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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 44 – Zinedine Zidane – Part 8 – 04-22-17_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training pride soccer training is Tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development. In this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Niel been to is the founder and CEO of prize soccer training will be sharing wisdom insight tools tips strategies and information from player profiles to help soccer players grow and achieve success both on and off the soccer pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is very simple and effective. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa a soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 44. It’s part 8 and our final installment in the player profile of Zinedine Zidane who is also Zazu O’Neil Bente is in the studio with us as always how are you doing today. Fantastically well. He’s always fantastic. Well sometimes he’s just doing well but most of the time you’re fantastically well. Well this is our last you know segment of this player profile in Edina dawn. Mr. Xue we’ve talked to you I am quite a bit and I know a lot of your love and passion for him has come through and he has so much richness to disguise. So what are we going to be focusing on today in our final installment.

Well we’re going to wrap it up with the remainder of his quotes. And you know his impact on the game.

And you shared some really good quotes last time with us. I know there was one by is Platini But to me I always tell you Michel Platini I always say it wrong. I say Platini But it’s pledge to me. And he was talking about what his tell me. What else was he talking about.

He mastered technique and so he was at the top of technique in the game itself. So he was the bar. And and then you know there’s also Franz Beckenbauer who talked about how beautiful he was to play watched watched him play and he would dance around with the ball and he was just elegant and it was almost like he wasn’t a football. He was a dancer Tulsa Soccer Training.

I love that quote because it’s like when you think about really think about the depth of that if you’re watching a performance or a dancer they have practiced so much and so long and so hard they are doing a piece that you know they have this cast of characters when you just think about a performance. And so for someone to like an individual’s ability to a performance. I mean I don’t know that you could give anyone a higher compliment because even those who don’t I’m sure is a hard worker and trainer. Nothing about the soccer game is like choreographed it like that. You can’t really predict right. I mean I don’t know that one just really spoke to me from back in Bouwer. I really liked how he complimented him as a player that has to come from the heart Tulsa Soccer Training.

When you play as much as it is technique and skill you must have that passion. That’s just love of the game. That changes things. And when you have that understanding that vision you can be so creative. I mean Saddam was a very creative and beautiful player to watch. And you know he also talked about his childhood he just just said how lucky he was that Don said yes. So as Don said how lucky he was to grow up in a community where you know had different races and different poor families working together and playing together and doing life together. And he said Every day was a struggle growing up but he learned from it it just taught him more than soccer talking about life. And he’s so grateful for that growing up and I’m like sure said earlier you know the learning comes in the struggle.

Tulsa Soccer Training So that was and I grew up in our last podcast I remember that I think to like one or going through struggle nobody is like I’m so happy to be out here struggling. But what you get from that there’s the skill set the strength the resilience or the stamina the mental toughness whatever you come out from that and you’re you better believe when Beckenbauer is talking about him or plaque to me. Everything that they’re seeing him do on that field creatively it comes. It all comes back to everything that he’s learned how he grew up how he was raised how he trained how he practiced. Isn’t it funny how all of that plays a role.

Yes it is amazing because you take any part of that out. It may not be who he is. He needs every bit of who he was to become how great he was so church. It’s amazing how is the zoo. You know grew in stature and you know he worked on technical ability is just phenomenal.

Tulsa Soccer Training Now I know that you love him. He’s one of your all time favorites. Your top five. And I loved watching you like seeing Don through your eyes because I was watching you watch those games and I was watching them with you but because you love soccer so much and my love for soccer has really come from being around you and learning from you. This is a player who is really special to me because we’ve watched so many pivotal things together and I watched you watch it and be excited or sad or you know so I love that we’ve been able to spend so much time on him. What would you say to our listeners like what’s your favorite thing or your favorite things if you had to tell us you know about it. Don what do you like about him most.

I loved Zedong’s technical ability as tactical awareness his vision and creativity and also loved his humanity and how he represents people at their best at their worst. And he’s just honest about who he is. And I respect that so much. I love that about him. I learned how to you know be a better player or better person by watching him his life on the grand stage of soccer It just taught me so much. It gives me things to teach kids with. I think so many times we can watch someone do greatness on top of how great they are how great they are. And then we just ignore how human they are too and with him you can’t ignore either one. You see the greatness and you see the humanness in him. And we need to learn from both sides because we are too.

Like we all have that in us also and we are going to have our headbutting moments. You know everybody’s going to have those. And so when we’re talking about it we’re not like talking you know over a place of judgment but you’re just kind of looking at what happened then and really for me like your heart goes out to them because we all have had those moments where it’s like. And I wish I could have done that differently or you know that that problem my my my impatience or whatever got the best of me. You know so I just had to navigate humanit human humanity whatever you know we all have that that’s true Tulsa Soccer Training.

It’s true. You know I think for even for me every time I play on the field I have to think about keeping my emotions in check every time because there’s some players that will just nudge you and hit you. I don’t like to play that way. I don’t want someone hitting me. And it becomes offensive to me but not to take that too far in the offensive side of things.

This is not to be a fan. I always tell you to don’t no fighting when you’re living like you know fighting because when you’re playing and you’re passionate and you know it’s it’s easy you know to get riled up. Shoot some of us drive and we’re passionate and we get riled up. You know just driving from ATV still finishing up with our you know part eight our final episode on Xenophanes. Don how would you say you know that he was significant as a player or what. What about him makes him significant to the world of soccer Tulsa Soccer Training.

Well you know when I hit this real quick before we get to that if he for me was simply one of the best if not the best player I’ve ever watched with my own eyes live play. And that was a huge impact to me. I think his significance to the game was that he brought beauty and creativity back to the game. And whereas now you have players that have sheer power and speed and skill Zadory didn’t have so much of you know the power necessarily sorrily or the speed or the change of pace. So he had the ability to handle the ball and be creative in a beautiful way that I don’t see so often now. You know I think Christiane and all of for instance is a great player. He’s skillful at speed and power and he’s got a lot of I mean skill for days. Right. But I just don’t see him necessarily as beautifully as I sees it on your show and maybe that’s what stood out to me when you’re talking about like you just loved.

He was one of the best players that you got to watch you know on TV. Maybe that’s for me what it was. Why he’s so special as well because it’s like I saw I was like an eyewitness of that. And what’s interesting is when you talk about his significance and what he brings to the game his creativity his beauty. It’s almost like. And I agree with you because he’s not out there you know running you know 40 40 yards in like seconds or anything like that but it’s almost like his beauty and his creativity. Those things were his power. Yes you know and they were his speed and his skill if that makes sense. It made a perfect sense. You know what else Tulsa Soccer Training.

Like he said that you brought a different impression of us. Like a more artistic and beautiful. I think soccer is an artistry. It’s a it’s an art form not just a sport. And you hit the nail on the head there. But and also you know the second thing that was very important to the game is that he showed that a player in their twilight years at age 34 he can be even more masterful at that time than when he was in his physical prime.

Tulsa Soccer Training And this is twilight years for soccer we’re not saying if you’re 34 that you’re older in your twilight. This is just for your soccer. That’s correct. Definitely. What else did you have anything else before we wrap up today. No. Does it feel like it’s finally finished. Yes. Well so just like I’m sitting down and all of these segments that we’ve done as a player profile on him you know Zinedine Zidane was a masterful player. He used his technique he used his vision he used creativity and O’Neill spoke about him dismantling his opponents well pride soccer training we can help develop players with the same technical ability the same type of vision and creativity so that they can work to achieve their highest level of play and be a formidable force on the soccer field and can dismantle their opponents with their skills as well. So please call us today. We can help you grow in your ability in your technical and tactical awareness on the soccer field. We can take you from a beginner all the way to an expert. We have plans and we customize training sessions just to help you grow and develop. So we will we will show you the way. Give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again our phone number is 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Give us a call and set up your first question today. You can also look us up on line our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com again our Web site is pride.

Tulsa dot com and look us up online. Call us today. Set up your first training session and start changing the trajectory of your life and grow prolifically in your soccer skills. Thank you for joining us for this player profile on Zinedine Zidane. We have enjoyed it. We hope you have too and we will see you at the next episode