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Tulsa Soccer Training : Zinedine Zidane

PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 39 – Zinedine Zidane – Part 3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training part cast brought to you by pride. Soccer training tells us number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development. And this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Niel been to is the founder and CEO of pride soccer training will share wisdom insight and proven strategies for success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple to help soccer players grow systematically and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 39 it’s part 3 of our player profile on designer jeans. Don also known as the zoo. O’NEILL I know this is your favorite one of your top 5 players of all time were on part 3. How are you doing and what have you got for us today.

Tulsa Soccer Training For Mr. Zanetti it on doing very well and thank you for asking. You’re welcome. And so what I have here is so we talked a little bit about how this is done in the 1998 World Cup in the second match. He ended up getting a red card for stomping on some of the retaliation. And this is something I try to teach players a lot about is not to retaliate specifically our side right now. And it’s difficult because I don’t think any player has always succeeded at not retaliating. But I think it’s important to understand how you’re feeling and not to give into those emotional tendencies or or thoughts of getting back at someone for what they did to you.

What do you think that’s about. Like is it. I think it may be several factors and you kind of tell me what you take I think some of it is like your personality because obviously like I’m a fiery person and our son has a lot of fire and then you’re playing this game your adrenaline is high. Your passions going. Do you think that’s what it is or what are your thoughts about it Tulsa Soccer Training.

I think that’s a lot of it. I also think it’s about how you grew up too if you grew up you know having to fight for things and battle with people and you know growing up as a boy sometimes I got in fights and you know sometimes people would say mean things and you have to learn to like let go of those things. Other times you’re fighting people because of those words that they use or things that they do. And sometimes you know you’re playing and you’re doing well and someone just keeps hitting you and hitting you and hitting you over and over again to try to get you off the game and the referees allowing it. But you’re like man I pass the ball off like two seconds ago and you’re still running into me and you feel like you have to take matters into your own hand and it’s not it’s not something that you should ever do because the thing that sucks about it is like it that’s just a move that that person is playing on you they’re just being subtle and keeping it low and hoping that irritate and aggravate you.

Tulsa Soccer Training And then when you lash out you get a red card. Right. So it’s like it’s it’s counterproductive for yourself you know. So you think.

Yes that’s right. You know I saw where Beckham you know he retaliated got a red car and then got his life threatened when he went back home. He didn’t do it again. You know from anything that I’ve seen he never retaliated like that again in any of any of his games. And I think that says a lot about how he took something and learned from it and move forward. You know Don we’ll see here that he he repeats the same sort of things and it’s hard you know to really keep your emotions in check. So that’s that’s one of the biggest things that keeping your emotions in check.

Tulsa Soccer Training Do you think that Zadan is hot tempered you know and and this you what you just said keeping your emotions in check. Clay and Carlton Pearson I think it’s those two I’ve heard them both say this how emotion gets in the way of emotion. And when you were saying that like keeping your emotions in check that what popped up into my mind because if you let emotion take over it it inhibits your ability to move and do what you want to do. So I don’t know if you have anything to say to that but then also do you think Saddam is a hot hand or is he a fiery personality. I

think there is an underlying hot headedness to him even though externally he is very very calm. Just because you’re introvert doesn’t mean you don’t have emotion or don’t show it. It just means that you’re a little bit more subtle about getting to that emotion and so you know those things. I think he has a deep lying passion in him. And I think to being an immigrant and growing up in you know France where he grew up and the things that were going on in his nation there’s probably so many other under currents that are going on that at some point he broke.

Yeah. So you’re saying like I totally get that you’re saying it’s not just about this game because we all have like a story that we’ve lived we all have socio economic status or issues lack there of we all have these other right you’re saying I’m like What is your your confidence level what is your emotional your mental well-being. You’re saying all of those other things can contribute Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes very much so. I mean I can remember in a game that something happened and you know there was some racial slurs used and I gotten you know to a fight with somebody on the field.

Tulsa Soccer Training And this was I was 17 that somebody said racial things to you. Yes. I want to be clear that because of me that sounds like people just yelling back.

They said it to me and I responded equally with force and you know I remember my coach before it or after it happened I said you know you really have to learn that those are just words. And you know at first I didn’t take it from I don’t know how this feels. Are you telling me. But I don’t know honestly if he does or doesn’t know how it feels. But here’s what he told me was correct. And if I could keep my emotions in check you know people wouldn’t be able to get to me that way and get me out of my game. So when you are a good player people will do things to get you to snap to get you to respond to get you out of the game so that you can’t play and they can win and that because that’s all they can do.

If they can’t hang with you skill wise right then they got to do these little underhanded moves because they don’t have the skill to hang. So they have to do something to try to get out of your game. That’s right. So you’re saying to when that person yelled racial slurs at you. Did you yell anything back at them or you just like went to blows. Like what happened Tulsa Soccer Training.

I really I just remember going to blows with them but I don’t remember everything that I said or did I really there’s a like a blank part there that I just don’t remember. You know I have friends that can tell me exactly what happened but I can’t remember what happened.

And your coach was like so wise just because it’s hard when someone is yelling something at you it’s very hard it’s hurtful. It’s the spirit of it is so harsh and evil and hard you know but I think your coaches so wise to give you what would he tell you again.

Tulsa Soccer Training He said hey they’re only words you have to let it go. And you know I think those are very wise words. Cause if someone’s saying something to you but they haven’t done anything it’s really just words you know they may hurt you know words can be worse than a than a blow. Yeah. But it still it’s something that you have to get your mind in check and say these are just words you know.

So obviously we’re talking about getting Didon today. And I think you know his little blowups he’s had on the field are kind of what we’ve been going on in this little you know arena. This area of our conversation. And I know you said that he blows up again later on and I’m sure we’ll talk about that at some point. We still have a few few more minutes before it’s time to go. What else did you want to talk about today.

So he goes on in that same world cup 1998 World Cup in France. He goes on to play against Brazil in the final and they show up Brazil down and down scores both goals off of headers. Wow. And I want to touch this particular spot for a second because when he was when he was playing for his professional club teams he had one coach and I remember seeing this in a documentary on him. But the coach said he said Sit down came to me and he said you know Coach I struggle with having I can’t hit he said. He said leave your insecurities at home just do what I tell you to do and you’re going to be a good hitter this ball. This is what a coach told us Don. Wow. Get about your insecurities and just come and do what I ask you to do. And that is the nurturing type of environment that I think kids must be and they must have that so that they can develop and grow and if it works for a player like that Don it must work for everybody. So I think that was a pretty impressive deal because he goes on to win a World Cup for his country. And with two hitters in the back of that.

Clown Well obviously the pride of Tulsa soccer training. The goal is to have that very nurturing environment for your player. Exactly what O’Neill just described that that coach gave to use in a diems a dawn. That is what pride of Tulsa soccer training can give to your child. I’m a very nurturing environment where they can receive instruction that’s going to help them grow and really perform and excel on the soccer pitch. So that is our time for now. I want to thank you guys for listening and for joining us. We will be back in the next episode. Continuing our conversation about the Don I told you guys O’Neal would have so much to say about him. And I think we’re past halfway now so maybe just a few more episodes and then we’ll all wrap but I hope you’re enjoying this. And and we are grateful that you were listening. And if you want more information about pride of Tulsa soccer training. Who we are and what we do. And please look us up online. Our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com. Again our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com or you can call us today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8:30. And thank you for joining us. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training and we will see you next time