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Tulsa Soccer Training : Wonderful Mission

PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 38 – Zinedine Zidane – Part 2 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer player training and development. In this podcast soccer coach and soccer trainer O’Niel been to is also the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. We’ll be sharing player profiles and tools tips and strategies to give players success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training has a wonderful mission and it’s really simple. Their goal is to help soccer players grow systematically and develop progressively in their soccer skills. Pride of Tulsa teaches both character and skill and they help players achieve their personal goals so they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. As always we are joined with coach soccer coach and soccer trainer O’Neal bent. How’re you doing today. Fantastically well and you. I’m doing great. And this is episode 38. We’re doing a player profile on Xina Deans Dawn nickname is Zazu. We talked about him in our previous episode. And so this is part two. We’re back. So O’Neill I know last time you talked about you know his background and some of the awards that he’s won where did you want to start today.

Tulsa Soccer Training I want to start talking about when he debuted for the French Fuhrman’s national team and that happened in 1994 where he scored two goals to help France come back from two goals behind. Check the Czech Republic. So they ended up tying. So it was a big deal to me that and this is your first game you scored two goals and you tied up against a respectable team. He also Eric Cantona at that time was probably the biggest French player and he was at that time he was actually serving a two year long suspension for kicking a fan in the stands when he was at Manchester United. So this provided Zidane with the opportunity to step in and become the key player and playmaker for the French national team.

So Cantona was kind of like the star yes. Right. And what do you make of what happened like did you see the kick in the stands like what was that about.

Yeah. OK so I dont remember what was said. So this could be something we do do a podcast on in the future. But he basically something was said to him from a fan and he jumps over the fence and kicks the fan in the stands like in the face or I think it was like in the chest.

So he jumped off he took off the field at a man U game Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes jumped over the wall. I hear I hear you saying all this but it said I can see it vividly in my mind because also he would have his collar popped up yeah he was a playboy pretty boy. Stylin Yeah. So I just remember him with his car parked jumping up with a karate kid. I loved it.

According to that caller Bob was he no was and are known for being a hothead or was it was that kind of like a random thing that like incident or does he want him or know doing that.

But I don’t know that I can because I wonder I was just thinking of him.

He was a very passionate person and thats what I remember most about him. I dont remember like how many red cards he got and all that sort of stuff but thats the only incident I know of yeah of him jumping over because he seems like he’s like chill you know what I mean.

Tulsa Soccer Training He doesn’t seem like he’s got his collar popped and he’s like I’m not a killer but don’t push me son.

He seems like he’s just no good. I think you’re more eyes on him. Yeah. You think he has the attitude.

Yeah I remember he would always he has a big chest right and so he would stand like his chest would always be sticking out.

He’s a rooster and he was a tall person. He’s like he’s like Don’t play with me.

So I don’t think anybody would mess with him like he and he was very good so yeah Tulsa Soccer Training.

OK so he had his collar pop. Was like a war crime not a killer but don’t push karate kick. I want to see that I’m going to look I’ve never seen it. Eric Cantona.

Yes. So it doesn’t fill that void. And boy did he feel it in 1998 they went to the had for the the World Cup in France and you know during the second game of the World Cup he received a red card against Saudi Arabia for stomping on a player. So the player made it like a kind of like a dirty tackle at the end. But he was upset and stomped on him and got a red card. So he had to sit out two games in the World Cup after that. And then when he came back.

Wait wait. Where were they at in this World Cup like was that there in France. No I mean I’m sorry. Like as far as like where they in the semis is this like still.

Oh this is still opening. This is the second game of the opening round. So you know in the first round you play three games in the do you go on to the next round. So his team had to go on to the second round and then I believe it was the Round of 16 that he also had to sit out of so he didn’t come back until around the quarterfinals.

So his team kept advancing I guess without him.

Yes. And this is what we talked about earlier. You know like George way of not having a team like that to support him with the French team they had everything they needed to move forward. So they had people that can fill voids and they were they were just a very good team all the way around Austin and it was you know there’s this movie called light blue and it talks about the culture of their nation at that time and what was going on. It’s a very interesting thing but there was a lot of issues in their society and the team represented their country in a way in which was a beautiful way which is multicultural diverse and it had a group of people coming together of different faiths different beliefs but they all represented the nation of France. And you know they go on to win the final. And so in the final game they have to play Brazil of course that’s who was rooting for that time and Brazil had won the World Cup before. So Brazil not only won the World Cup before but they were all the way to the finals and so on. And you know that I have to say to my team before Brazil was Holland in this world cup. Brazil knocked Holland out and then Holland Brazil end up going into the finals. So I have to just say that first.

Tulsa Soccer Training So I wasn’t thinking about that blue movie. He said that really well say it again. Levalley see I’m working on. I told you guys I’m working on French on Dooling I’m still very much a novice but you have it. What was your. I was really you in that movie what was your takeaway from that movie. Like what did you glean from that as far as like maybe the dawn or the French team like what would you say is the main takeaway there.

Wow I am I still have some to finish on it to be honest but there’s like a undercurrent that’s going on in nations all over the world right. There’s always this. Do these issues that are they’re going through and I think at the time what France was going through and I think to some degree they still are they were dealing with immigration issues and cultural issues and worrying about their French culture being lost.

And you know so it was there was a lot of problems and fights and riots at different times that were going on in their country. And so I feel like because of all that the team came together even more so and worked that much harder to prove that different cultures different races different ethnicities can come together and still succeed and be one Tulsa Soccer Training.

And it was just beautiful to see you know that type of environment Yeah that is beautiful and I think sometimes the arts sports all these creative expressions if you will kind of are good reminders to help us remember and realize those things because yeah when you are playing on a team you’re just your brother’s keeper you’re your sister’s keeper you just have each other’s back and you’re working together for that common goal and yeah that is like the ideal picture you know for Humanity and you know I have a question Did did Dawn at this time was he playing with Henri. No we did. So they were playing together and playing together.

Your face lit up when you and the other thing that was going on at a time is that they were saying the African the white and Arab that’s what they would chant. And so it was something that represented how their team was and who would chant that the crowd the fans and also their their their flag has three different love levels to it says got the blue the white and the red. So just like we have the red white and blue they say blue white red. And so it’s that’s why they’re called the blue Tulsa Soccer Training.

Ok but why were they chanting. I mean you know this already so I have an idea of why I think they were. But what was that about where they are that like for unification like what were they.

It was unification and the crowd recognized it because the the team represented that too. So it was seeing you know those different groups of people come together and that’s the main groups I guess the three main groups in France. They’re always coming together.

Well and that’s cool that the audience like even grasp that. So obviously I can tell by your face that you have more you want to say and now we’re not even we may be close to halfway we may not even be halfway yet but we are going to wrap for now because that’s all the time that we have. And I just want to share with you if you are listening and you play soccer and maybe you need to grow and develop so that you can be a pivotal player or member for your team pride soccer training can help you do just that. I would encourage you right now go look us up online you can learn more about us by visiting our Web site our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com. Again that’s pride. Tulsa dot com. And you can give us a call if you’d rather speak with some one over the phone. Our number is 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training. We teach character development and we teach soccer skills and we can guarantee results if you’re willing to put in the hard work. Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time.