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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 43 – Zinedine Zidane – Part 7 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development. And this podcast soccer coach and soccer trainer O’Niel been to is also the founder and the CEO of private soccer training. We’ll be sharing wisdom insight tools tips proven strategies in discussing player profiles to help soccer players grow and their success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training has an effective yet simple mission. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 43 and it’s part seven of our series on The Amazing Xina Deans a Don who is also known as the zoo that was his nickname. I always thought that was really cute or cool you know O’Neill bet is here with us as always how are you doing today sir. Doing well. Awesome. I’m doing great. I’m going at just throw it to you what have you got to talk about your homeboy one of your favorite players in the deans of Don.

So you know after the World Cup was last for France and he did his head butting deal and you know world had fun with it. The president he went on the show and he spoke about it in France you know basically forgave him. They loved him.

I thought that was so kind that they did. You know some countries they try to kill you.

I mean he has a player Lilium Thuram is still upset with him but it’s like why did he do this you know not. But I get it. You know I can see both sides of it. But I do think you should forgive and move forward and people make mistakes. So the president actually wrote them a nice little letter and you know tell them hey we understand things happen sometimes. We know you’re feeling sad but we still love you and we forgive you. And you know in other countries the president the United States is heavily like that. They really watch the sports heavily and and they get involved in a lot of ways. And so he made sure he tried to you know make them feel a bit better. So after the World Cup Don did his community service because he was retired at the time so he couldn’t serve his two match suspension so he did community service like he donated time to you know teaching kids soccer and oh wait i never thought about that because he got a red card in the final game Tulsa Soccer Training.

And that was the final game of his career. Yes. So he did community service. I see.

So it was pretty cool to see him do that he didn’t have to because just like see you guys come out but he didn’t he didn’t do that.

I want to point out too that like even when you make mistakes those are great learning opportunities because like obviously Don you said this if you podcast back he’s coaching at Real Madrid right. Yes. So this hasn’t ruined his life or like you know because he’s learned from it he’s grown from it. You know it will help them be better so I just wanted to point that out.

And the thing I like about he’s honest about it. He was he’s very forthcoming. You know like I know it is wrong. But this is what I did. You know and I think that that’s admirable too Tulsa Soccer Training.

He’s like accepted it and not running from it not shying away from it. And he seems like just a cool cat. Like I feel like he would be somebody you could sit down and talk with he’s just chill easy to be around very honest straightforward. And I’m sure like as we all know as you grow and get wiser and you get more experience in life. See things differently and you kind of open up and soften to that humanity that we all possess you know I look back like 10 20 years ago and I’m like man I thought I knew there’s so many things that I just didn’t know and I didn’t know I didn’t know them either. Until you learn them moving forward so there’s something to say what I’m trying to say I guess is he’s getting better with age. I feel like he’s like why you know he is getting better.

Tulsa Soccer Training You know it’s true too like you know some people maybe they never showed any you know any problems on the soccer field but you know they’re a womanizer or something like that so there’s people are people. They all have mistakes they have things that are their strengths their weaknesses flaws. Everybody is equal in that area. And so just because somebody did this doesn’t mean they’re a terrible person.

You know like we all have flaws but they’re just expressed in different ways like I like. I definitely have a more fiery temperament. You do not have a fiery temperament but you might have something else that I don’t have and vice versa. I’m tracking with are.

And so here’s some of the awards. You know after his career is over and everything he sees the awards that he had to show for his career he had many Player of the Year awards at various clubs. He had three FIFA World Player of the Year awards. Saddam had the U.K. for club midfielder of the year FIFA World Cup man of the match. French player of the year on Sunday or and Ballon d’Or awards as well. So here’s some quotes and I kind of mixed this up for him because he is a man of few words so some quotes weren’t really related to you know the game itself. But this was this is what Michel Platini had to say about him. Who is that. OK so he is the star of France before so. He was like the highest player to play the game for France. He won a point Cantona before Cannes and so he was like like Pele basically is for Brazil to me was for France in the 80s. He’s their star and they won one of the European. It was like 80 for European Championship for France. And but he said this about him technically I think he is the king of what’s fundamental in the game control in passing. I don’t think anyone can match him when it comes to controlling or receiving the ball. So that speaks to his technical ability his technical ability is the top of the game Tulsa Soccer Training.

I mean there’s very few players that control the game like the control the ball and even the game like he does and that goes back to when you are talking about how he could dismantle and disrupt a game I knew in a previous podcast you were talking about Brazil and how he could kind of dismantle and disrupt them. And what Platini is discussing here is those abilities that he possess that control that technique he could pass and received the ball is that. Is that right Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes that is correct. And you know and Franz Beckenbauer said this about he said Zenani is unique the ball flows with him. He’s more like a dancer than a football player. That comment reminds me of the Brazilian game. He was dancing around that ball. He was just so beautiful to watch it wasn’t.

It was almost like ballet as opposed to soccer just a performer like in his element. And it was Franz Beckenbauer again. I know you know people who know soccer right. That’s right.

You know Franz Beckenbauer is the probably the most famous and spectacular German player of all time he won the World Cup in 1974 against Johan Cruyff. He was a defensive player who started this position called the sweeper and originally started as a player that was kind of free roaming defensively in front of the the defensive line. He would go in with balls and start the attack and so he was a hard nosed hard working very gifted player.

And he came to the United States in the 80s and played as well long with Pele for the New York Cosmos. So Franz Beckenbauer is one of the most famous players to play the game and also coached Germany in the 1990 World Cup that they won. And in 1986 where they got the second place Tulsa Soccer Training.

So again his quote Beckenbauer is quoted is talking about that flow. And we’ve talked about this in previous podcast how you get into that intuitive you know ability where you you’re you’ve transcended almost you’re just at a higher level of performance and that’s kind of what he’s talking about their words. It’s such a beautiful play it’s almost like this performance piece that he’s out there doing. Know it looks like he’s you know composed something and he’s out here performing it. Did you have any other quotes that you wanted to share before we go tonight.

Yes I did. So the Don had this to say. He said I was looking to come from a difficult area. It teaches you not just about football but about life. Also there were lots of kids from different races and poor families. People had to struggle to get through the day. And so he’s talking about how he grew up. And I think I always go back to this that you cannot become great without struggle. There’s got to be something that you have to overcome. And for him to say that it just reminds me of the French team we talked about earlier where there are many different races many different cultures many different things going on. There were struggles in the country and that helped to form the team into greatness. And I always think with struggle there is greatness and it’s good to recognize that.

That’s really true. It reminds me of a quote from when I was studying education I got to study under two master teachers. Gardell riddle was born. I studied under her first and then I studied under and grub next. Both too prolific just masterful educators and Anna Grubb had a great quote and it ties in with what you’re saying I know we’re about to wrap so I wanted to just share this little tidbit and grub always said this learning happens during the struggle. And so I want to encourage like our listeners any parents if you are struggling if your child is struggling and working hard and they’re struggling that they’re trying to figure something out. Please know that the learning happens during the struggle and at Pride soccer training we help our soccer players and whether they play for us or another team it does not matter we work with them one on one to train and develop them so that they can have those same skills that you hear. You know Platini talking about Platini and I said to me that in the Pats in the hall when you hear him talking about Zedong and his ability to control and to pass the ball or how he could receive the ball all of that goes back to your training. And our goal at Pride of Tulsa soccer training is to help your player develop and be able to perform at their highest and best. And so we can help them and when they’re struggling through mastering those skills we’re there cheering them on encouraging them lifting them up and giving them very specific and pointed instruction on how they can improve and grow.

So if you want more information about who we are and what we offer please visit our Web site pride. Tulsa dot com. Again that’s pride Tulsa dot com. And please look us up online. You can also give us a call at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again our phone number is 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Please give us a call. Look us up online. Thank you for listening. And we will see you on the next episode