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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride at Pride soccer training. We are tells of number one programs for personal soccer training and Player Development. I’M in this podcast we are going to be talking and learning from coach O’Neal bent. He is a well-seasoned, I’m an experienced soccer, coach and personal soccer trainer. I’M O’Neill is also the founder and CEO of Pride soccer training he’s also my husband and Jack Daddy, and so it’s always a pleasure to talk with him and hear what he has to say. I’M O’Neal is here to share his wisdom and his strategies, his knowledge and experience about soccer training, and the goal is to give soccer players success in their everyday life, and I’m that includes the soccer pitch at pride of Tulsa soccer training were really goodit too. I’M developing players and both their character and their soccer skills and pride of Tulsa soccer training ignition is really simple. It’S focused and precise. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop. So when it comes to their character and their soccer skill, we are committed to helping them grow and ultimately succeed. Pride of Tulsa soccer training help soccer players achieve their personal goals, does if they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 56 and O’Neil. How are you doing and what have you got for us today when it comes to the world of soccer and soccer training? Today I can. We continue on with players. Talk about Germany, star players that I have listed by no means is limited to these people, but those ones that I think of also the something I wanted to mention to is I’m listing these players off for play for people to look up and Reesesearch and learn From I’m big on looking individual players, that’s why I love Gina training. I love training, kids, because I love the individual side of it. I love seeing how a player can change of game because of their technique, their tactics. That’S why my training sessions for Pride soccer training are based on principles, sound principles and Concepts that build technical ability and eventually we get into the technical side of it. How to apply your technical ability is that you recommend very specific players for them and I really think that’s a key. You know I have a background in teaching and I you know, do business coaching and things like that. I think it’s really important to study like the goats.

Goats is an acronym that stands for the greatest of all time, and I love that you say study soccer players in one from them, but I think sometimes our culture likeprimarily focuses on who’s ever the best. At the top of the game right now and just looks at what they can do, but doesn’t like Delvin to their life, and so if you’re listening and you want to go to Pride, call us to schedule your first session when you work with Coach O’Neal On our staff they’re going to recommend you know very specific things that are customized just for you, so I just wanted to point that out cuz, I think that’s great when you can find you always give them a player to look for that’s going to help them. Specifically – and I I like that, and they are as a parent and as you know, more of the business in the thing to that that I noticed is when you see like if you go to YouTube and you see highlights of these players you’re looking at only A fraction of the entire career that has been put into a highlight-reel, so not every game, did they do these amazing things? You know you have several players that show up and they consistently pass to their teammates. They don’t give the ball. Awaythey keep the ball in their teens possession the fight to get it back and they’re never mentioned you don’t hear much about them, but they have a long-lasting careers, and so it’s in that alone is success, and it’s very important because many of these Stars they point Back to other people – and I say man – I wouldn’t be nothing without that player, their own player that even was a star, but he needs still came across in the same manner, is Paul scholes from Manchester, United and England. You know Beckham talks about him. Ryan Giggs talks about, and they all said he was the best player to play with because he read the game so well.

He would win tackles and you never gave the ball away. So those are the things that we have to admire and look towards, and then we step up the next level where we show up – and we play way over to deliver it even higher level, because we’ve accomplished those basic tasks of keeping the ball playing it to Our teammates in this or think solast podcast about Germany. How do you feel about that? Another podcast? I guess we can easily with the goalkeeper for Germany and he’s the only goal to win the golden ball in the world cup. So that’s impressive, then, is Michael Ballack. You see him do a lot of commentary for World Cup games your hand. I like him a lot. I really do.. I respect him. I like how he thinks about the game old school like I was trouble stainless steel, his last name, because I don’t know he – has the ability to find players in the system goals like no other person, he scores them, but he also has a very high percentage of A cyst and attack attack passes, so balls are being played into the attacking end of the of the field attacking third, so he’s able to assist people, Tulsa Soccer Training especially on Arsenal, my team and Germany. So one of the strikers that struck with Jurgen Klinsmann back in the eighties and nineties there’s also Paul breitner Paul breitner was an overlapping outside back, I left back and he he would score a very nice goals. So I loved him and Reyes Bremer, who fell into the same patterns of a Paul breitner and he’s famous for scoring a beautiful goal against Hollandin the 1990 World Cup, which cause them to be tall in the go on to the next round. So there’s also Thomas Hessler. I don’t know how many people remember him the eighties nineties. He was like in line with low-fat Mathias for just being that type of dog and determine player and skillful. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than you’re getting Klinsmann of the time, and you was the player that I really liked on the German national team, and then there is also Manuel Neuer, who is the newer, newer, manure Manuel Neuer? Newer is right now the best World Cup are best goalkeeper in the world and he’s the D I believe, is also the captain of the German national team in the team that won the World Cup. He is sogo good with his feet.

He’S good with his hands is good at reading the game and he’s got a little bit of a crazy Street to like you’ll come out and jump in the air, get the ball off of a player to make sure I can get this box and he plays High off is lying a lot of time, so he is he’s playing the field and if it is so, he goes from Over the Hedge. You know be like a sweeper last player for us Defender for the team and get the ball going back into the attack. So, especially with a quality that Germany has nowadays they can hide press a team and he can push up out of the box and I can pay it back to him and you can read reset the team restart the play. So that was the players that I have listed that I admire that I look look to on the German team, sharkput even more. You probably have more but you’re just going to wrap it on up. I guess for now how deep analysis of all things Germany, when it comes to the German national team in the game of soccer, we are so glad that you have joined us and we’re listening where we going next podcast, where we going next, we will be going To Italy, Hetalia, and I will be talking about them as the third of the triumphant Trio, and they will be a joy to talk about as well. Wait till we’re rounding up his triumphant Trio and you have to come back and check out our next podcast. We talking about Italy, thank you for listening. As always, we are Tulsa’s only soccer training, podcast and at pride of Tulsa soccer training. Our goal is to develop every soccer player so that they can be technically sound and I’m proficient and very creative onsoccer pitch. And if you want more information about who we are and what we offer visit our website Pride again, that’s Pride or you can call us today at 918-701-0983, at pride of Tulsa soccer training, we teach both character and soccer skill and, if you’re willing to Do the work we can guarantee the results so schedule your first session today,