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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 33 – Frank Rijkaard –  Part 2 – 04-15-17_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast it’s brought to you by pride Tulsa dot com we are Tulsa’s number one option when it comes to personal soccer training development of players and their technical and tactical awareness. I’m at Pride of Tulsa soccer training. We teach players both character and skill and if your child is willing to put in the work we can guarantee results. As always we are joined with O’Niel bant. He is a soccer player a soccer coach and a personal trainer for one on one soccer player development. How’s it going today. O’Neill going well and you. I’m doing great. We are here today to continue this player profile. This is episode 33 and we’re continuing our conversation with O’Neal about Frank Rijkaard. You were talking last time about when he returned to I-X and some of the accolades that he won and he’s he really sounds like a great dynamic all around player and I know you have an affinity for anyone who represents the Dutch the brilliant orange. What do you want to talk about today regarding Frank Reichardt.

We’re going to move on from club to country and his highest honor was winning the 1988 European Championship. And if you haven’t seen the documentary Torre total football you really need to because it’s a wonderful documentary on how they won the European Championship in 1988 playing total football and they start off as the underdog. They lost their first game to Russia only to come back in the finals to beat Russia in a beautiful way Tulsa Soccer Training.

What is that documentary called again. It’s called Torre total football. So if you want to look that up or Google that Torre How do you spell Toure. T o r t o r. Total Football.

Tulsa Soccer Training Thank you you’re very welcome. And so it was just wonderful how he moved and flowed with his team and with Hall and learned a lot from watching him because I actually played defensive midfield in college and I felt like I had some of the same abilities he had. Of course he was at a higher world stage but I felt like having watched him play. Help me to play better and to understand the game in a way that I would not have if I had not have watched him play.

I have a question about that. How important do you think that is for soccer players to find someone who plays maybe a position that they’re learning or that they want to play. How can that help you grow in your ability as a soccer player. Because you mentioned you had similarities like him. What can that do for someone.

Tulsa Soccer Training I think one it gives them a model and I think it’s imperative it’s beyond a passion for the game and work ethic. You must find the role model you must find the player to watch and what it does is it opens up a player’s mind to possibilities that they may never have thought of you know and in and seeing things and it may also open them up to something that nobody else has done that they can do. And you know I think having an understanding of what to do when to do it and seeing how other players are related to it. It’s very important but also recognizing that you’re not that player and your situation is not exactly the same. You can use them as a reference but now you have to do what is right in that situation for you within your abilities. So those are the things that you know it’s important to know to have someone to emulate but also to know that you’re not that player.

This goes back to kind of what you addressed in some previous podcast. I mean you talked about being a student of the game and how that can enhance your ability and help you grow and I love that you’re pointing out you know you’re not that player because I remember being younger and looking up to superstars or celebrities or role models or someone who’s gifted in a particular way. And I think the best is to actually to naturally want to be like them. And sometimes that can slip over into wanting to be them. Yes. And so I love that you’re addressing that. They study the game. Find someone who does that. Take what you learn from them and possess it and make it your own I guess is what you’re saying is it’s very true Tulsa Soccer Training.

You know you can get lost in it you don’t want to get lost you don’t want to lose yourself you know you you can be a chameleon to some degree but you have to know who you are. So you don’t want to change so much that you don’t know what your give things and your blessings are and what you have to work on. You know the other side of it too is that in all those years of watching games when I was young I never thought about coaching. I never thought I was going to be a coach. Tulsa Soccer Training I was thinking about being a world class soccer player and you know when that didn’t happen and life changed.

It took me a couple of years to realize oh maybe I should coach start to coach and you know now it’s 15 years later I’m still doing it still loving it. And you know watching the game helps me in that area.

Yeah I offer you as long as I’ve known the soccer has been your magnificent obsession. You don’t get tired of it. You enjoy doing it. You’re constantly reading studying playing coaching doing one on one trainings. And so it reminds me of that Terry Henri go quote that you shared where it’s like you know what was he saying he is now obsessive obsessed about it.

He’s just passionate.

Yeah he has just a lot of passion and he he even though he’s saying he’s not crazy because he’s saying like I eat it I bring you that I think you know and so it’s good to challenge you know all of that learning and that passion I mean how does that feel for you. That has to be pretty fulfilling you know to take all of your experience all of your knowledge all of you are joining in an enjoyment of the game and be able to get that you know to a student to a player that you’re working with that has to be a good feeling Tulsa Soccer Training.

It’s wonderful. You know the only time I get a better feeling than that is is you know talking about my faith and that’s when I feel even you know more of that type of feeling where you’re giving to someone and they’re receiving it. And also you’re learning as well and taking that from from somebody so loving a it’s a very loving and wonderful feeling.

Nice. OK. So you are still we’re still talking about Mr. Frank right heart and how we often are talking about so many good things there but what else about Mr. Right card. Do you want to share with us today Tulsa Soccer Training.

Well he played in two World Cups 1990 in 1994 and he also played two European Championships in 1988 and nineteen ninety two. Were they almost wanted the second time but they were taken down by the Danish. So but that was he had a wonderful career. He later became a coach and he started coaching and began his career in coaching by managing the Dutch national team and in the Euro 2000 championship. And I remember watching footage of them playing. I remember listening to the radio or actually at that time I think I was watching online like different snippets about what was going on every minute of the game and watching them.

Tulsa Soccer Training Were you working or something like that. I was working at the time. So you just had to check updates. Sneak my updates in.

But you know at the time when I watched them play they were one of the most beautiful teams I’ve ever seen play the game and the way they moved and followed and the way that players understood their roles but also understood how to fill in gaps when the player left the position. It was total football all over again and it was wonderful. And they almost made it to the finals of Euro but they lost in Piquet’s to Italy.

And you know I remember being very sad and disheartened again because I love that your heart is always in it that you’re just so passionate about it.

I have a question. You mentioned that you went on to be a coach do a lot of successful players go on to coach. And does that typically turn out to be a good thing or what have you noticed with that I know maybe you haven’t studied that you know intensely. Just what are your thoughts there Tulsa Soccer Training.

There are a lot of good players that have become coaches. I mean right now Don is coaching Real Madrid. So yeah you do have a lot of coaches. I think a coach has to really understand you know the players and the situation at hand and not to necessarily related to what they did all the time. You know you might use it as motivation but not as a you know like as a rule as a rule because the things that are going on now may not apply to what you did then. And so I think they have to go through a lot of training a lot of understanding of what’s going on and if they have played at that level it makes it easier for them. I think that they just have to be a player that is willing to really go and train and learn and be coached. And I think I found it’s been more difficult though for the players that were better to be good coaches. So I’ve seen Hardy try and not do that well. I’ve seen Maradona try and not do that well. So it’s very difficult for a player who has exceptional skill I find to also be a good coach. So that’s kind of what I found. So to move on. We he started his coaching career coaching the Dutch national team and they are just a beautiful team to watch and then I end up losing.

He immediately resigned from the position which I was sad about because he did such a good job I mean the free flowing beautiful soccer that they played I haven’t seen Holland play that way since he left and I hope that he will return to it at some point.

This is when he was coaching. Yeah. Tulsa Soccer Training Do you know why he resigned or just was it not to get fatter. Who knows.

I really don’t know. I really can’t say so.

So what else about Frank Reichardt.

Well he also went on to coach over at Barcelona and he went on to win two championships one Champions League Two Super Cup Super Copa Espana titles and he also had players like dekho.

I love them. He’s a great player and so that came in.

He also coached Ronaldinho and Messi. Wow I didn’t know that. Pretty cool Tulsa Soccer Training.

One thing I want to mention too so wait Frank Rijkaard coached Ronaldinho and Messi.

Yeah. Back when Ronaldinho was the star for Barcelona. That’s when he was coaching and he helped set up that the system that they have now you have to revitalize. And you know he was also known for being very stern on his standards and strict but he got the results that he wanted.

All grades are don’t you think. And so we just want to encourage you our time is almost up here if you are a soccer player you’re listening maybe you are a parent and you have a child or children who are playing soccer and it is only going to help them by just hustling and having those high standards and helping them just grow and develop that’s what we’re passionate about here at Pride of Tulsa soccer training. So if you want to look into personal training and development we encourage you to give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Or you can look us up online at Pride Tulsa dot com. Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time