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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast this podcast about soccer training is brought to you by pride of Tulsa soccer training. You can visit us on mine at Pride We are Tulsa’s only soccer training, podcast and we are Tulsa’s number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training and overall soccer player development, and this podcast soccer coach and a personal soccer trainer O’Neal bent is here to share his wisdom in his insight and his Passion when it comes to the game of soccer O’Neill is also the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer training, and he is totally committed to elevating the game when it comes to personal soccer. Training he’s also very passionate about developing soccer playerspride of Tulsa soccer training. Commission is simple: their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. Isn’T that the soda 66 and we’ve got coach O’Neal in here. Like a wild card? Today, I don’t even know what the topic is. What are we talking about today, coach to people who I was just watching a YouTube video on ESPN Clips on there was Pogba and Paul Pogba and Lukaku and Pogba Paul Pogba romelu romelu, Lukaku Lukaku, it’s very beautiful therefrom, Belgium and recently the talk who just moved From Everton to man you just within a few days, a couple of days has been transferred Soccer Stars. One plays for the national soccer team at France, look like who plays for the national team of Belgium. Are they somehow they met? I’M trying to remember how they met, as I don’t remember of it to be honest with you, but they are excited to be playing with each other than you on point. They would be playing together and it seems like a good partnership, and you know Park Plaza as a center midfielder. You can play defense week play attacking he’s of wonderful play, very skillful with the ball and Lukaku he’s just coming off of being the top the leading goal scorer for the English Premier League. So it’s a pretty big deal and internthey transfer Drew Rooney over to Everton, which was his his first club and he’s happy to be moving from man. You back to Everton.

Rooney has broke a lot of Records, he’s one of the it would have been one of their top scorers for many years and he is now, I think, in the Twilight UPS career and he’s moving home ever since it’s kind of his home. So – and I thought about that, but that open up room for Lukaku to come in and playing for Belgian, English, England and he’s moving from Manchester to Everton and Lukaku move from Everton to Manchester. Are they demos switch your room? So what do you like about? Tell me about him: what’s his personality like was he like on the field, and what do you like about himand, I very skillful too, and he likes to have fun enjoy himself, and I love watching him on the field, because recently watched him play for France against England – and he just he, lit up the stage she was making good passes, think simply, but also he can do magical moves when he needed to, and he was not just a team player and not just an individual he’s the perfect mix of both and he’s able To know when to be when to use as player and went to keep it simple, and I find that you know he’s a younger player and it’s amazing to see players without much maturity and that much skill and he’s definitely he’s definitely get it. I think you will feed a lot of balls to 32 Lukaku and I think me and you should be pretty dangerous – this seasonFrench national team, the other one place for the bells on, but then they play together on man, you, okay with you now interviews on ESPN Host and they did this rock paper scissor and she lost, and I pushed her in the pool and hanging out and I think she was actually getting ready to do a cannonball she supposed to a cannonball into a pool, Tulsa Soccer Training but he just pushed her in about that. Either I was there and he was being a joker cuz. She was dressed to the nines. She was not dressed to get in the pool like her hair was done, she’s dressed up really nice from balloon Lukaku. What do you like about Lukaku? What’S his presence like on the field, what do you like about himand, you know he’s been?

He was top leading goal scorer this the last season and I think the season before he was if he wasn’t the top, he was closed and so it’s it’s interesting to see him develop, he’s a fairly young players only 24 years of age. So I think he has a lot of years ahead of him and he’s got strong, build the both of you guys are really tall by the way they’re they’re like above 6-speed. So it’s pretty cool to see big people being on those guys just moving through with so elegantly in and I’m playing the ball so well. So I think we’ll be watching one of the major stars in the world to continue to grow and develop, while he’s over at Manchester United, so you’re calling that from now you’re saying these guys, papa, papa and Lukaku are going to be major playerswhat are. Are they all around players? Did they specialize what what is their skill set is to who stays up top for the most part, but he makes runs off the ball. He will dribble if he needs to, but he Focus mostly on finishing score in his goals and that’s that especially Pogba. He played defensive minute and you can play attacking mid like I said, and he is very versatile and very fluid play. I’Ve seen him defend well at seam attack. Well, I’ve seen him run from one end to the other, all around he’s a great playerso. I think that’s what we have in store for its for these two. So what else do you think they’ll have like long career? Is that man, you do you think they’ll do well there, together with what’s your prediction about that work together and get used to each other, as well as the other teammates out there on the field? I think over the next several years they will. They will grow and they will form a partnership that will cause Manchester United, be a very dangerous and very strong team, and I think the Stars, the limit for them. As long as I stay humble work, hard like they are, I think they will become. I am very good Park, a partnership. What about Rooney was heI, know we’re almost out of time, but was he doing well at me and you or was it kind of like he was on the decline? What what happened there with his transfer?

I think he was on the slight decline. I think he was moved into a different position and more like a midfielder roll or attacking me to roll, but for so many years you was the centre-forward and he scored a lot of goals. Beautiful Girls by amine. You name it, he did it and I think he I think he recognizes this time has come to an end table for the time you had there, but now he’s ready to go home and, I think finish his career. But by no means do I think, he’s going to stop. I won’t be surprised if Rooney ends up being the leading goal. Scorer next season for some reason, so maybe just that’ll be a good move for him as well. So I have to keep our eye on it and see how things develop. If you are so many play soccer in your wanting to elevate your skill and take your abilityand, your training to the next level and with the game of soccer, we can help. You do just that and if you want to earn more playing time – or you are looking to you know, play at the college level and you want a scholarship or maybe you are wanting to play at the highest level on a professional basis. Maybe you just want more playing time or you just trying to earn a spot on your team, whatever you’re going. Maybe you need to reach out to us right away at pride of Tulsa soccer training and we would love to work with you and help you grow in your technical ability. In your Tactical awareness, you can visit our website, which is pride Tulsa. Or you can call us at 918-701-0983. We want to thank you so much for joining us and for listening to our podcast. We are 2 houses, only soccer training and it pride of Tulsa soccer training. We teach book character and skill and, if you’re willing to work hard and follow the customized soccer training regimen that we create for youresults are guaranteed. Thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you next time.