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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 19 – Sir Alex Ferguson Part 3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride of Tulsa soccer training. We are Tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development and this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Niel been to is the founder and CEO of pride soccer training is going to share some wisdom and insight and successful tools and proven strategies to help your soccer player grow and develop both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically develop and progressively grow in both their character and their soccer skills. Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can function at their highest and best. And we allowed them to win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is Episode 19. We are doing a coach’s profile and it is part three and we’re talking about Sir Alex Ferguson O’Neill. How are you. Doing well and you. I’m doing great. We’ve been talking about Sir Alex Ferguson. I know last time we left off we were kind of talking about some of his coaching philosophies and his tenets if you will of coaching has added to his outlook his philosophy. And if you want to pick up there.

Yes ma’am. So the two parts that we talked about before were planning ahead and then being consistent. And the third one that we’re at is building trust and that comes down to doing what you say you will do. And it also comes to showing players that you have faith in them and learning how to motivate them. So those are very important parts that’s how you build trust in players like when you put a player onto the field and you say hey I need to do this and it takes him a few minutes to adjust. You don’t just yank him out right away but you let them work through it and say hey I know you can do this and this is what I want you to do and any time you do it this is what’s going to happen and when it does you praise them and say hey you did a wonderful job. You see how that works. And they’re like yes and they do it again and then they do it again and they build confidence that way. So I think that it’s important that you build trust that a player knows that when they mess up that you are going to be there for them to help them and to teach them and to nurture them and to train them and to speak life into them so that they can come back from whatever whatever situation they go through.

Why is it important to build trust. Tulsa Soccer Training  I know you explain just now really well you know if they are learning or making a mistake. But beyond that why is trust such an important thing that you have to have with a player that you are coaching or training. Why do you think that’s you know super important.

I think it comes down to like you’re telling a player to do something and they’ve never experienced before they’ve never seen it before. Could be a particular type of drill or or skill or type of move. And like no this makes no sense to me.

But you like know you’re going to do it and you need to trust me. And when they trust you and they do it and they work on it and they develop it all of a sudden they do in a game and then they see why they understand the why and they like man. I at first I was doubting and then now I get it. This makes perfect sense. And then it allows you to build more on top of that allows them to receive more. So they can become better players. They have more understanding and they understand that you have their best interest at heart. So they will do what you ask them to do.

Nice. OK so you talked about planning ahead in our previous podcast the importance of being consistent. You just elaborated on the importance of building trust what else do you got from coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

I think he was looking at you know our five values that we have here because it this is one of them. Yes. Having a strong work ethic and desire so you must be willing to work hard and you must have a desire to achieve goals. And I think someone who is not willing to work hard and doesn’t care isn’t going to be good at anything. They must be willing to work through all the bramble and all the weeds that they have to go through to succeed. And they also have to have that passion that that drive to do. To do so. So I think that’s a wonderful part of his philosophy Tulsa Soccer Training.

He also is a big fan of communication and I know you talked on that a little bit last time. Tell us about his you know his ideas his philosophy on the importance of communication and recognition you know people who are involved with your organization or your team.

So communication is basically setting expectations so that people know how they need to operate and how they need to work.

It’s important to tell someone when they’ve done well and to tell them when they haven’t done well so that on that communication the understanding is there. It’s also important to recognize people around around you your staff is important say hello how are you doing today Jimmy.

Tulsa Soccer Training And they say hey I’m doing well and you realize you do care you know. And you ask about their family ask about their kids you ask. So you’re showing that you really genuinely care. I always remember coaches that come up to me and ask me all these questions about all these things I might actually remember those things. And it’s amazing to get that type of experience because they actually care about me and I think when you have that you’ve built an organization you’re building a family that will do anything to make. Like for instance in this case the club of Manchester United work and be successful.

Definitely it’s like you kind of buy into or you create and develop this culture that is you know symbiotic. We all are working together. And every part is you know useful and necessary. I know I can identify with that my mom always told me that to make sure you treat everyone you know from like whoever you think is the smallest. All the way up to the greatest. Whether you’re talking about the person who cleans the building and the city or the CEO anyone in between. You treat them with respect.

So I totally relate to that what else what are some other philosophical tenets from Sir Alex Ferguson.

It talks about having a strong personality as a coach because he said you have to deal with various egos. I mean you can have players in there thinking that they are God’s gift to the game.

So you have to have a very strong personality and be able to go toe to toe with them and let them recognize that they you are good but you’re not that good where you run things here Tulsa Soccer Training.

And so they must understand that the coach is in charge and that he is running things and that they will fall into line with it because it’s important to keeping that culture that you talked about keeping the culture of family type of culture and without that that standard you can’t.

Well I like that aspect of his philosophy and he talked about it last time. You know in our previous podcast that he’s big on the team concept and I think you know there’s no room for like an ego.

You know what makes the team great is that the collective you know we all bring our talents together you know and we are a great hole. Some of us is better than just you know our individual parts. And so I love that he’s about you know that team.

You also mentioned you are off the air ruthlessness. What do you have to say about that because that sounds a little like is he got to start a fight club. What’s he talking about when he says a ruthlessness.

Well if he needs to he will.

I think ruthlessness comes to the standards. You don’t drop them for anyone even if you have to cut out the best player on the team. You do so to not lose your standards. And this is something that I learned especially from Tom under-fire there and he’s very dear friend and coach he was a mentor to me when I really first started coaching and he always said to me O’Neal you must keep your standards whatever they are you must keep them. And I remember you know one time I had a player that was having a phenomenal game and their father was yelling and screaming at the ref and the coach on the other. And the players and even players in our team and I had already had this talk with him. And so I told another kid who was his replacement say hey you’re to go in to this game. This is a big game but you’re going to play a few minutes and I need you to make sure that you do your job. And after you deal with this you’re going to come off and he’s going to come back on. So this player that was on the field that his father was giving the hard time he was playing the best game he had ever played for our team.

And so I pulled him off and I said you know go to your father and tell him he stops acting a fool or you will go back on the pitch.

That does your exact words. Yeah. If I remember correctly. Yeah tell him Stop acting a fool Tulsa Soccer Training .

Yeah. And to be fair like because you don’t that might sound like you were trying to just punish a kid and you want like this had been an ongoing thing. You talked to the parent you talked to the kid about it and so it was like not just like off the cuff.

That’s correct. That’s correct. It happened before and he didn’t get the message. And so I had him walk over to his father and his father was mad at this time and you know thank God for some of the fathers there because I stopped him because he’d crushed me. I mean he would have just pummeled me if he came over at that time. But he his son went over to him and said Hey Dad you’re going to have to leave. And so he left and left the field to put his son back in. And he did extremely well he went back in and play the game. And so for me at that point it was about holding my standard if I lose this game today I lose it. But I’m going to keep my standards. And I think that’s the ruthlessness that you have. You know Sir Alex Ferguson was talking about.

Tulsa Soccer Training I felt like you I want to say for a parents listening this was not just like a parent cheering Are you now calling said Hey ref pay attention. This is like I rate like ridiculous. I just want to point that out. What else did you have about Sir Alex.

You know I started you know control versus power like you have to have control over the situation and that once again your personality must be bigger than everyone. So you have to do that because that’s how you’re going to hold the stand.

So in the next part that he was always big I was youth development.

That’s one of my favorite things youth development and I know you want to go into that but we’re almost out of time so we’re going to have to come back for part four for Sir Alex Ferguson and let O’Neill elaborate and share his love and passion obviously because he works with young people. So he is an avid avid supporter for use development. As always O’NEILL It’s great to learn from you and listen to what you have to share and just glean from your passion and your wisdom about soccer to our listeners.

If you want more information about pride of Tulsa soccer training please visit us online pride. Tulsa dot com is our Web site. Again that’s pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Call us right now we’d love to speak with you. Thank you for listening. And we look forward to next time