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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 26 – My First World Cup – Part 3

Hello and thank you for joining us we are pride of Tulsa soccer training this is our podcast and we are Tulsa’s the number one option when it comes to soccer player one on one personal training and development. We are joined as always with O’Niel bent too is a passionate soccer player soccer trainer and soccer coach. And this is episode 26. We are talking about World Cups and this particular episode is Part 3 of a series we’ve been doing. It’s my first World Cup. O’Neill’s first World Cup in 1990. So O’Neill is here to talk with us today I think you talked with us about countries last time right and so are you going ahead and talk about your superstars this time what have you got for us today.

O’NEILL Yes we are going to light up the show with superstars from 1990. So the first one we have to mention is of course marijuana. He’d already won the last World Cup in 86. He’s here to try to reclaim his crown a second time and he led his team again to the finals of the World Cup and he ended up losing to Germany in the finals on piquet. And I saw him devastated and crying and I saw the passion in him I understood what he wanted and what he felt he had to have and what was you know fell through his fingertips and so he was he was really saddened by the loss Tulsa Soccer Training.

So they whine marijuana in Argentina why in the previous World Cup in 86 they made it all the way to the finals of 90. That’s right.

And then lost to Piquet’s the game which is a case of one.

No it was just one penalty kick in the game. Somebody found something in the box. Oh my gosh. Wow.

That may. I can feel it in my heart too. I’m so married Donna was your first star you wanted to talk about who else Roger Miller.

So Roger Miller was he played for the indomitable lions. And if those of you who don’t know who the indomitable lions are is none other than Cameroon. And that was the first African team that I loved growing up was Cameroon. And so I remember him. He did some magical things. There was a goalkeeper named Rene Heggie to play for Colombia. And so when Cameroon played Colombia Renee Hagi was known for doing some crazy things like the scorpion kick which means he would he would jump forward in the air and then use his heels to clear a ball off of the line.

So he was a goalie it clear his feet that’s awesome he was back in that goal.

Yeah. He was also known as a sweeper keeper. And so he would come up out of his box with the ball and play the ball. So he was just he was really wild. I mean it was amazing to see him Tulsa Soccer Training.

And you mean wild in a good way like do you.

Use it to his face he was like I’m not sure or like it.

I think he was crazy. To be honest with you I really do. Because I mean to clear a ball off of your goal line with what you’re doing with your heels now he’s jumping in here. And he’s come up over his head like a scorpion tail light yes like a scorpion tail and he heals the ball out of the goal like it’s going. I mean he’ll get out. He has done this and I don’t know if I don’t remember him doing in that world cup but what is his name. Renee Ghita good so I haven’t cleared the ball like did he clear it out of bounds. Back in the field back onto the field. I’m like you are too lazy to do that. The flexibility the guts the craziness even the technical ability he had that so. Wow. So it was wild Tulsa Soccer Training.

And so Roger Milla or an egg that comes out of his box with the ball and Roger Miller runs on and takes it off of his foot and puts it in the back of the net and eliminates. Are you kidding me. Lumpier kidding me. No I’m not kidding. Roger Meola took down Scorpene get. Yes. Took him down while on the ball from knocked him down but took the ball from well I mean metaphor and this runs to the corner and does this dance and it’s so wonderful so beautiful lies.

And so Roger Milla was a very he was the oldest player in the tournament and he was scoring a lot of goals. So it was just amazing to see he’d be in the game for like 15 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes and he’d score a goal Tulsa Soccer Training.

So also Valderrama. He also played with Colombia on Colombia and he played with Renee Gaeta and he was a very noticeable player too because he had a big bushy blond curly here and he was very skillful. He was the type of player to get the ball play it run running get it back in play. He didn’t do a lot of dribbling not pace but he would do a lot of distribution and he was a very good player. It was amazing to see a player just be so self less with the ball.

In my opinion like he would give the plate to the person who should have it the most and then he’d run the space to get it back again. And he was the captain of their team. So he he was a wonderful player again. And of course there’s Georgie Hodgy your favorite.

My favorite of all time.

Let’s take a moment of silence and we’re back.

Georgie Hardy Yes you love them so much that you don’t even now Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes. This was his first first World Cup and I really did not know of him at that time. I ended up when I had the tapes later on because we would tape all the games my dad and I went back and watched him play and I was just amazed at the things he did he took on marijuana. They tied I think it 1 one in the World Cup. And so to think that marijuana have the Carpathians versus the original Donna and they tie one line.

What was that game like Do you remember. What was that energy like in that game Tulsa Soccer Training.

It seemed like there was a lot of passion. There was a lot of fouling to which I didn’t really like but I did see a lot of skill and a lot of teamwork. So it was it was a good game to watch. You know a lot of ways and in some ways kind of annoying because I get tired of the fouling and the you know the diving and things like that. So I remember hardly getting a yellow card in that game with Maradona sadness on his face.

You can’t say it wasn’t. I didn’t think it was a joke. He maybe I’m biased it was him and marry Donny in a tangle. Yes. A married man had just stripped him of the ball and then he ran back and got it from marijuana and then he got a yellow card.

And I was like I didn’t see much of a difference in the two tackles but I don’t know I remember. But marijuana was poor as he was playing in Italy where he played. He played his league for his club there in Napoli. So I think maybe the referees are also looking out for him. So you know that’s my thought. But once again I could be biased Yeah.

And then you mentioned is it low on low. How do you say it. Love our motto. Armatus I remember you mentioned him in the previous podcast because you’re talking about Germany and how they they won. Is he the one who put the goal away Tulsa Soccer Training.

No. But here’s the deal. OK. Germany was Germany. Argentina met up in the finals of 86. They end up meeting up again in the finals of 90.

I did not know that yes dear but lo thar is like the captain in this state Tulsa Soccer Training.

He’s the captain that everybody would want to have. Like he was determined. I remember him running and dribbling through people he was like a force and he would score goals. He would work hard. He was a wonderful magnificent player and he’s just someone who is hard nosed working but also skillful at the same time. And you know he even though I don’t I didn’t like him you know growing up because I just was not a Germany fan but I respected him very much. So like if you were to write a story and someone is going to be the person that you’re up against and he’s going to be this person who’s smart and and very technical and tactical he’s the person that I would have up against you know the protagonist and it wouldn’t be like he’s an evil person it just me that he is every bit as good as the hero of the story. And for the Germans he was the protagonist and the hero of their story and he was a phenomenal player. So definitely look him up in the research room. There’s also you’re getting Klinsmann who was the forward for them. I like you and me too. Me too. He had long beautiful strides and he was fast. He was a goal scoring machine so you couldn’t give him any space. He would find it and he’d put it away. So he is a very very good forward. And then there was correct. From Brazil. And I remember at that time I wanted to wear number 9 like him because I just loved how he played.

He was so beautiful with his footwork and how he moved and scored goals and how he celebrated and I just thought he actually played at Napoli with marijuana. So he was part of the reason that he was so good at that time and the last two that both played on Italy was Roberto Baggio the divine ponytail. So he had a long ponytail and he was a phenomenal player. He was just coming on the scene at that time he was young and very skillful could score goals and total Schillaci. He was much like Roger Miller where he’d come off the bench for 20 minutes and he would score a goal and he helped Italy get to the semifinals of the world cup in 1990. So total Schillaci you remember him.

There’s even been songs I like his name Squillaci. Yes like a reggae song on Paul and it talks it up that know awesome.

Well I just love hearing about all these players I can just listen to you talk about the world cup from 1990 or first world cup and I can hear you just now sharing your love and your passion for the game and had you watched any world cups before this one. Or is this the first one where you really paid attention. What do you mean there when you call it your first World Cup.

This is the first World Cup I was able to watch it live like I didn’t have video footage to go back to. I was watching it live as it happened. I watched it you know and at that time to my mind you they had commercials that interrupted the game.

But you did not lie. Yeah. So come a long way it’s come a long way. Well if you are a soccer player or you have a child or children who are playing soccer and they want to grow and develop in their soccer skills we encourage you to look us up online and connect with us. We would love to train your child and help them develop and grow. I mean you can look us up online at Pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Thank you so much for joining us. We are the pride of Tulsa a soccer training podcast. We teach character and develop skills. And if your child is willing to do the work we can give you results guaranteed until next time Tulsa Soccer Training.