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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 36 – George Weah – Part 2- 04-22-17_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa’s only program for personal soccer training and soccer player development. In this episode of our podcast coach O’Neill Benty is a wonderful soccer coach and a committed trainer for soccer players. He’s also the founder and the CEO of pride soccer training. He will be sharing player profiles strategies tools information just anything that’s going to be helpful to soccer players in their everyday life and on the soccer pitch as well. Pride of Tulsa soccer training has a wonderful mission and it’s very straightforward and simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in their character and their soccer skills. I’m so proud of Tulsa soccer training really focuses on helping players achieve their personal goals and whether that’s you want more playing time maybe you want to go to a D1 school. Maybe you just need to grow you know in your ability to strike a ball or shoot a ball where ever you need pride of Tulsa soccer training can help you with that. So we are joined of course as always with Coach O’Neal How are you doing today. Doing well and you are really good. Thank you. We are back for episode 36 It’s part two. And we’re talking about George way out and the Lionheart. So where did you want to pick up today with George way up.

Well pick up with his individual honors. So some of the honors that he had whereas he was a three time African Footballer of the year. He was French Division One foreign player of the year FA Cup Champions League top score and he won the Balonne day or in 1995. And being an African player that was pretty amazing that he wasn’t even from Europe but one of Europe’s biggest awards. Wow. So that was what was pretty cool about it.

And then also he did some wonderful things over at AC Milan where he set some titles so he is a very great with a very great player I think I know we’re talking about George way of the Lionheart today wonderful Iberian striker but I think in the future a good show would be I just had this how when you are talking is to talk about that award the Balonne day or and talk about how they choose players for that what the rankings are what do you mean when the categories are a lot of fun. Tulsa Soccer Training Maybe like analyzing what it takes to be a great player because I think that’s really cool for him not to be this well known superstar per se but obviously he had great merit you know to win and great skill to be able to win such an award.

Yes exactly. I think that’s a great idea. You have many of those by the way.

Many great thank you. OK well do you have a goat quote for George Weah.

Yes yes I do. Here is where he says this full football has been good to me. Everyone has their destiny. But you have to make use of the opportunities I have spent 15 years at the top of my game. It makes me happy. I love the game. I love scoring goals but I’ve always taken it seriously. It is not what the game gives you it’s what you give it that’s really going.

So why did you pick this quote from him like why did you love about this quote. You’re on a break. Break it down for us what what this means how it speaks to you I guess Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yeah I think when you see when you look at most soccer players that are amazing that are really good they usually come from poverty and so they recognize the gift that they’ve been giving and how it’s been good to them the game has been good to them in that it’s gotten them out of poverty has allowed them to help other people. And you know the other thing about destiny and this is what he’s telling is just that you are brought to this earth with a reason and a purpose. And when you find that reason and purpose you have to also make the best use of those opportunities given to you to maximize what you become. And then also you look at the amount of time that you spend doing something he spent 15 years the top top of his game. I mean that’s a lot of years of someone’s life that they dedicate to something that they’re doing and it made him very happy. He loved doing it. And you could see that in the passion the effort the energy the the drive to score goals. He was always hungry always wanting to put the goal in the back of the net and you know different people have different personalities you have people that can score and if they set their mind to it they score but sometimes they’re not sending their mind to it. But as a striker you always have to set your mind to scoring goals and he was always focused on that and having that drive that passion. Tulsa Soccer Training And but he also said he takes it very seriously it wasn’t just like oh this is just a game.

No this is important. You know influence being a professional athlete has influence on other people’s lives. You know when I for instance just a simple thing and how advertisement works I’ll show you. He wore deodorant and at one point I wanted to wear the door because I saw how he played. I saw how he did things and I associated that greatness with him and the stuff that he wore and where and who he played for. So you have influence and how you use that influence is very important and taking it seriously. And you know really putting on all your effort in what you’re doing is very important and it’s also recognizing that you know I kind of remembered you know JFK it’s you know not what the country can do for you but what you can do for it. And Tulsa Soccer Training I kind of relate that to this. For him it’s like you know it’s what he can give to the game what can he bring to it to make it that much better and more fun and more beautiful. And the way he played in the drive and passion that he took towards it you know he he really made the game better. And you know funny thing is you know he’s a politician now in Liberia. So you can see how much he he loves dealing with people and that sort of aspect.

So cool. It’s really interesting to me because I notice that all of these successful soccer players tend to say very similar things. They may express it in different ways but they all talk about the love of the game. They all talk about how much the game makes them happy and how they love. Like he’s a striker. He loves scoring goals. How they love whatever their position does if they’re a defender if they’re you know in the midfield they love controlling the game if they’re you know. And so when I heard you read the quote I was like Man everybody expresses that in their own way. But they say the same thing and they all talk about the hard work they have to put in and how they take it seriously and I don’t know. Isn’t that interesting just that they all have that same commonality. And I think it’s very easy for people to think well my situation is different or my team is different or my position is different. But really when it seems like it comes down to very similar things every time you’re drive your work ethic. Are you willing to practice. Are you bringing joy to what you’re doing or are you bringing passion. Tulsa Soccer Training You know. What do you think about that.

I agree completely with you on that. I think it just shows that everybody is on an equal playing field at some point and you know yeah you might be given the blessings of speed or you know being tall or strong but we still find short players that play people who are slow that play. But they all work hard. They all have that drive. They all have that passion for it and they all take it very seriously.

I don’t think it’s true. When we talk about these players I know you always tell me it goes back really to their work ethic and their practice their training speak to the importance of that when you’re looking at someone like George way who is able to win all these great awards and have a prolific career to play for 15 years and be honored at the highest. How does your training regiment tie into that Tulsa Soccer Training.

It’s it ties heavily into it because in order to stay sharp you have to keep sharpening your tools so you have to keep working on your technique. You still have to work on your ability to read the game read situations your ability to be strong and physically physically able to handle things. And as you get older you have to try to maintain your flexibility and be smarter so you can make up for your lack of pace. So there are so many things that you have to do and it all works out in your daily training because the more you touch the ball the more ideas the more things you’re able to do. And you know I can remember I’ll give you an example I can remember playing in St. Louis. You know the Bush soccer tournament up there and I was playing and this ball came to me and I said to myself I’m going to hit it with the outside of my foot my left foot. I’m going to put it far post up or 90 and I hit it.

And then when upper 90 far post and it was perfect and you’re thinking that in a split second Yeah. It’s not like saying it the way you’re talking here like you’re not going you know in this ball. I mean the ball is already come in. By that time I wanted to make sure people listening understood. That’s like muscle memory that just happens and like you do you know.

And because I touched the ball that many times you knew you could I knew I could do it. And you think about how many times the most a player or one will touch the ball and game is about three minutes the max out of 90 minutes of playing. So that’s very limited time that a player touches the ball. So you have to do a lot with it every time you get it.

Well that is good. And I love you know training is something that’s going to be with you throughout your life and your career. And we all know that we’re working in training and growing continuously and all these different areas and any success story that we’ve shared on these podcasts. They were training when they were younger and they continue to train as they got older. So we are going to wrap this player profile of George Weya and I want to share with our listeners you know just like George way you know how he trained and worked hard and was able to be a really strong technical player known for his awesome and talent technical ability pride of Tulsa soccer training can work with you to help you grow in the same ways to have strong technical ability and to increase your drive and your performance methods. We can help your child improve in both their skill on the pitch and their character and we can help them achieve great goals in their lives. Thank you for joining us and we will see you next time