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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 37 – Zinedine Zidane – Part 1 –  04-22-17_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast this podcast is brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development. In this podcast O’Neill beento is a soccer coach a personal soccer trainer and also the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. He’s going to share wisdom insight proven tools and strategies for player success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer has this wonderful mission. It’s really focused and simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both their character and their skill so that they can reach their goals in everyday life and on the soccer pitch. Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals and helps them win in everyday life. And this is episode 37. And oh my gosh O’Neill we are talking about one of your all time favorite people Xina deans at dawn also known as the zoo. Listen people get ready this is going to be several podcasts I know because I know you have so much to say.

Oh yes. It’s going to be a wonderful ride like a roller rollercoaster ride Tulsa Soccer Training.

So yes Dean has it done. One of the most beautiful players to ever play that game. I just have to give a little bit of you know personal background on this is that he Besides Georgia hard you get to watch like a superstar. And you know playing there in their prime. I got to actually watch him play in his prime and it was a fun journey to watch him grow as a player. And I would say behind Pele and Maradona and maybe Kroy he may be in tie tie with Kroy fee probably a little bit behind Kroy but he’s probably the fourth or fifth best player to ever play the game and I rate him above Messi and above Cristiana.

Although Is he your number one like your all time number one or I know Pele is up there for you too. So where does where does easier that’s what they call him right the zoo. Yes. Where does he. Where does the down fall for you. You Tulsa Soccer Training

mean out of like the world Larry or my my love my love of the game list. Which one.

Just for you. I mean like I’m not sure what you mean by that like out of every one where does he fall for you.

OK so I’ll give you two two scenarios here because it’s two for me. But if you read on about my favorite player that I grew up watching as Hodgy.

But if you’re talking about favorite player of all time like you who I rate in history I would say would be Pele married Donna Johan Cruyff and the Don.

So he’s in your top five. OK. OK. Well I know you have a wealth of information about him and shout out to your homeboy Derek Sharp because I have heard you to go back and forth talking about the amazing. You know I don’t even know you guys just geek out whenever you’re talking about the dog. Oh yeah. And what World Cup was that.

I don’t remember which World Cup but it will get there. OK.  Tulsa Soccer Training Well I mean I’ll let you take that take away you go for it what do you got to tell us.

Well I do want to say something about Derek Sharp. Real quick. He’s a good man. He is. He lent me this movie.

That’s what it is. I remember you guys. Yeah that’s what it is. That’s what it is.

The DVD or whatever gave you the DVD for me is a little bit too dramatic almost. But he loved it more than I did because I think he loves it down next to me. I mean those are like his two top.

But anyway you liked the DVD. I’m totally calling you out on it. You liked it. It was OK. You like it Tulsa Soccer Training.

You loved it don’t even try to play but had 17 cameras were used in this and it was filming him in one game and it was like an hour and a half of him touching the ball and thought he was going through and it’s just it was like a deep analysis like visually.

And then was it him it was him right you know discussing what he was thinking feeling.

If I remember correctly yes because I remember one thing he’s talking about like yeah I woke up this morning I knew it was going to be a crazy day. And he’s talking about what was going on in the world. And then he’s about to go play this game for real madrid where you know he does some wonderful things and some crazy stuff too. So it’s just something you’ve got to see.

The DVD was interesting to me because it was kind of like like I’m trying to explain to people who were listening in this time now what that is akin to. And it would be a candle like a Beyonce documentary.

Tulsa Soccer Training Like if anybody’s ever watched it I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard about it where it’s like filming everything talking you know incessantly about yourself and your life and explaining who you are and how you work and just letting people kind of see behind the scenes to someone that they’re really fascinated by because I’m like if we have any you know any players you train or anyone listening they probably can’t relate to that but it would be like a Beyonce giving like a glimpse into her life. That’s what it was like for him you know. And he’s pretty quiet and he does not like you know do a lot of interviews or he’s not in the spotlight. So that was that’s what I why it was interesting to me too because it was him talking about himself. And Beyonce is like that too.

She didn’t talk about all his stuff so you know he’s very very soft spoken and then a man of few words so yeah. People love to know more about him. But let me get back to what I did I got sidetracked because of my love for the guy. He’s awesome. So but he’s the son of Algerian immigrants and is the youngest of five siblings. So also his temperament. He was very introverted. And like I said a while home in a few words.

So when he speaks about something a lot of people listen and I think what’s important about that is with the DVD that Derek lent you and you watched just like there’s not a lot of information out there with him talking about himself. And so if you Google like you know Cristiana and although you can probably find a lot you know a lot of interviews a lot of information but with a dog. I mean I don’t I don’t know that there’s anything else even you know so that’s why that stood out to me so much because you know he does not have a lot to say Tulsa Soccer Training.

He’s quiet you know because you know he as a youth he played in the French French under-17 national team the A-Team national team and also the under-21 So he grew up in the French system and he played for fun clubs he played for Con Bordeaux where he won the InterToto Cup in 1995.

That word always sounds like it’s the wrong word to me but I know it’s the right. Intertoto it sounds like we’re saying the wrong thing but we’re not exactly in it.

You play for Ventus one Intercontinental Cup for supercup he won the series twice. And also the way the InterToto Cup and then he went on to real madrid and won the league. He also had two super Copa dyspnea championships the UFA championship league. He won one time and the UAE for supercup as well as the international Cup. So he has a lot of honors and also tell you he’s he’s right now he’s coaching at Real Madrid so he coaches Cristiano Ronaldo which is awesome.

What is UK for again. Is that like a governing body I can’t remember.

It’s the European governing body of soccer god. So they they make sure that all the European countries and and leagues fall under certain governing rule.

So you said he’s coaching at the hour right now. Yes. How long is that like a new recent thing has he been there for five years is it.

I think he’s been there for like two to three years if I’m not mistaken this time has flown by faster than that and he’s not the head coach is he is.

This is what’s so funny about him is like his personality like Yardies that he’s very introverted most. Most coaches are not. Maybe most. But you know popular culture than you would think someone like Don who was such a successful popular player you would feel like he’d be more prominent. Do you think that’s like his choice his personality or do you feel like he is prominent. What’s your take on that. You know more about soccer than me.

Wow. I think he is. But he just has a swagger about him. It’s like a quiet confidence so nobody really I don’t feel people question him too much. You know he’s got some of the best players in the world that won the league once under him at least I think they won. Also the European Championship title under him. So he has already shown that he can you know keep the the best players on top. So I think the next step for him would be to coach France. In my opinion and you know I I think his personality he can definitely do what he likes but I don’t think he pushes himself out there as much. I think people want to know more about him and that’s just his choice.

Tulsa Soccer Training That’s just who he is so I have a question for you I know we’re almost out of time but what would you say is something that you know initially caught your attention about him or like Drew you to him. What what was it about him just something in the beginning that was like I like this guy what was that his skill.

You know he went up against Brazil and took them down in 1998 World Cup. That was a team I was rooting for at that time and he took the Brazil down again in 2006 World Cup knocked him out of the world cup and that was the team I was rooting for again. So you know I was like man this guy keeps But I start to watch him and observe him and I was like this due to so skillful and beautiful watch you know and we’ll get into more of that here in a little bit.

So again his skill is kind of the draw there and so as always with pride of Tulsa soccer training. The focus is on your child your soccer player developing their skill. And when we talk about all of these wonderful player profiles and that the giftedness and the talent it always goes back to their training and their hard work. So if you would like more information about pride of Tulsa soccer training please look us up online. Our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com. You can look us up online or give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training. We teach character. We teach strong technique and we can help your child grow their soccer skills. Thank you so much for listening and we will see you next time.