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Tulsa Soccer training | Professional help

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast. This podcast is brought to you by Pride soccer training. We are tells his number one program when it comes to personal soccer training sessions and the development of soccer players. I’M in if podcast we have O’Neill bent, who is a soccer coach and a personal soccer trainer and he’s also the founder and CEO of Pride soccer training he’s here to share his insight about soccer and his tools. His wisdom strategies and we’ve been talking a lot about just the history of soccer, so all of this is in an effort to bring you information that can help you or your soccer player, achieve their goals and find success both on the pitch and off the pitch. In everyday life, I’m proud of Tulsa soccer training has a really great Mission. It’S really focused, and it’s really simple. Yet effective their goal is to help soccer player, systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. At pride of Tulsa soccer training, their goal is to help soccer players achieve their personal goals, so they can win on the pitching in everyday life. Tulsa Soccer training This is episode 53, and we are talking about Germany O’Neal. How are you doing today long? You know kick about Germany. What do you want to talk about today, but they have they won 4 World Cups. So there a Powerhouse – and I wanted to talk to you about some of their shortcomings, how in 1958 they got 4th Place and, then a 1934 1970, 2006 and 2010. They have received. Third place and in 1966 1980 to 1986 2002, they were runners-up for the World Cup, so they have a strong history of getting past the first round of World Cup and getting into knockout stages and even almost winning. So they have a very strong culture. Also 1938 was their worst showing of all time, and, ironically, ironically, that was during the same time and the Germany Germany occupied Austria, enforced few Austrian players to play with in their team to try to show a strong nation, and it just did not work. There was no Unity, they didn’t play. Well, so wait what that sounds. Great crazy! Yes! Yes, this is kind of a a political move on their part during the World War one and they had forced Austrian players to play with them to show all where were United miles per hour. So the other thing too.,

You know forcibly occupying murdering people in the air like but can’t be United if you’re not on the same page, you can’t do well – and you know another interesting point to – is that the Women’s National Team – they have won two World Cups. Also in 2003, in the US and 2007 in China, so there are equally a Powerhouse in in the women’s side of World Cupif. Someone was talking about, you, know, soccer teams and you know who’s in it thority when it comes to soccer you all people like who know about soccer with a agree with that statement, that Germany is a formidable force or is that just like opinion or you eat At I mean like I know, we’re talking about the stats in the back, but do you feel like most authorities in soccer most people wouldn’t give that same level of respect to Germany or without who feel like it? Let’S say I’m not a German fan right. I did, but I respect them. I’D see the quality that they bring and they’re starting to win me over over these years. I’M starting to see late. Maybe I should be really enjoying more of their getting it, and so I think, if you’re being honest, yes it and if you’re not or if you let the emotions, get to you, then I think that’s that’s where you’re not really giving them the credit you’re. Talking about the facts here, so it’s like we’re analyzing, fax, when I want to wish you – and I guess like what are you talking about The credibility and what they bring on both the men and women side when it comes to soccer? This is a hard trees for people to face, but it’s like you have to look at the results that you’re getting and so, if you’re, playing on the soccer team, if you want to try out for soccer team, but you don’t have the skill like there’s something Good about recognizing, where you are and then maybe getting the help, the training, the coaching, the support that you need to know to get where you want to be like what would you say to that if someone’s listening or they’re thinking man, I want to grow my Soccer skills and maybe they’re already on a team you’re practicing. You know what I mean like what are you say that I am up to me and say: hey my kid wants to play in the college level. We have this goal and I said well. I have a plan for you, you can do this, but this is what it’s going to take and some people say yet I’m on board. I want to do that. I know.

There’S, like I don’t know you know, so you have to line up. You have to back up the talk with with work with work or you want to go and then follow that plan, because you have kids if you try and have gone on to make a D1 school jucos, whatever their goal was still. I just think that’s an important step in the process of every kid that is said they want to do it and I really go after it. They have succeeded and they have going on like they really as long as they stay the course, and they continued to work hard and to train and to call college coaches and talk to them and show them their schedule and play well in the games. They have done it, and so you know what Pride soccer training is: that you walk the kids along that path. So it’s like you know, as a parent or even as a soccer player, it may be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it by yourself. It’S like, we know the steps to take. We know the proven success, so we can help you like, when your lifting off all those things the kid needed to do. You were advising them and showing them the way, Tulsa Soccer training not just on the soccer field. You were definitely doing that training, but then also saying here’s. What you need to do correct you have support is what I’m trying to say when you work with pride, you have support, you know when it comes to your soccer training, exactly it look. The biggest thing to realize you did not going to do this on your own, you have to have help and we all needed at various stages in our lives, so at Pride soccer training. We are here to help you to achieve your goals and what you said is very true about. You know working with you, maybe there you know wanting to test it out or get more information what. Do I need to do first thing they need to do. It is come and sign up for a training session. It’S a no-brainer just come in or fill out the form online and contact me. You can also reach me at 918-701-0983 and we can set up your first training session then from there. I look in evaluating where you are as a player and where we need to get you to be, and we come up with a plan for you from there.

Yet results like we are committed to getting you. Those results and Mike O’Neill said. If you’re willing to do the work – and you follow the system, it will work for you. We seen it time and time again, and I know you said what sometimes people just want more playing time on their team. Sometimes they want. You know to make a team. Sometimes they’re wanting to go professional we can help you achieve it, and you know it’s just making sure we stay focused and diligent. The the biggest part of it is really doing something everyday to improve your Technique take one day off, but the rest of the week. You have to be working hard and you have to be focused on what you’re doing you know how I see many kids that want to play. I said: hey you’ve got to work on juggling the ball, be able to control that ball. It’S it’s! It’S! It’S a fundamental thing and it sometimes it can be boring. You know, but you stay focused and once you achieve a certain level, it becomes more fun and that’s true for you as an individual. It’S true for your family, it’s just true across the board for a while, so we’re almost at a time so we’re going to have to wrap. But we want to say thank you for joining us and for listening. We are Pride, Tulsa soccer training and we would love to work with. You which house is only soccer training podcast and our goal at pride of Tulsa soccer training is to develop every player so that they can be technically sound and be a creatively strong force on their team, and they can have reach their goals on the pitch. If you want to learn more about Pride soccer training, and we would encourage you to go check us out online at Pride or you can call us at 918-701-0983, we would love a chance to earn your business and get you scheduled for your first training session. On WE guarantee results if you’re willing to work hard and follow the proven fact that we lay out for you. Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time.