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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 10 – David Beckham Part 3 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast this podcast is brought to you by pride soccer training Tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development and this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Neill Bente the founder and CEO of pride of Tulsa soccer training. We’ll share his wisdom stories facts insight and proven strategies for success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple. We help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players to achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is Episode 10. Bend it Like Beckham. We’re doing a player profile on David Beckham and this is part three. O’Neill How are you doing today. Doing well and you. I’m doing great. We’ve been talking about David Beckham. So I know this is our part three. What do you want to start today and where are we headed.

Well we’ll start with you know he played for many different clubs and of course we talked about Manchester United. He also played for Real Madrid L.A. Galaxy Inter Milan and Paris Saint-Germain in France. So the vast majority of the clubs that he won the league title. So he was a very impactful player wherever he went to. So he could help any team win. And he was always noted for his work ethic and his dedication and he was a very smart player too. While he was the interim Milan he was about the age of 33 which for soccer players playing at the professional level at that level that’s old. So that’s that’s the twilight of his career. And so his coach Carlo Ancelotti said this about him on the pitch. Beckham sees everything before everyone else. His vision of play is better now than during his time in Manchester. He is slower and much stronger tactically and technically he is very intelligent and works a lot. Tulsa Soccer Training  So that’s what he said about him at towards the end of his career. So because of his technical ability and his vision and his smarts he was able to still play at a high level even though he was not as fast as he was before so he could play the ball where it needed to go he would see that earlier he would do it better.

The technique was sharper even though his body physically couldn’t run as fast and that goes back to what you’re always talking about is the importance of doing the practice is doing the training growing in your technique because at that point he probably was close to mastery or or a master of his craft. And so those are the muscle memory skills you’ve learned are going to serve you in a way that can outdo someone maybe who’s faster or younger because you have this great body of technical ability and understanding.

Yes that’s true. That’s very true. You know I want to I want to I have a confession to make. Well at first I would. I always thought of him as like you know just showy when it gets here is always pretty and you know you’re like a pretty boy. Yeah. And you know he’s married to Posh and all that stuff. So it was just this pretty boy that kid you know he could do stuff he could hit a ball but you know he’s not that great of a player. He’s not like marijuana and he’s not like you know all these other players I could list. But as I started to watch him and I started to appreciate him that much more because he always showed up to play and he did his role. He did his job and he did it to the finest degree. He didn’t compare himself to these other players he did his thing. And so I remember going to see him play. He was playing for L.A. Galaxy. I remember that yeah so I went to see Dallas and watched him play there. So it was as me Uncle Bo and my friend too Mike there as we all went out there together to watch guys get it guys. And so he struck this ball. I just remember watching him he hit his ball he was 60 yards away from the guy and boom it was the tip of his foot. I mean he didn’t go out didn’t have to move for it. It was right where it needed to be and I was like 60 yards Tulsa Soccer Training .

He took one step and struck it exactly where it needed to go. And I was like this dude is a master. There’s nothing I can say about him other than he’s a master. And then I start to watch more footage of him and go back I like to reminisce about players and think about him and go look at YouTube videos on him. But just to see him playing again on those videos and just watching him with his moves I could see he he did things that were really skillful and were really creative on the dribble. But he was determined to stay focused at what he was supposed to do on the wing or in the middle. He wasn’t doing more and he wasn’t doing less. He was doing exactly what he needed to do.

That is beautiful. I remember when you guys went to that game and I remember you coming back just like amazed I can see your face. You were just like wow he is so skillful. I think what stands out to me just everything that we’re discussing with him is that he he was willing to do the work. You know he played his role but he did the work were required to be a success. I know you had a quote from Sir Alex Ferguson about David Beckham. That kind of ties into what we’re saying.

Yes exactly. So this is what Sir Alex Ferguson had to say about David he said David Beckham is Britain’s Britain’s finest striker of a football not because of God given talent but because he practices with a relentless application that the vast majority of less gifted players wouldn’t contemplate relentless application What’s he talking about there. He’s talking about just never stopping perfecting the technique of hitting that ball he’s mastering and it doesn’t stop till he gets it right. He will not stop so it’s relentless his work ethic is just unmatched. I mean maybe maybe Don work ethic is imagine him right. So you have two players that are matching each other’s work ethic and players at that level. But he is just working until he gets it grinding. It’s just like chipping away all the defective parts of your technique until you hit this mastery level to where it’s the same every time and you can’t help but hit the ball the way it’s supposed to be hit.

And what I love about this is that these players that we’ve been studying and discussing and all of our podcasts I’m David Beckham Diego married Donna even when they were were young when they were kids they were practicing and working really hard to develop technique proper technique.

Yeah. That’s correct. That’s correct. I’ll give you an instance about David Beckham right now. There was a time when he was training with Man U as a as a child as a young player and this man is his coach would always say to him Stop hitting those Hollywood balls is what he would call them. And there are these long driven balls across the field and you know he kept doing it anyway. He kept hitting it and hitting it because he knew that was what he was supposed to be doing and he knew he could perfect it. And finally he started doing 90 percent of the balls across. And the only time the coach would ever say something is when he missed. And then eventually the coach shut up and didn’t say anything anymore because he was hitting the ball. The vast majority of the time Tulsa Soccer Training .

Sure. So when we’re discussing him and his precision and his success and all the things he’s been able to attain and achieve and overcome and just the notoriety how we all respect his game it all goes back to that hard work. Have you seen I think this is David Beckham. And I think you showed it to me I don’t know but it’s a he’s on a beach and there are these trash cans are these big cans. Did you show me that.

Yes. Yes yes I did. And so in the video he’s hitting these balls barefoot in the trash cans are like maybe 30 yards away and he’s hitting them into the trash can one at a time. Someone asked him Can you hit it from here to there and he’s like oh yeah no problem and he hits him. So I know I also doubt that he is he could do it. I still need to do the research on it to make sure that it is actually true at that point because it was just so amazing amazing. I’m

like I really need to go in and research. That’s just the trash cans were set up in different locations. And you know what yeah we need to research it and see if it’s real. But it’s like because it is technique. I believe that he could do it. Do Tulsa Soccer Training

you I actually can make a ball go where he wants it to go. You know I love this quote that you were showing me with David Beckham. He says he’s talking about success and where success begins. He’s saying Success begins with a state of mind. If you want success start thinking of yourself as a success and I love that because you saying that’s the beginning. But he’s not saying like you’re going to get success just by thinking of yourself as a success right. That’s right. That’s right. You know he’s saying you know that’s where you start you have to believe it within yourself. I know we’re almost out of time so what else do you have about Mr. Mr. Digby David Beckham.

Well I just really loved him as a player. I loved his work ethic his dedication his willingness to sacrifice and his technique. I just I’m so grateful that I got to see him play in Dallas when I did because it just inspired me. And and when you see someone living up to what they talk about it’s inspiring. So I just really appreciate him and all that he did as a player.

That’s great. I know we were talking about Arsen Wenger right before we got on into this podcast and how he was saying what he remembers about David Beckham is that he was like you know genuinely committed and just dedicated and also humble you know. And and he said that those are like character attributes that will stay with him you know forever. And I love that in David Beckham we have someone who was willing to work hard but we also have these great character virtues of like commitment and dedication and humility. You know how does this play your profile as we wrap up with David Beckham. How does this tie into what you offer at Pride of Tulsa soccer training.

Well all that pride you know perseverance respect integrity drive and excellence pride you know that that is what David Beckham represents. He represents all those virtues that I just talked about and that pride of Tulsa soccer training that’s what we’re dedicated to is to teaching your child these virtues and to developing their technique so that they can achieve their goals.

OK. Thank you so much for joining us. That’s our time. We want to thank you for listening. We are Tulsa’s only soccer training podcast. And just like O’Neill said pride of Tulsa soccer training is really here to help develop your soccer player in every area and so that they can be a creative and technically sound force on the pitch. Please check us out online learn more about who we are and what we do. You can visit pride Tulsa dot com. Again that’s pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call we would love to talk with you today. Our number is 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3 at Pride of Tulsa soccer training we teach and develop both character and skill. We can help your child learn how to bend that ball like Beckham if they’re willing to work hard. We can give them the results guaranteed. Thank you so much for joining us and we will see you next time.