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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 7 – Diego Maradona Part 3 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast this podcast is brought to you by pride soccer training. Tulsa is number one program for soccer training and soccer player development. And this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Neill Bente the founder and CEO of pride soccer training will share proven strategies tips facts wisdom and insight that are attributed to success with soccer and just everyday lessons about life woven in as well. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is very simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is Episode 7. We are continuing in the series of Mr. Diego mayor Donna we’ve been talking about this player during a player profile on him. Mr. Hand of God Himself Diego mayor Donna this is our final installment part three. O’Neill How are you doing today and what do you want to tell us about Mr..

Hand of God Diego mayor Donna I’m doing very well and Mr. Diego Maradona his passion it’s He’s just the number one most passionate player I’ve ever seen in my life. But here’s what I wanted to talk about a little bit of a quote from another player a great Franco Bracey from Italy. He was one of Italy’s best defenders of all time and he had a quote regarding marijuana and he says marijuana when he was on form there was almost no way of stopping him.

He’s just like a train. Like he just comes through and he just runs you over with skill and beauty and very few players can do that.

That determination that drive I think for me just talking with you about Diego Maradona Donna over these last few podcasts we’ve done. I love that he wasn’t just a passionate player because you can have passion about something. And that’s that’s all well and good. But he also like put in the hard to work do doing the time doing his time training developing He was a hard worker in addition to the passion because sometimes and maybe you can speak to that. I think it’s easy to have a love of something and I’m so passionate about this but maybe you’re not willing to do the work you know and that’s that’s to me what stands out about Diego on him Tulsa Soccer Training.

That’s very true. I mean he worked hard. He was relentless at his work. There are different games and stories I’ll give you a quick story Zedong talked about how great of a player Maradona was. People talk about how great Saddam was and Saddam was like nothing and I’m not as good as married Donna marijuana would play this cross-bar game where he hit the crossbar as many times as he could with the soccer ball. From Mike I’d say maybe 15 20 18 yards out. You just hit the crossbar. Boom boom boom. He’s training doing this training doing on purpose. It’s not like it’s an accident on purpose. And then they said another player had said he play on his team. He was saying how. At times they would just watch him in practice like they would watch him do tricks and they just stop playing and watch him and explain that what that’s about Tulsa Soccer Training.

Because that sounds crazy like if I’m on a team with someone and then we’re working and I’m just stopping watching him. But there’s a reason. You know what I mean like what is that. What do you think that’s about.

I think it’s about like when you have trained at something and you work to perfecting your craft and you’re actually good you’re getting paid for this. You know you’re on Barcelona you’re on Napoli you’re on these great teams. And then there’s a guy that’s even greater by far than anything you’ve ever done and you’ve been training your whole life to be there and this guy comes in and he’s been training his whole life too. But he has this gifting and this work ethic and this skill and this technique that he has mastered and he is able to do things that you wouldn’t even imagine trying to do.

Tulsa Soccer Training So I think you hit it there. It’s that his level. He was just beyond just he’s not just an expert. I think you hit it when you said he’s a master he has attained mastery. And I know that we have a quote from Diego Mayor Don Mr. Hand of God Himself. And I’m going to let you kind of impact this and break it down. I think it ties into what you were saying about you know the player stopping and being in awe of him. But Diego mayor Donna says this when people succeed it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success. I’m going to do it one more time. That’s a really really good he says when people succeed. It is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.

So true. All the greats that I have studied everybody that I see. Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo Messi Pele David Beckham everybody practices all the time. This is their craft this is their livelihood and this is their passion and so he knows how much he put into becoming good the tears the blood the sweat everything that he cared about.

He wanted to win everything if he lost he was crying. He was distraught. That’s how much passion he put into everything he did. So it’s not by luck that he was able to do those things. It wasn’t just like flipping a coin or today I guess I get to do be eight guys and do the hand I’ve got to go. No it’s that he has worked his tail off until he got to a point where no matter what happens he’s not breaking.

But don’t you think sometimes people tend to think oh he’s just lucky. You know he was blessed with a lot but you know he’s just gifted. Look at him he could juggle so well when he was just like nine or 10. I mean don’t you think that people do tend to attribute success with luck. Would you say that.

I think a lot of times they do. I think they ignore some factors.

I think there’s some God given talent and skill that you get that or that you’re gifted with like speed. You can you can work on speed but a lot of that’s a gift.

You can work on quickness but a lot of that’s a gift and you can still develop and grow in that area. But if someone’s faster than you maybe you have to work on some other aspects to compensate.

That’s right. But when you start taking that gift that you’ve been given and then you poor hard work on it and determination. I mean there’s no way you won’t succeed. You can only succeed at that point.

You know reminds me of an I don’t know like what our listeners believe but I know like we are believers in God and you know we respect whatever people choose to believe. So there’s no judgment or disrespect intended but what you’re talking about reminds me of the story in the Bible about the parable of talents. Do you know do you know that story. Yes. And it’s like God gave each person like a certain measure and I think that talent is like referring to like a unit of money or like a coin or something like that. Yes but you gave each person you know a certain measure of talent and the goal was to take that talent there was one guy who like took it and just hit it in the ground he was basically fearful and he was like I don’t want to lose it you know I wanted to make sure I get it back to you and I know you’re like a hard master. But the other people like another guy he took it and he like doubled it. You know our quadruple that and that kind of goes into what you’re saying about the work you have to put in it like it’s not just enough. Right. It’s not just talent Tulsa Soccer Training.

That’s right. I have always found if you put in 100 percent of work you’re going to get 100 percent back if you put 50 you get 50. You know there is the law of sowing and reaping and whatever you put in you will get back.

Yeah what you means is if you put nothing in you get nothing back. So sometimes I think people may be wondering why isn’t my child progressing or why aren’t they learning. And if they’re passionate about it and they love it they may need more coaching and development. You may have to put more in it. It may cost you a little more you know but it’s worth it. It’s going to pay off in the end.

That’s right. And in the end is the key word there too. It may take time patience does it because you so now does it mean going right now. Sometimes it takes years to do it but you will see the harvest.

You will see the hard. Ok awesome What else about Mr. Diego Mayor Don I know you have a few more things you wanted to say what you really liked about him. What were the things that stood out to you that you really loved about me. Yeah.

I really love the fact that he had passion he had drive and he took that into his dribbling dribble at top speed and he would touch the ball just enough to beat people. And so he knew each touch he needed to make it and mastered the technique of dribbling mastered the technique of shooting chipping by you know whatever you need to do heading. He was a phenomenal player. He had vision and his vision. He could see two three steps ahead of the game Tulsa Soccer Training.

So that was remarkable. I love the fact. Like I said before he’s left footed. For me having a left footed role model to look at you know technique was was very important to my development. And those are the qualities that I love about him.

Well what you’re describing when you’re talking about him being able to dribble at top speed. That to me is such a marriage of your talent the work that you’ve done the muscle memory where it’s almost like how you’re describing him his vision. It almost sounds like he was like intuitive because he mastered his skills to such a high degree that he got like take that game to like this level that probably a lot of people like you’re saying don’t understand because you didn’t have to think about where am I going to put the ball what am I doing next. He was just operating on just a higher level is what it sounds like.

Yeah it’s very true. Like once you’ve mastered something you can stop thinking about just dropping the ball or thinking about dribbling the ball. You can then think about what am I going to do after I receive it and I push it this way and I run that way. And where is the player going to be and what am I going to do with that ball. You’re thinking several steps down the head because you are sure 100 percent sure that you have that ball at your feet and that you’re going to be able to control it the way you need to and that you can beat their opponent the way you want to. And so those are the things that it takes a lot of hard work and time with the technical aspect of it before you can get to the more intuitive part of it that you’re talking about.

OK. You also told me that marijuana was like was it fee for Player of the 20th century.

OK so yes that is right. So there was a joint there’s a joint award that was given to both him and Pele. And so they fight over who is the best all the time. But it was a joint award from FIFA that was the player of the 20th century. So it’s a huge award. And you know I’m I’m on the Pele side of things for many reasons such as character. You know he won three World Cups not just one but Diego Maradona was a driving force.

Now I understand why people have him neck in neck with Peller And so maybe they’re both just equally good in different ways kind of because it seems like you can never really outmatch outweigh the other. They’re both just you know disparate they’re both forces. Very true. Now how does this all tie into a pride of the soccer training. I know we spent you know three podcasts talking about Dragomir damend Mr. Hand of God. How does this tie into the work that you do at Pride of Tulsa soccer training.

Well probably we’re very passionate about improving kids techniques so that they can achieve their goals so we work on their technical ability their tactical ability their physical strength. We work on their character so that when they have those situations like should they use the hand of God or not they choose not to. And they go the other route to put the ball on the back of the net.

So and this develops their confidence too right.

Overall very much so that is all a confidence so that’s what we work on.

And when you when you think of Mary Donna how does that tie in to what you do at Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training.

It ties in because Marilyn was a hard working player and so he worked on his technique all the time. And so that’s what we are about over. Pride is just making sure that we work hard with your child to make sure they master their technique and they adopt that work ethic so they can work hard.

Wonderful for me Mayor Don I’ve heard you talk about his drive how it helped him achieve so much over the course of his career. All these great honors. Pride of Tulsa soccer training can take your child and develop them. They can take their passion give them proper technique and kind of fuel their gifting and their talent so that they can be a dominant force on the soccer field. Thank you guys so much for joining us. Thank you for listening to Tulsa’s only soccer training podcast. Pride of Tulsa soccer training strives to develop your player. And if you want more information please visit us online at Pride Tulsa dot com. Again that’s pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. And online you can visit our Web site at Pride Tulsa dot com at Pride of Tulsa soccer training. We teach soccer players character and skill. And if your player is willing to work hard the results are guaranteed. Thank you guys so much for joining us. Until next time