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Tulsa Soccer training | Tons of Experience

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride We are Tulsa’s, only soccer training, podcast and at Pride soccer training. We are tacos number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training and overall soccer player, growth and development. In this podcast coach O’Neill, who is a soccer coach and a personal soccer training, as well as the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer training, is here to share his wisdom and insight when it comes to the game of soccer pride of Tulsa soccer training. Commission simple: the goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop when it comes to their soccer skills, as well as their character for everyday life. Pride of Tulsa soccer training is here to help soccer players achieved their personal goal, so they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 63 and it’s part 7 of our series on Clockwork Orange O’Neal. The floor is yours: the highest achievement they’ve ever had was winning the European championship in 1988 and there’s a video that I have that’s called Tour Total Football and that’s when they won the 1988 championship and some of the star player stats to remember on this team Were rude Harlot, you can’t miss him. He was like six foot one. I love beautiful dreadlocks, just a wonderful, powerful player. I like his attitude and Vibe there’s Marco van basten, who was there star Stryker and one of the best custom ever play the game and Ronald coweeman who was at centre-back? You can call Miss Weaver, possibly that time he was slow as molasses, but his technical ability was so good.

This way people say to me my kid is slow. I’M worried. That’S like worry about their technical ability, because this guy proves that slow people can play the game and he played in a back 3, usually in the back door. You want fast people, he was slow, but could read the game so well and had a good people around him that he could handle the situation great on free kicks. He could drive a ball anyway. He wanted to just a wonderful player and there’s also Frank rijkaard, who, in my opinion, is the best defensive midfielder of all time and this guy that the three of them rude Hall at Marco van basten, Frank rijkaard, went after this tournament to go play at AC. Milan together and they won several titles with them during their spent together there, so they were at Riocould, be one of the best fails of all time, but they were fantastic where to watch some of the other players that that run, that team just made it beautiful Sea, like the board the board Brothers, a Believer on the team of the time there was ventolin, so many people behind van brocklin, just revolutionized that team in that game they play the brain of Total Football. Rinus Michels was off the coach of that time.

So he’s the coach of the 1974 team that help to produce Total Football. He came back in 1988 again to keep them going and Coach them again in a 1992European Championship where they almost wanted again and some of the stuff that they had on the 1992 team. That what they were just so beautiful and wonderful to watch was an inventor of course, route of Marco van basten, Frank de Boer. There was wrong with the Bohr several players that just I just love watching them on the van brocklin, so the 1999 1988 to 2000, with some of the highest quality soccer that the Dutch of ever played wow – and that’s you know, of course we are excluding 1974 World Cup cuz: that’s like there, gold in the era, but in these in the eighties and nineties they had a wonderful team that they had them. I really enjoyed watching them play and I fell in love with them even more. I remember to on my 16th birthday before I even learned who they were and what they’re all about. I want to know more about the total football Concepts. Oh my birthday gift that I asked him was, he came to me. I believe it came on my birthday. Was the 1974 World Cup movie called I’m heading for Glory, and it gave me the whole all the information about what happened in 1974 World Cup time? We got to the end.

I was hoping that the end would change because hoping that they would need a lift up the trophy, but never would happen. So it’s just hard to watch that I watched over and over again, if you are looking for someone to help you and when it comes to growing in your abilities and regarding your soccer player playing. If your need help growing in your soccer player development, you need to work with the team over at pride of Tulsa soccer training, and we are tilted number one program when it comes to training and developing soccer players. And so we would love a chance to work do to help you reach your goal so that you can be a technically sound and tactically aware player on the soccer field. We can help you with a customized training. Regimen, it’s going to help you get the results that you desire. So if you want to learn more about Pride soccer training, you can visit our website at Pride or you can give us a call today at 918-701-0983. We want to thank you for joining us and we will see you next time. Make sure you do everything you can to learn more about them today and see how they are going to be able to get you exactly what you are looking for. You are definitely going to want to get int ouch wth them and see how they are going to be able to get you everything that you need.