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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 41 – Zinedine Zidane – Part 5

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development and this podcast soccer coach and soccer trainer O’Neal bent who is also the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. It’s going to be sharing wisdom and insight and proven strategies tools tips we’re doing player profiles as well just giving you or your soccer player all the information and tools that they need to achieve to achieve success both on and off the soccer pitch. Pride of Tulsa has a very simple yet effective mission. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill and pride of Tulsa’s soccer. Training helps players achieve their personal soccer goals so they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 41. It’s part five. We’ve been talking about one of O’Neal’s top five players of all time he loves this guy. I told you guys that when we started we’re on Part Five discussing Zen Dean Zedong also known as you his nickname. O’Neal How’re you doing today. Well and you. I’m doing great it’s so good to have you here. I know we’ve been talking about your home boy Don. Yes. Where are we picking up today Tulsa Soccer Training.

Tulsa Soccer Training So we’re picking up on the 2006 World Cup. And so he basically has a huge hand in coming out of retirement. He leads them through the World Cup. So they beat Portugal scores a piquet. Beautiful picture in there. Also they beat Spain he scores in that game too. And then they play Brazil. He ends up giving the assist to Terry Henri who finishes the only goal of the game and the downs match the match because he appears like he single handedly dismantles Brazil. And you’ve got to understand Brazil is like one of the best teams to ever the best team to ever play the World Cup. They produce talent every year they made to every single World Cup. So these players are the most skillful they’re beautiful players to watch. And he dismantles them.

So Brazil is like the super power of soccer. Right. And you say that in the here we’re talking about is in a Deens Dawn also known as Zeeuw I told you guys O’Neill loves this guy one of his favorite players. You said that Zidane was named the man of the match. And when you’re when you’re talking about dawn and how he dismantles a team. Explain for me and for our listeners like what does that look like. What does that mean exactly how can a player single handedly disrupt dismantle a team. How did how does a dog do that.

Ok so like was that done. If he has the ball and you don’t take it from him he will go all the way to go and score. If you try to take it from him he’s going to find whoever’s open and play it to them. So he’s going to play you either side of the game. He’s going to either pass it to the person that you leave open or he’ll do it himself. He has the vision to do that he has the technique to do whatever he wants with the ball. He is a just a beautiful player to watch and he’s not the fastest mind you. It’s amazing to me that a player that isn’t the fastest he’s got speed but he’s not the fastest but he does skills and moves that get people off balance and he turns them in the direction he wants them to go just so he could go the other way and he finds openings and makes runs to get the ball back and when it’s his time to shoot he has a technique with either foot to finish it. You know he’s just a very gifted smart beautiful player to watch Tulsa Soccer Training.

So you’re talking about his talent his ability his that intuitive ability that we talk about how he can read the game his vision. He’s cunning he’s crafty in his skills. What about if. If Brazil has the ball because that was all like what he does with the ball when the other team when Brazil is in possession of the ball and they’re you know going up the pitch to score. How does a player how does the dawn dismantle or disrupt. You know from that point of view when when they’re defending how does that work Tulsa Soccer Training.

He would fall into position to get them to move the ball out wide. He wasn’t really into just winning the ball straight up more times than not because one he’s a little bit older at this time is conserving his energy. That’s hot. So he’s going to just put himself in a position to make them have to go further away or whole another way down the field as opposed to directly to goal. So if he can win it he wins it. But apart from that he’s just getting them to shift the ball away from the center of the field.

Tulsa Soccer Training I see. So just directing the play directing where he wants the game to go. Yes. And so when you’re saying like disrupting I may want to head right up the middle of the field but that I’m not being allowed to do that that’s right. And so you’re dismantling and forcing me to it in a way that maybe I don’t want to kill. Yes. Is that right. Awesome. What else do you have to tell us about the ending.

So they go on to the finals against Italy and this is the finals. Mind you yeah. So I always talk to players about there’s this thin line between greatness and craziness and I love that it’s a lie. That’s a very thin line because when emotions start to come around and passion get mixed into there and there’s a lot of things that can happen. So it’s important to have that your thoughts and your feelings in check at all times. So he goes into this game.

All right I have a question about that thin line. There’s a thin line between what you say greatness and craziness and craziness. What made you bring that up just.

Because I’ve experienced it. You know I agree with you. By the way it’s just funny. I’ve just seen it in all the great players like Pele is the only one I can’t say I’ve seen craziness so much. I can’t remember a crazy scene with him on the pitch on the pitch. You know I’ve seen one with Maradona.

Just one more multiple multiple decisions and things that have been done even Heidi to some degree. I’ve seen him lose his temper and Cruyff was something else. I’ve talked about players that have the better players have fire. They have a passion about them. And so you see this with these players because there’s some truth in what he’s saying Ruud Gullit was not so much like that and I liked that about him. He was pretty calm in all situations. You seem to have it together. I’ve seen Ricahrd lose his temper. Rudy volar one of the German strikers I’ve seen him so we could go on and on and on and on and Don shows the human flaw in all of us that we all have.

And so you’re saying at any given time you could be on any any side of that thin line between the greatness and the crazy it’s just that kind of.

In a matter of seconds. Like it could be the first part of the game you do greatness. The last part of the do craziness. It could be vice versa. So it’s you’ve got to be careful.

And so he goes into the finals they’re playing Italy and it’s going back and forth and you know France is looking like they can win the whole world cup again. You know I’m rooting for them and I remember after he beat Brazil I was like going to follow France like like who else am I going to follow. I know. So if all of France and I’m cheering him on and I’m excited about what is it I could possibly do. And so he ends up there ends up being a piquet that France gets against Italy and at that time the goalkeeper for Italy his name is Buffon and he is like 6 3 or 6 5.

This dude is huge and he’s a great goalkeeper like he moves like a cat. And so the dance steps up to take the piquet and I just remember I felt nervous like and so is the Dunstan’s up and he completely falls him.

Let me give you a little bit because don’t follow the rules before. OK.

All right so let me give you a little bit of insight on this because this Don had another penalty kicks similar to this one and where he’s predominately right footed he lines up on the left side of the ball and against Portugal. He takes this free kick and the goalie knows where he’s going but he hits the upper 90 as hard as he can. And it goes in and the goalie knows it’s going there and can’t save it. So it’s it’s like his accuracy his technique it’s flawless. So he steps up against Buffon in the final and he ends up chipping this ball in the air so chipping is like when you wedge your toes underneath the bottom of the ball as opposed to striking it with your shoe laces Tulsa Soccer Training.

And so he chips it and the ball floats hits the bottom of the crossbar and bounces across the goal line and comes out. So it’s a goal. Those on the ball crosses the entire ball crosses the goal line and so goal.

And it was just to have the guts and the technique and the discipline to do that in a final. It’s just it just said volumes about his technical ability and he’s you know 34 years of age he just seems like he should be playing forever.

Yeah. And to have that thought because that goes back to knowing that you can rely on like your technical skill and you know in a in a millisecond. You think I’m a chip and hit that barn Yeah I mean like just to have that in your repertoire is pretty amazing.

Tulsa Soccer Training Which game was this that he did this in the finals against Italy in the 2006 World Cup. Wow. And they meet up again right now. Now that was the second time was the only time.

Well they met up in Euro 2000 and that’s where France beat Italy and now they meet up again in the World Cup. So the teams that met up in the European championship in 2000 meet up again in 2006 where I know we’re almost out of time but where did the head butt happen because I have to talk about that Steve.

You kind of glossed over that and we’re going to have to revisit that area and then get back on again. We’re going to go on the list. We’re getting. It’s on the list Tulsa Soccer Training.

Well we’re out of time for this particular podcast but before we go we want to encourage you that if you’re soccer player needs to grow in their technique in their accuracy if they want to learn those skills and those moves and those tricks are they can be flawless on the pitch and really have the guts and that intuitive muscle memory to come up with creative thoughts and be proficient in their plays and master their skill and technique on the field. Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training. We have what you need. We can help your player develop. So give us a call today. You can call us at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Or you can look us up online. Our Web site is pride Tulsa dot com. Again pride Tulsa dot com. We would love to work with you and help your child develop and grow in their soccer skills. Thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you next