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PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 22 – Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Messi – Part 2 –  04-15-17_mixdown.mp3

Welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast and it’s brought to you by pride Stockard training your Tulsa’s number one organization for developing and training soccer players. O’Neil Bente is back in the studio as always to share his wisdom and insight his passion his love and all of you know his his years of experience coaching and training soccer.

He’s never there dancing that’s I was giggling How are you doing today. Fantastically well and you’re doing great. So we are back with Episode 22 and this is a continuation. I feel like this is going to be a long conversation. I’m Cristiana Rinaldo versus Mesi last time we talked I had to let you guys know. I’ve always been on team Cristiana. O’Neill has recently come over and said we are going to talk about I guess Messi this time because you gave us all the facts about Cristiano Ronaldo last time so is that where you want to start you want to kick off. What’s a messy facts. Yes that is correct. I’ll go for it.

So Messi he’s left footed wonderful player. Tulsa Soccer Training He’s played for Argentina and also plays for Barcelona first country he’s got 77 caps and he scored 58 goals so that puts him at a 75 percent goal scoring ratio so he scores more goals he scores about a goal every other game and it is actually more than that. If you really look at it so is a pretty phenomenal record. Once again 78 caps and 58 goals and then for his club Barcelona he’s played 406 times and he’s got five hundred and seven goals so that puts him into a goal scoring ratio of one point to five percent. So he scores a goal and a quarter each game is what it comes down to.

So these guys both of them are scoring machine. It was trying to remember the numbers from Cristiano Ronaldo. He had more caps I remember than Messi when he had like a hundred and thirty forty 140 some. What

did he have a hundred thirty eight caps. Yes so he has more caps which what does that mean exactly appearances for your country.

OK. And then I also felt like Cristiano had more goals Tulsa Soccer Training.

No he has less goals actually. So Chris you may have more appearances but he scored less times. Messi has a higher goal scoring ratio so whereas Cristiano scores has a 50 51 percent goal scoring ratio Messi has a 75 percent. That’s for their countries and then for their clubs. Christianity has basically scored one goal a game at least and Messi scores about one and a quarter.

But this is like averaging everything out because you can’t just look at the numbers Cristiana was higher. You guys can see like I’m pushing for my Cristiana his numbers are higher but it’s just like his average is going to be a little more diluted because he has more appearance. Yes he is. Which goes back to why I love. What else you got for us. Mr. Messi and I like Messi too. Like no disrespect intended at all he is like a top notch player you know definitely but just Christiana’s got some.

But just to talk about the two comparisons there.

Messi is a better goalscorer than Ronaldo is in that in that regard. Like his percentages say that which they do.

Tulsa Soccer Training But my point that I am I love Cristiana it’s like is he he’s a bit more appearances. Do you know what I mean like. I wish you could compare like apples to apples because I like his numbers just because he’s had more more appeal. It’s still like that average is kind of thinned out a little bit. All right.

Well we’ll see because Ronaldo is a little older than Messi so back about two years so we’ll see what message does the like. Overall overall So see.

Have they both been playing for the same amount of time on the scene or was Cristiano first and then Messi showed up I can’t remember Kristiansen was first I’d say.

I think by about two or three years. OK so you have a little bit of lag there too. Ok cool. What else. So.

Messy his honors include eight llega titles the Spanish league titles so he’s got eight of those. He’s got one fifth World Cup runner up Medal one Balonne or four FIFA alone or medals or trophies in three European Golden Shoe shoes as well.

So see Cristiana had for remember Tulsa Soccer Training.

But the thing that I think separates them here is that Cristiano has won the European Championship one time and Messi is one Copa America and neither one has won the World Cup.

However Messi has been a runner up yes because Argentina it does usually get far farther.

So this is where it comes down to me.

When I was talking with my buddies coach with Derek Sharp and Dana Paul when you look at the total package as you look at what parts of the body they can use you look at their abilities their abilities are very similar but what can separate players and this is why Pillas the greatest is because it separates them. How many World Cups how many Champions Leagues how many championships they have titles for their clubs. So it’s all of those things in one package. And right now I think Christiana has won better than Messi. So you’re saying he’s won like overall like he’s going overall in various categories so I think he’s right now my opinion better than Messi Tulsa Soccer Training.

Gotcha. Even though I am like you know a fan of Cristiana Ronaldo and totally vote for him. If it’s between him and Messi do you ever think or let me just ask you this because for me sometimes I wonder is this a lot of pressure to be putting on people trying to figure out who’s the best because it’s not like they’re individuals out there playing a sport they’re playing with a team and it’s like you can’t advance or move on or win what are you what do you think about that like how do you speak to that when it gets down to just analyzing individuals like that is there. What you what are your thoughts. There’s space for that. Does that discredit the you know the concept of the team or no. You know is it normal to compare.

Tulsa Soccer Training No I think it is normal to compare And I think your impact on the team matters. You know you look at the pool that Maradona had for the teams he played for he carried his almost like he carried people on his back. You look at how Pele performed and his abilities helped to carry his team to championships and to titles. So you look at the greatest players out there and to me a lot of it has to do with how they carried that pressure and how they were able to bring the team along with them to success. And that is a very huge factor in my opinion of how good you are as a player.

So really it is like analyzing who they are as an individual and what they do for their team like as a leader.

Yes that’s right. And you can remember this last European Championship when Chris Jano got hurt in the finals. He was still a factor on the sideline for his team. He was still motivating and rooting them on and cheering and he still had a presence there. So to me even if you get hurt you can still have a presence that helps to motivate your team and get them going. And I think to something I want to add about Cristiano Ronaldo his personality is that I think he draws attention to himself to remove attention from the rest of his teammates because he can actually handle it and he thrives off of that. If you give him negative energy he’s going to push past that. If you give him positive he’s going to push through. He’s going to go on and take that with them. So whatever you give to him he can. He’s able to handle just because of the way he is mentally Tulsa Soccer Training.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. See and I didn’t say all that but. But that’s what I was trying to say when I felt like you felt I was in there because he can he can utilize that energy in that pressure. I like that. Now he said that really well what about go quote Do you have any you know goat quotes from these guys the greatest of all time. That’s what Coach stay in sports not the animal. So did you have a good quote. I know we’re almost out of time and just got a couple of minutes but did you want to try to unpack maybe wine before we go.

Yes I’ll unpack one from Chris gentleman although he says Dreams are not what you see in your sleep. Dreams are things which do not let you sleep.

Wow yes. Dreams are not things that you see in your sleep. Tulsa Soccer Training Dreams are the things which do not let you sleep. That’s right. So that that sounds like goal setting and training and working. What do you get from that.

Oh yeah. I mean have you ever wanted to do something that you cannot rest until you do that too you work on it to you accomplish that goal. That is the passion. I think he’s bringing. And to say something like that. I mean it’s just it’s honest and I can see why he’s so driven.

Wow. So what do you say to maybe someone who is listening and maybe they play soccer or their parent you know and they have a child or children are playing soccer and maybe they’re wondering do I really need like personal one on one training sessions. You know is it going to just soccer practice now. Because I know that keeps you pretty busy that keeps us busy. You know what’s the difference what’s going to be the game changer.

Why or why not do you need to you know invest into the development of your player with some personal training sessions because in order to get to the peak of your potential you must have someone working with you all the time and pride of Tulsa soccer training if you come to us we are going to give you a program that works just for your child and it helps them to improve their technical ability their tactical awareness and also works on their character. So it’s something that you must do. And and they must train all the time to get better.

So even though I’m taking my child to soccer practice twice a week that is some sort of training. But you’re saying for the development and the growth in the progression of that individual yes they need to have training. That’s exactly it. OK. Well it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. And we will keep this conversation going. Cristiano Ronaldo versus Messi will keep it going in the next podcast. Thank you