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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride soccer training, Tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer, training and soccer player development in this podcast soccer, coach and soccer trainer, O’Neal bench, who is also the founder and CEO of Pride Soccer training is here to share wisdom, Insight, proven tips and strategies for success both on and off the pitch pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple to help soccer players grow systematically and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players to achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday. Lifethis is episode 54 talking about Germany and O’Neal. I know you’re here to share about Germany. Tulsa Soccer Training Are we just talking about their background? What are we talking about exactly about Germany, you talking about the background rawsammi talking about their contribution to World Cups and just how, overall they are. Apart of the Triumph, the trio can we were talking about the triumphant Trio, which was Brazil, Brazil, Italy and now we’re here to Germany, Germany and Italy based off of the number of wins Thrive so anytime, I watch soccer with you. Germany has been impressive to me because they operate, and this is like the highest compliment I can give, but it they operate like a machine like they just work like this beautiful machine and it’s aGerman designed cars before a module brakes on it. So it was on all night, BMWs and Mercedes think they can be expensive to fix and when they break the machine can really have some problems. But there’s hope for the machine machine, if you say so, but they’re characterized by having a very disciplined team and they’re.

Always known for their tenacity like I can remember, World Cup history Dale be down by two goals and come back and win the 3 to 2, so they there just an amazing team. I have a strong culture that the glorified High work I ethic and they’re. Also, very attack-minded, so they look to score goals. You can come back and get the Long shot. What is are they characteristically known for doing that is in the world of soccer? Like is Germany, a team that usually down and comes back? Is that kind of their pattern? Other flow need to be on top or they can come from behind it doesn’t matter they will do anything. I can to beat you out so their team. You can never count out. That’S much like Italy as well. These can’t count them out of any situation cuz. They don’t know what they’re going to do the World Cup – I don’t remember, which one but they just kept, showing up being like this Contender and they just kept rising in the rains. And that’s when I really was like that was my first time: like observing, that Mac and Mystic, you know just German like in Tennessee and power like they would just show up play their game. It leave the pitch, show up Kik but leave the package, and I just had a lot of respect for them. You know very true, very true. I’Ve always respected an arch nemesis in soccer. Germany would be that team. I think it’s like I’ve never really been a fan of Germany, but I respect them. So if I were to say, I want to have a story, and I want to have an antagonist. They would be the antagonist for me in a soccer story if they show up and yes what kind of disrupt things a little bit with bearing giftedness in their their ability and they’re strong and classy. I think there really a good, a good team. You know how good they have a good culture and they’re also known for playing a counter-attack style at times too. So they know that they’re not as strong as another team, they’ll change and play a KangerTech style. weather the storm and you know, start putting – goes in the back of the net and that’s what happened in 1974 for World Cup when they played Holland and Johan Cruyff was coming out with the total football on this team and they were expected to win the World Cup and they scored their first goal without Germany, even touching the ball, and it was in the first year, first like less than a minute into the game, already been popped, like somebody just didn’t on goal or like. What do you mean know that? How long was moving the ball so well and finally, you on course got the ball and he took it and he beat Brady votes and got into the box and it was tackle from behind and taking down and you’ll have any skins comes in and the scores Of the penalty kick in a matter of like a minute into the game, so they thought every Hollywood is going to run away with this game.

So Jeremy comes back and scores one or two goals before half. I can’t remember, but after that, you’re only starts to take over it’s just one thing to the next so but Germany’s is always been a Powerhouse and I respect them. Germany, their soccer playing style. Having an you called a counter-attack. What could be the attacking team could have possession of the ball and they’re constantly pressuring the other team, and so the team that doesn’t have the balls having to defend and defend defend, will eventually, every attack attack breaks down at some point and that’s when the other Team can counter-attack and take off with the ball and catch the team that stacking attacking they catch them off guard and they can get triangle logo on the back of the net. So if you look at the field in halves, the attacking team has most of their players in the opposition’s half and if the opposition, when does the ball, they can then counter attack pretty quickly, because they’re only be two to three Defenders defending so one player with a Good through ball can beat all three and run on the score goal. So you can do you have systems that try to maximize that type of sound play have to have you know your Fitness, but if you’re playing like that counter-attacking style, it sounds like that is a hot like, Tulsa Soccer Training even more so than normal, like a highly physically demanding Game because you’re defending defending defending right and then waiting for a chance to score, and my right on that or not really. I can be that way if your team works, the ball really well. Butyou can also conserve energy doing it, and so it’s always easier in a in a game to run Ford at someone’s gold. Then it is to run back to your own goal. It’S just the that mentality to you know you’re going forward about to score. It’S more exciting as more exhilarating, there’s more adrenaline pumping going towards the opponent’s goal. So if you can absorb enough attack and conserve on energy and then have quick bursts or you attack, you can catch people off off-guard. I’M just want to make sure I’m understanding.

It’S like you’re just hanging back into finding, but it’s not like you’re, not doing anything. I mean you’re, making it sound like it’s kind of a casual, but somehow the opponent is attacking you. Everything okay. Jump for having that just a Counterattack style. If necessaryis, that, what is there normal? How would you characterize their normal mode of play and just try to dominate you in play, an attacking aggressive style? They want to die because I shouldn’t they want to dominate goals, they want to dictate the pace and they want to control the game kind of normal mode of operation and is it like where they can’t control the game. Then they countertack the kind of disrupt. What you’re doing for God so they’re going to win, because it’s like they’re versatile, which is why you usually you know, can’t count them out. You know what we’re almost out of time, and so I know, there’s probably so much more, that you want to say about Germany, and so they are this. You know third part of this Trifecta. What is it? Brazil, Germany Italylistening we are Tulsa’s am only soccer training. Podcast and we would encourage you to visit our website, which is pride or you can give us a call today at 918-701-0983. Again, that’s 918-701-0983 at Pride, Tulsa soccer training, we teach character and skill and we can get results guaranteed. I’M check out our website or give us a call today to schedule your first lesson and we want to thank you so much for listening, and we will see you next time.