this like flowing attacking minded thing that is beautiful and attractive to watch.

I wish I could see the dance he just did it just did like a little free flowing little move with his thumb with his chest and his shoulders. What does that total football concept. So he wants that match that level of mastery there Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yeah. It’s like Brazil that’s how they play. You know they play the same sort of way. So that’s what he’s wanting is that mastery that beautiful way because you know a lot of people when I look at it this way to soccer must be entertaining. You know whether at the little age or the older age or whatever it’s got to be something that you want to go see and enjoy. And when you see a team play that way in the way that he had his the Dutch national team playing him in the €2000 it was beautiful. And that’s what we want to watch. I want to watch. I want to see beauty. Yeah. Win or lose. I want to win if I can win. I have a choice. I want to win beautifully. You know that’s that’s the way I want to see it.

And this is why everyone’s philosophy is so interesting to me because like I know there are some people who really we don’t care how we roll and we just want to win you know. But Frank right card he had a philosophy where he wanted his team to operate. And this is what you as a cohesive unit were they were very like like almost like controlling the game is what it sounds like. This is our game we’re going to play the game our way is kind of what it sounds like to me.

Tulsa Soccer Training That’s right. That’s exactly it. And you know you have this quote insuree that I want you to read it because I want a beautiful voice to go along with this.

Gladly OK this quote This quote is from Frank Gragg card and this is what he has to say. You gain many impressions from the past. You still have it in your mind when you become a coach and if something happens you can recall how it was dealt with. But I strongly believe that you cannot copy anyone the decision that a great coach made years ago will not necessarily work today. That’s really wise.

Yeah it’s extremely wise. I made the mistake as a coach for many years thinking that I could recreate something that someone else did in the past and being disappointed that it never really fully came into fruition. But when I realized I recognized that hey I’m going to have I’m going to move on. I can’t do it this way I want to do a different way and to recognize that yeah I could still have a form of total football total football never has to leave. But the way in which I go about it can change and it can evolve and it can move and I have different variations of it. So it’s something that I have as a coach and as a player you have to recognize that you can’t do what someone else did. I think it goes back to being yourself. Understanding what history has taught you and what has shown you understanding the possibilities and the different outcomes in the past but also recognizing that you have to do it your way Tulsa Soccer Training.

Well and also that you can still like learn from those things that that past can speak to you and give you insight and give you wisdom. I mean I think this is just great for life like it’s good for soccer. But this is also really great advice for life because you can have in your mind all this rich information that’s you know categorized in your mind and it can be helpful to recall. I mean if you think about like how we’ve survived as a species a lot of that has to do with what we know and remember and what we’ve learned over like thousands you know years just how we’ve evolved. And so I think he’s really wise because he’s saying you can glean from that wisdom. But at the end of the day you have to kind of make your your call and your statement you know about today.

You know exactly I think as I look at the same way you do it’s very wise and you know having you know read this I just really it resonates with me so much. And so I got caught that I had actually come to root it Tulsa Soccer Training.

Well this is another one we get to. Yes. Nice to nice too.

So he says about Ricahrd a good defensive midfield player with vision and strength. He controlled the midfield with presence strength and technique. Start attacks but make sure the other team cannot get at the defense provided a great balance to any team he played in.

And I think that lessons that’s beautiful too to provide a great balance to any team that you play with. That is what any player could hope for.

Yeah. And it seems like with the whole I’m rude hall it I think how cool for one of your peers to say these things about you. But what he’s describing is like he could be whatever was needed. I mean I loved that like he was this defensive midfield player he had vision he had strength he could control that made it feel but he had this presence he had strong technique. I love how you said he would start attacks but somehow he would make sure the team cannot get to the defense. I mean like I don’t know you can speak to that because you play it on the pitch for so many years and coached and trained but that sounds like such a great compliment to give someone you know you think about this is the second best.

Tulsa Soccer Training Greatest player to ever play for Holland and he’s saying this about about who is the second best route.

Hold it. OK.

Root is saying this about Frank Rijkaard and to me that says volumes about who Frank record is. And you know the balance that he brings and the fluidity and the ability to change and become what your team needs you to become so important.

So you said Ruhollah was like the second best player to play for. Yes huskier who was the first Johan Cruyff. Johan Cruyff. And then of course we’ve been talking about Frank Reichardt is he someone who would rank up in the.

I would say he would probably rank number four.

Nice. Well we are almost out of time. Before we go do you want to share maybe I thought you could tell us what are some of your favorite things about rock hard and maybe just you know any significant you know things you wanted to share just as we close.

He could read the game both defensively and offensively he was impeccable. He had impeccable work ethic and it was he was extremely versatile strong with his technical ability and he had a good shot. You could head the ball well he could dribble pass trap he had it all he could do it all. And just to complete and beautiful player to me he was the template for the defensive midfielder at that time. And even for the modern game.

Nice as always O’Neill We appreciate your insight and your wisdom that you share with us to our listeners. We want to say thank you for joining us for listening in. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training we believe in teaching character and skill. And if your players willing to do the work it takes. We can give you a plan to success and we can guarantee results. Maybe your child is playing. Maybe you’re listening and you’re a soccer player. Maybe you want to know what is the template to be a successful striker. What is the template to be a successful midfielder or defensive player maybe a winger a goalie a sweeper or whatever position you play. We can help you move towards mastery in that area. Please look us up on line if you want to learn more information. We are pride. Tulsa dot com or give us a call we would love to talk to you today and help you get scheduled for your first session. You can call us at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3 again 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3 or pride Tulsa dot com. We’ll see you next time.