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Tulsa Soccer Training : Proven Strategies

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa’s soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training Tulsa’s number one program for a personal soccer training and player development. In this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Neill Bente the founder and CEO of pride soccer training will share his wisdom proven strategies and insight for success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill pride of told to soccer. Training helps players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is Episode Two technical development O’Neal How are you doing today. Doing well and you. I’m doing great thank you for asking. So I know today we are talking about player development. But first I thought I’d have you just tell us a little bit about your organization pride of Tulsa soccer training.

Our organization is pride of Tulsa soccer training. And when it comes to one on one coaching in Tulsa soccer training we are number one. We work one on one with players to help them grow and develop in both character and skill through a proven track that guarantees improvement in your child’s technical skill tactical awareness physical ability and character perseverance respect integrity drive and excellence. Pride develops the total player body mind and soul. One of the things I love about soccer is that it does not matter how big or how small someone is or how fast or slow anyone can play the game with proper development hard work and drive. Anyone can be good. That is what makes me so passionate about the game and training players. The game is for everyone. OK

so you’re saying that any one no matter how big they are or how small they are. If they’re slow they’re fast you’re staying that anyone can play the sport. Yes yes that’s correct. Was correct. Explain how this is possible.

Well once a player has exceptional technique in dribbling trapping shooting passing and having the ball he or she now has the mental freedom to be creative and concentrate on thinking one or two steps ahead of the play. Therefore if a player knows he is slow he can know that in order to beat a faster opponent he must pay. Play the ball with one touch and immediately make a run to get it back again before it arrives before he even receives the ball. Another example is that if a player has the ball at her feet and is up against a bigger player she must get her opponent to overcome it and use the opponent’s momentum against her exceptional technique equals mental freedom which equals creativity.

OK. So that is great. I love that system but you’re saying that anyone can play the sport. And so when you’re saying like the player has exceptional technique like they’re dribbling they’re trapping they’re shooting they’re passing they’re hitting the ball. Is that something that just happens quickly because if you’re saying everyone can play that sport you know how is that possible. Are those skills that are easily attained does that take years. Elaborate on that Tulsa Soccer Training.

Well you know nothing worth having is going to happen immediately. It’s something that takes time and it takes years to develop proper technique and years to develop the the tactical awareness and the vision to do things a step ahead. So yeah basically if a player develops great technique then he or she will get the mental freedom to be more creative. But it’s something that does not happen overnight. It takes time and hard work and guidance. You can you can only do it by yourself but you have to have people who’ve done it before you to also help you along the way to kind of coach and train teach you. And

so when you’re saying anyone can play you’re saying anyone who’s willing to put in the work. Yes. That is that is exactly it. OK great. So how does Tulsa soccer training play into the concept that you are describing or the connection you know you mentioned earlier between having exceptional technique and then being able to you know express your creativity as a player.

Well pride of Tulsa soccer training helps each player to learn exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are if they don’t know it already. And we help to make their strength strengths stronger and their weaknesses into strengths by using a proven track method that works for every player and can help them develop quickly over a period of time.

So you’re pretty much saying that like once the player puts in that hard work and develops that great technique then they can go on and have this mental freedom to be creative and pretty much I guess you’re saying like having that proper technique. That’s like the foundation or the bedrock of everything.

Yes that’s correct.

And you know the funny thing is I’ve even seen a player in one hour of working on the right technique improve in the next game that they play. Wow. And it gave them so much more confidence that they continued to work on it. So it’s it’s like once you build a little bit of confidence and you do something it builds up more and makes you want to do more and work harder and keep working on that thing until you master it. So it’s kind of like it’s infectious like once you once you do something well you just want to build a more on top of that Tulsa Soccer Training.

So you are you’re saying that you have seen where you worked with someone and had one training session with them that that individual that player was really engaged and working really hard being receptive to your instruction and the drills that you you know customized for them. You’re saying that after one session of hard work and coming in and working on the skills with you and with your proven systems that you could see a difference in that player and in the next game. Yes that is correct. Wow. Good. So if you put in the work you get the results.

That’s right. This all about how much work you put in and the right work like you have to have the right to make give you practice the wrong thing you’re going to get the wrong results. But you practice the right technique that we teach you a pride boom you have it Tulsa Soccer Training.

Nice. OK so this concept of developing a player’s technique so they can be more creative. It ties into the philosophy of really well known soccer coach. He’s one of the greatest of all time. Mr. ARCE in Bangor one of my favorite. Yeah you love this guy or. Oh yeah I love them. Yeah. Now I feel like you can relate to him. I love seeing you watch him you guys even have similar mannerisms I think you know. Tell us a little bit about about him.

Well arsène Wenger is the French Football Manager of the English Premier League Arsenal and he is the club’s longest serving manager and he has the most success. He’s the most successful of all time for them. He’s led arsenal to 11 trophies since 1996. Now something that a lot of people don’t know is that I can’t remember the year at this moment but Arsenal was known as the Invincibles and this particular year they won the English Premier League without losing a game. Now they did tie a few but they didn’t lose any. And this is when one of the players Thierry Henri was playing for them it was it was just a magical magical experience. And it’s just it just shows with good leadership with the right technical development what you can do with the team.

OK I looked it up while you were talking and I found it online it says in that 2003 04 season Arsenal regained the premier league without a single defeat. It says over that 38 games played their league record stood at 26 wins 12 draws and zero losses and it was like an unbeaten run you know and it’s going on a talk about how to campaigning against Manchester United. And Tulsa Soccer Training

I that what you’re referencing. Yes. And I don’t think any other team has ever done this as a Premier League. Wow. And was that with Arsene Wenger. Yes that’s with Alzheimer’s. Nice nice nice.

I always think his last name is interesting because it’s spelled w e in GCR but that sounds like a B.

Yes. And I haven’t looked up his heritage yet but I believe he’s either as German heritage or Dutch. Somewhere in the background because the W is pronounced like these. You know I think in German or in dutch one of the two.

So and say you love Dutch you all into oh yeah that’s a whole different topic at another time.

So anyway our go quote today comes from Mr. ARCE in Bangor. And remember when we say go we’re not talking about the animal but goat is an acronym for the greatest of all time. And so Arsene Wenger has a great quote We’re going to kind of break down have a break down for us and discuss today and here’s what he has to say. Arsène Wenger says this young players need freedom of expression to develop as creative players. They should be encouraged to try skills without the fear of failure. I say all time he says. Young players need freedom of expression to develop as creative players. They should be encouraged to try skills without the fear of failure. OK so what do you have to say about Arsen Bangar in this quote.

Man I just love how he talks about this part of this aspect of the game and develop player development because it just rings so much truth. I’ll give you two examples. Tieri Henri. He came to him when his confidence was low. He was playing that UV-A wasn’t getting much playing time and he was struggling and Arsen says hey come play for me and I want you to play as a as a center forward for me and he’s like hey I don’t score goals what are you doing. And this is after Tieri read my mind you won a World Cup. We scored three goals in the World Cup and he was about 20 years old. So he’s one of the youngest players at that time on that team. And so he’s struggling for confidence which can happen to anyone at any time. And Arsen says no don’t worry about anything you just do what I tell you to do. I’ll train you. I believe in you have faith in you. You work on these things and boom in a few years later five or six years down the road. Honoree is Arsenal’s all time leading goal score. He was their captain. He was a wonderful player and he just grew and developed under that.

I have a question about that. Why was Terry Henri struggling Do you think what was going on with his confidence if he was such a high level caliber player what happened.

Well from what I understand and then I’ll put my personal opinion into it too. But from what I understand he went to a club with superstars like the Don and some other players that were there at the time and he was struggling just to break in like he was struggling to deal with the culture it was in the Italian culture. I think he struggled to break into the squad to score goals and to really just do the things that he needed to do he didn’t. I don’t think he felt the freedom and I don’t think he felt very good about his technique just a rough transition in his career.

So how does that tie into with this you know quote from arsène Wenger how does this experience with Terry I’m you know. How do you feel like that ties and because. Did he give him that freedom of expression while he was you know working with him.

Yes. He gave him the freedom he said these are the tools I want you to master. And then you use it in the way you see fit. And when you do that with a player they get to bring out their creativity and they’re in charge of what they are doing at that point and anybody who’s in charge of themselves and what they’re doing then they have the freedom to do wonderful things magical things that nobody else can do.

So you’re saying technique first you have to put in that time you have to do the training you need someone who can help you grow and develop. And obviously that’s what they do here at Pride of Tulsa soccer training pride of Tulsa soccer training. O’Neal that is our time. But thank you so much for sharing all the insight and the information. It’s always a pleasure.

Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure getting to talk with you.

Yeah we love it. And to our listeners thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening to Tulsa’s only soccer training podcast. If you want to learn more about prize soccer training please visit our Web site pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call right now. Call us today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Pride of Tulsa soccer training we teach both character and skill and if you are willing to do the hard work if you’re willing to put in that time and develop that techniques or your creativity can flourish. We can guarantee results. Thank you again so much for joining us. Until next time